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"Every time the Barbarian King attacks, he heals himself"


  • The Vampstache is a piece of Common Hero Equipment for the Barbarian King. It is unlocked when the Blacksmith is upgraded to level 3, requiring Town Hall level 10.
  • The Vampstache allows the Barbarian King to heal himself every time he lands an attack. In addition, the Vampstache grants the Barbarian King increased attack speed and damage per second.
    • The sole exception to his self-healing is when the Barbarian King is being revived by the Phoenix, in which case he is unable to heal.


Offensive Strategy

  • To get the maximum potential of healing, the Barbarian King must be attacking a high-hitpoint building such as walls and resource storages.
  • Upgrading the equipment makes the lifesteal stronger, so that he'll be able to return to full health in no time, and it can increase his tanking potential.
  • Things that prevent the Barbarian King from taking damage can assist him in his efforts to heal. Examples include the Invisibility Spell and Spirit Fox, but also the Eternal Tome ability from the Grand Warden. The Giant Gauntlet's damage reduction can also help to some extent.
  • This can also set a funnel well, since while it sets the funnel, and also the high HP buildings will help to keep the King at a relatively high HP, which can help in the later part of the attack when you are smashing the King into the base.
  • It can also prove effective in King Walks, as the high HP buildings on the edge will make sure that he constantly gets healed, and the fact that many defenses can't target the edge of the base, the King will mostly be at full health, thus keeping it alive.
  • Upgrading it will also increase his attack speed, which can be helpful for getting extra damage on the core of the base; This also increases the healing overall, since the greater hit speed can help with HP recovery, which can be very useful in many situations.
  • At high level Town Halls, since the healing will generally be much less than the high amounts of damage, the King will take some damage for sure, and it might even force an ability if the King is reduced to low health, so be careful when using this against high level Town Halls.

Defensive Strategy

  • Have defenses focus on the Barbarian King to prevent him from healing too much. Having a cluster of area-damage defenses with low DPS should be avoided, as the Barbarian King can often outheal the damage done by them. Instead, utilise high-damage defenses such as a single-target Inferno Tower or Monolith, or concentrate multiple single-target defenses, such as X-Bows, in an area. High-level defending heroes as well as potent defending Clan Castle troops like Headhunters can also assist in the defense.
    • Against higher-level Vampstache users, the Barbarian King may also be able to outheal basic point defenses like a single Cannon, so one should not spread out their defenses too far apart. It is even possible for the King to outheal a Giga Inferno if no defenses are supporting it.
  • Slowing down the Barbarian King's attack rate can prove effective, as he only heals when he attacks. This can be done directly by using defending Headhunters or Ice Golems, or with a Poison Spell Tower at higher levels. Placing Walls to funnel the Barbarian King is a possible strategy, since he may spend some time to walk to his next target; however, this will not work if the King attacks the Walls directly.


User Ability Type Rarity Unlock Requirement
Barbarian King Passive Common Blacksmith level 3
Heal per Hit
Hero Boosts Upgrade Cost Blacksmith Level Required
DPS Increase
Attack Speed Increase
Attack Speed
Shiny Ore
Shiny Ore
Glowy Ore
Glowy Ore
1 60 9 +5% N/A N/A 3
2 60 10 +6% 120 - 3
3 90 12 +7% 240 20 3
4 90 13 +8% 400 - 3
5 90 15 +9% 600 - 3
6 120 16 +10% 840 100 3
7 120 18 +11% 1,120 - 3
8 120 19 +12% 1,440 - 3
9 160 22 +13% 1,800 200 3
10 160 27 +14% 1,900 - 3
11 160 32 +15% 2,000 - 3
12 200 37 +16% 2,100 400 3
13 200 42 +17% 2,200 - 5
14 200 48 +18% 2,300 - 5
15 250 53 +19% 2,400 600 5
16 250 58 +20% 2,500 - 7
17 250 63 +21% 2,600 - 7
18 300 68 +22% 2,700 600 7


  • This equipment's name may be a portmanteau of "Vampire" and "Moustache".
  • It is the only passive piece of Hero Equipment for the Barbarian King.
  • When initially unlocked and when equipped, the Barbarian King attacks every 1.14s, and when maxed out, his attack speed is 0.936s.
  • A level 1 King equipped with level 18 Vampstache can take out an unsupported Town Hall 16 Giga Inferno by itself.
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