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Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. Each one fixing bugs, trying to balance raids and/or introducing new items, upgrades or features. Some also had cost and time reductions.


Version 14

September 2021 Update - Version 14.211.0 - 27th September 2021

New Content

Balance Changes

  • Inferno Dragon: Ramp-up speed of Inferno Dragon’s beam attack has been slowed down by 0.2 seconds (now requiring 1.7s and 3.2s respectively to charge up to tier 2 and 3 damage from initial attack).
  • Dragon Rider: Range has been reduced by 0.5 tiles (range is now 4 tiles, down from 4.5).
  • Mighty Yak: Splash damage has been removed from the Mighty Yak’s attacks.

Bug Fixes

  • Builders will no longer become stuck in Walls when defending during Clan Wars, Friendly Challenges, or Legend League attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a failure to save a Village in edit mode, caused by the Remove All tool removing locked buildings. Locked buildings will no longer be removed when using the Remove All tool.
  • Clan Wars with more than the desired number of participants should no longer be possible (e.g. 15 vs 16).

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Donating troops in Clan Wars and in Clan War Leagues now awards Experience points
  • Hero Skin randomizer - randomly cycle through a selection of unlocked skins as desired
  • Support a Creator Improvements - entering a creator code can now be accessed through the Shop
  • API Changes:
    • Clan war opt-in/opt-out status is now present as the warPreference (in/out) property in the /players/{playerTag} response in the Clash of Clans API. The property is only present if a player is in a Clan.
    • The maximum number of attacks available per war participant is now present as the attacksPerMember property in the /clans/{clanTag}/currentwar and /clans/{clanTag}/warlog responses in the Clash of Clans API.

Balance Changes - 12th August 2021

  • Level 4 Dragon hit points increased from 2600 to 2700
  • Level 9 Valkyries hit points increased from 1850 to 1900
  • Seeking Air Mine projectile speed increased from 2.5 to 3.5 tiles per second
  • X-Bow range while in ‘Air & Ground Mode’ increased by 0.5 tiles, from 11.0 to 11.5

Optional Update - Version 14.93.4 - 16th June 2021

  • Updated max level Air Bomb color appearance
  • Fixed the blinking arrows on Star Laboratory screen in Builder Base
  • Fixed missing Clan name over Clan Castle
  • Fixed cases when there were multiple levels of the same spell donated in Clan Castle, only the first would be displayed in the attack bar
  • Fixed an issue that made switching to donated Siege Machines impossible
  • Deployment bar scale was unintentionally synced between iOS devices signed into the same iCloud account.

June 2021 Update - Version 14.93.2 - 15th June 2021

New Levels

New Troops

Quality of Life Improvements

Army Composition Sharing
  • You can now share your saved armies as well as your previously used army to Clan chat or as a link you can share outside the game, just like base links. Players using the link can copy the army composition to one of their own Quick Train slots.
  • Army links never expire!
  • You can now copy armies between your own Quick Train slots in case you want to make slight modifications to each army list, without the need to manually recreate it again.
Village Rotation
  • Village can be rotated in 90 degree increments while in Village Edit mode. Note that Rotating your Village will trigger the layout cooldown timer.
Customizable Deployment Bar Sizes
  • Under the “More Settings” you’ll find a new option called “Deployment Bar Size”. This slider bar will allow you to manually adjust the size of the Deployment Bar according to your preference.
  • The “Use Extended Deployment Bar” option previously available to tablet players has been combined into this option and has been renamed, “Use Two Rows” for added clarity.

Game/Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where defensive Builders would get stuck on Hidden Teslas
  • Defending Builders will now properly retreat to their ruined Hut when it’s destroyed instead of just vanishing
  • Make the defending Builders stick to their target until it’s fully repaired. This also fixes the problem of getting no repair done inside a high level Poison spell
  • Royal Champion’s Seeking Shield ability will no longer target defensive Builders
  • Force retarget for jumping and flying Pets if their assigned Hero is knocked out and the Pet is attacking a wall
  • Force retarget for Mighty Yak if it's helping the Hero to destroy a wall and the Hero is knocked out or targets something else
  • Healers will no longer target Unicorn
  • New Season Challenges and Clan Games Tasks:
    • Sasquatch Watch - Win Multiplayer Battles using Yeti
    • Heads Will Roll - Win Multiplayer Battles using Headhunter
    • Champion Level Hunter - Knock out X levels of Royal Champion
    • Scatter Blaster - Destroy X Scattershots in Multiplayer Battles
    • Unhappy Camper - Destroy X Army Camps in Multiplayer Battles
    • Builder Basher - Destroy X Builder's Huts in Multiplayer Battles
    • Village Villain - Destroy X Town Halls in Multiplayer Battles
  • Cost of Level 5 Elixir Collector reduced from 3500 to 3000 to match Gold Mine's level 5 cost (they are now the same cost at every level)
  • Let players with Town Hall 3 and 4 use the Quick Army screen
  • Multiplayer Clan Games tasks will now only work in Multiplayer Battles once again. Sorry Goblin Maps!
User Interface
  • Add horizontal scroll indicators to the Laboratory screen
  • An army's training time is now shown on the Quick Army screen
    • The housing + spell space indicators were removed to make space for this but a notification badge on the Edit button will let you know when an army is incomplete
  • The Friendly Army is now shown and edited on the Quick Army screen. It is no longer edited from More Settings
  • When editing a Quick Army you can now include any Super Troops where you have the required level on the original troop and not only Super Troops that have you currently active
  • Hide locked buildings from player profile village thumbnails
  • Show indicator in Friendly War screen layout button if the Friendly War layout is missing buildings
  • Always show Friendly War layout when opening the FW layout selection menu instead of showing active war base or active home layout in case FW layout is empty
  • Show war scenery in previously used Friendly War layout thumbnail
  • Show war scenery in previously used Friendly Challenge war layout thumbnail
  • No longer show wrong previous layout when creating Friendly Challenge if the previous layout was war layout and it would have overlapping obstacles. The client incorrectly assumed that obstacles would invalidate a war layout
  • Season Pass tasks that only require 1 Troop in Battles now read as "Use Archers to Win X Multiplayer Battles"
  • Fix visual glitch in level 5 Eagle Artillery when it's shooting.
  • Use correct graphics for level 3 Builder's Hut in the 12 o'clock position.
  • Show skin features in shop and Season Challenges previews
Additional Bug Fixes
  • Power Potion description text fixed to no longer mention boosting spells twice. Thanks to all the many, many people who let us know about this!
  • Do not reduce battle timer of challenge levels to 3 minutes if you start the battle by deploying multiple troops at once
  • Fix bug from Remove All tool in layout editor. In some cases when there are over 500 objects on the map, all of them were not properly removed which may result in failures when trying to save the village later
  • Fix the bug which would sometimes put stashed decorations back to the map when saving the active layout in the layout editor
  • Allow swapping of buildings without layout cooldown also when editing active layout in layout editor
  • Always save the layout when clicking save for non-active layouts. Earlier the layout editor would not save the layout if it has invalid placements for buildings. Now wrongly placed buildings are automatically moved to stash when saving
  • If an obstacle is blocking a decoration in one of the 3 home layouts, show the obstacle icon properly when selecting layouts. Earlier usage of the layout would just fail without an explanation
  • Allow editing of Friendly Army while visiting the Builder Base
  • Do not show the range indicator when placing a new Builder's Hut. It's not weaponized.
  • Clean up Builder Base troops properly after each attack. Prevents extra troops in rare cases where the game server disconnects during an attack
  • Show boosted level badge for Pets in battle end screen when Hero Potion is active
  • Show remaining builder boost time also for Builder's Huts which are under upgrade
  • Show remaining Star Bonus boost time in Town Hall (from the previous Town Hall upgrade) even if it's under upgrade
  • Show boost effect for Builder's Huts and Town Hall when they are under upgrade if the boost is active anyway
  • Make Inferno Towers visually target Unicorn instead of targeting the air above the Unicorn
  • Fixes and improvements to move all tool in layout editor
    • Refresh all wall connections after moving the village
    • No longer cancel wall rotations which are done just before moving the village
    • Allow usage of the tool even if Builder Base wall segment is selected
    • Deselect any selected wall pieces when moving the village
    • In case the movement button is disabled because one of the objects is too close to the edges, highlight the object which is preventing the movement when the button is pressed
  • Fixed Heroes occasionally doing 360 turns during attacks
  • Fix the new content badge continuing to show on the Esports tab in some cases where the content has been read
  • Clan description max length is 250 characters both when creating a clan and editing the description later (used to be 128 on creation and 250 when editing)
  • Increase Drop Ship death damage on levels 10-11 and levels 14-15 to fix inconsistency between special ability info and the actual death damage

Maintenance Break - 11th May 2021

  • Add the Esport tab to the in-game news window so you can stay up to date with all of the exciting developments for the 2021 Clash of Clans World Championship.
  • Fixed an issue where an exploit would allow a player to repeatedly claim the bonus tier Clan Games rewards and over-credit the Game Champion achievement.

Balance Changes - 29th April 2021

(with Version 14.0.7, and Version 14.0.9 only for iOS)

Optional Update - Version 14.0.4&14.0.6 - 14th&15th April 2021

(Version 14.0.6 only for Android (GPS))

  • Fixed the missing Miner health bars
  • Fix for background audio (music, podcasts) being stopped on game launch
  • Fixed missing Book of Everything button from Pet upgrade
  • Fix Pet sorting to match Pet House in player profile
  • Fix Pet sorting to match Pet House in army screen
  • Fixed sleeping Pet being visible in Builder Base
  • Fixed Builder Base troop special ability icon in upgrade screen
  • Fix Pet icon update in army screen on healing Heroes
  • Hide Pets in War scouting
  • Fix an Android bug which could manifest in a crash for players with a high number of SCID friends or in other instances.
  • Fix for X86 Chromebooks and some other devices crashing on launch
  • Multiple UI layout/ visual fixes
  • The account switch workflow has changed a little bit in this update, so if you're having issues switching to your non-Supercell ID account, please try the following: go to in-game Settings - Supercell ID - SCID Settings - Log Out. You should then see the option to Play Without Supercell ID, and switch to your alt account

Maintenance Break - 13th April 2021

  • Fix a bug where progress can wrongly be credited towards O.T.T.O tasks
  • "Rebuild Clan Castle" task in Starter Challenges could wrongly be completed by attacking a player who had already repaired their Clan Castle
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to assign L.A.S.S.I to Hero, when the Pet House was being initially built

Version 14.0.1/14.0.2 - 12th April 2021

Main patch notes can be found here: April 2021 update

(Version 14.0.1 for iOS and Android (CNY), and Version 14.0.2 for Android (GPS))

Town Hall 14


Starter Challenges and Starter Pass
  • Starter Challenges are a new way for players between Town Hall 2-6 to speed up their progress through a variety of Challenges similar to the Silver/Gold Pass. These new free to play Challenges are unlocked with each Town Hall level and completing each Challenge will provide more Challenges to complete.
  • There are some deliciously tempting rewards that can be earned on the Starter Pass. From Rune of Gold to a Book of Building, the Starter Pass reward track has up to 5000 points for players to complete.
  • Once a player upgrades to Town Hall 7, all unclaimed rewards are automatically collected.
Upgrade Time and Cost Reductions
  • Reduced training times
  • Walls cost reduction
  • Low- & Mid-Town Hall level cost reductions
    • Upgrade timers for Town Hall 2 have been reduced by 60%
    • Early Troop upgrades in the Lab have been significantly reduced
    • Upgrade costs for the Barbarian King and Archer Queen for levels 1-50 have been significantly reduced
    • In general, the biggest discounts applied from Town Hall level 7 to 10; Town Hall level 13 costs are largely unchanged
    • Several cost/timer reductions for new players
      • Cost to Search/Next an Attack reduced at most levels from TH1-8
      • Training Cost of Level 1/2 Barbarians changed from 25/40 to 15/30
      • Training Cost of Level 1/2 Archers changed from 50/80 to 30/60
      • Training Cost of Level 1/2/3/4 Giants changed from 250/750/1250/1750 to 150/300/750/1500
      • Upgrade Cost of Barbs/Archers reduced at levels 1-2
      • Doubled Storage Capacity of Level 1-4 Elixir Collectors / Gold Mines so they don't cap out after 3 hours

New Achievements

  • Not So Easy This Time (Destroy weaponized Town Halls in Multiplayer Battles)
  • Siege Sharer (Donate Siege Machines)
    • Since Siege Machine donations are now counted towards this Achievement, they are no longer counted towards the Friend in Need Achievement.
  • Superb Work (Boost Super Troops)
  • Bust This! (Destroy weaponized Builder Huts in Multiplayer Battles)


  • Boosts on Heroes or Buildings are no longer cancelled when an upgrade is started and will continue to run in the background.
  • Practice Mode levels are now only available at the same Town Hall as the level, not one earlier.
  • Ongoing Lab upgrade timer continues normally when Lab is upgraded and can be finished with Gems or a Book. New unit/spell upgrades still cannot be started before the Lab upgrade is completed.
  • Move some of the obstacles from the new Village starting layout closer to the edges so there's larger continuous empty space for the Village.
  • The rewards for the first 19 Goblin Map levels after the tutorial have been increased for a better new player experience; Values for level 20 and beyond remain unchanged

UI Changes

  • Achievements are now listed in a more sensible order rather than the order they were first added to the game.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when pressing the Finish Training button in the Training Screen.
  • New icon for max poison DPS to distinguish it from normal DPS
  • Lab research screen is accessible during Lab upgrade
  • Keep the level badge flame burning in combat hud when all troops/spells are deployed
  • Use popover to show what the new buildings/traps are in TH/BH upgrade screen

3D Assets

The default Skin for the Barbarian King has been given a slight polish by adding more triangles which better captures the character and essence of his royal highness. Furthermore, the custom textures take full advantage of the new shaders. We plan to do this with all of the default skins of each Hero. We will apply this new shader tech to future skins but we have no plans to revisit older ones at the moment.

Season Challenge Changes

  • When claiming a resource reward if the player only has enough storage space for some of the reward they can now take whatever amount of the reward will fit and some gems. The amount of gems scales from a max 5 down to 1 based on what proportion of the resources were taken. E.g. if a player takes 20% of resources they will receive 4 gems (80% of 5).
  • When a Season ends any unlocked but unclaimed rewards from the Season will be automatically claimed. Any rewards unable to fit into storage will be converted to gems according to the same rules as if this was done manually.
  • If a player is close to maxed and cannot complete the requirements of a challenge requiring upgrading a certain number of walls or buildings, they will only have to complete as much as they can still upgrade. If they are fully maxed out and cannot upgrade anything the challenge will be automatically completed.
  • New Clan Games and Gold Pass challenges for Invisibility Spell
  • All Season Challenges relating to Winning Battles with a Troop or Spell have had the quantity needed per battle reduced to 1 each.

iOS Changes

  • The default frame rate for 120FPS iPad Pro models is set to 60FPS in order to preserve battery usage. If you wish to switch to 120FPS, there is a new Higher Frame Rate option under More Settings that will allow you to revert to 120FPS.
  • On supported devices we now use Apple's Metal graphics API. This offers more efficient performance and should reduce power usage while playing the game.
  • In order to use Facebook's social features it is now necessary to grant permission for cross app-tracking. This is unfortunately required by Facebook for us to offer this feature. Check out Supercell ID for privacy-friendly social features!

Bug Fixes

  • Spring Traps no longer waste spring capacity by ejecting dead troops.
  • Fixed minor inaccuracies from Raged Barbarian, Super Barbarian and Sneaky Archer ability timers.
  • Fixed minor inaccuracy from Headhunter poison timer.
  • Fixed lifetime calculation inaccuracy for Siege Barracks. Its lifetime was not exactly 30 seconds as stated on the info screen.
  • Added lifetime information to Log Launcher info screen.
  • Fixed rare targeting bug for ground troops. Ground troops would sometimes fail to pick a target if they have exactly 2 eligible troop targets close to each other and no other targets.
  • When troops are deployed inside Invisibility Spell, the effect is applied immediately. Otherwise defenses would sometimes target the deployed troops before they become invisible.
  • Lava Hounds and Ice Hounds no longer permanently forget about targeting Air Defenses if all the remaining Air Defenses are invisible when they're targeting.
  • Fixed bugs from more accurate Line-of-Sight calculation and re-enable it.
  • Introduce better attack position evaluation logic for Archer Queen. It should improve her AI and for example she's more likely to walk in to open compartments with a missing corner Wall segment now.
  • Defensive Healers will no longer heal defensive buildings if the splash happens to hit them.
  • Stop Grand Warden from attacking a Wall if nobody else in his group is attacking a Wall.
  • Prevent Grand Warden from dying while activating his ability if he's damaged at the exact same moment.
  • Allow live spectating attacks among Supercell ID friends.
  • Show normal projectiles for Archer Queen when she is invisible without using the Royal Cloak ability.
  • Do not use poison avoidance for dead units. Fixes spinning death animation for Electro Dragons.
  • Fix some visual inconsistencies in Ice Golem death effects.
Single Player
  • Show loot in single player storage buildings. Now storages are always visually full if the level has 100% loot remaining instead of being visually empty.
  • Take TH based scaling into account in practice and challenge levels. For example earlier the Santa spell would be scaled based on the player's TH but now it's scaled based on the level's TH.
  • Add support for defining skins for the attacker in challenge levels instead of using player's currently selected skins.
  • Add support for attack timer in challenge levels.
  • Do not show the indicator in war screen edit layout button if the button itself isn't visible.
  • Players must always choose a war size when signing up for Clan War League, there is no default selection any more.
  • Show up to 36 icons during a replay in case the attacker is using that many units. The prior upper limit was 30.
  • Fixed crash when trying to open classic war details while the CWL screen is open.
  • Fix ground X-Bow upgrade asset to match other assets of the same level for levels 5, 6 and 7.
  • Do not accumulate XP when destroying Town Hall in practice mode, Super Troop trial level or challenge level. XP is still gained normally in game modes where your own army is used.
  • Fixed a bug where players could have more than the intended number of Super Troops trainable or trained at once.
  • Make war info screen text compatible with 1 attack wars by not mentioning the exact attack count.
  • Fixed visual Wall connection problems when visiting villages which have destroyed Walls and the village owner has not logged in after they were destroyed.
  • Fixed a rare bug in Builder Base where players could randomly get extra troops when the game server had issues during the previous battle.
  • Fixed positioning of level 10-11 Army Camp HP bar, name and text bubble.
Builder Menu
  • Show correct price of Builder Base Army Camp in the Builder Menu in case the previous Army Camp has been very recently built.
  • The Builder Menu will now show Builder Huts can be upgraded.
Layout Editor
  • Disable Move All tool buttons when dragging objects to avoid visual glitches.
  • Improve synchronization of visual and logical object coordinates in layout editor.
  • Refresh wall connections properly when swapping walls in layout editor.
  • Fixed failure in the layout editor if more than 500 objects are moved at once.
  • Allow swapping of buildings in non-active layouts in the editor without triggering the layout cooldown.
  • Prevent donating troops below requested level. If someone had requested a level 7 Freeze and 1 Spell of any kind in a clan with +1 level perk, and had already received level 5+1 Freeze, the donation system would falsely assume that the donated Freeze spell fills the original request.
  • Improved sorting of super troops within the donation request menu by giving them a specific order instead of an arbitrary order.
  • Give proper error messages whenever donation to War Clan Castle fails.
  • Apply clan perks (and donation level caps) immediately when doing war donations instead of first adding the unmodified troop and then applying modifiers later.

Version 13

From this version on, the version number corresponds to the maximum Town Hall level. Therefore, there is no Version 12.

Maintenance Break - 8th March 2021

  • Some bug fixes that need addressing.
  • Add the ability to live spectate attacks between Supercell ID friends.

Optional Update - Version 13.675.22 - 1st March 2021

  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Optional Update - Version 13.675.20/13.675.21 - 22nd/24th February 2021

(Version 13.675.20 for Android, and Version 13.675.21 for iOS)

  • An end to Clashmas
  • No more Clashmas jingle
  • No more falling snow
  • A fix for a "Can't Spectate" bug affecting Clan members during Clan War Leagues sign-up
  • Fix for another Clan War League sign-up bug, this one related to showing a wrong War size

Balance Changes - 20th January 2021

(with Version 13.675.16 released for iOS, and Version 13.675.17 for Android (CNY))

  • Super Wizard chain damage reduced from 60% to 40%
  • Bomb level 9 damage increased (112 -> 125)
  • Super Archer level 9 HP increased (500 -> 510)
  • Grand Warden priority adjusted when following Battle Blimps and Log Launchers to reduce the chance of him following them in a deadly run towards the Town Hall
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed geared up Archer Tower initial projectile coordinate (now it correctly appears to fire from the tower, rather than the air above the tower)
    • Fixed level 11 Air Defense hit effect

Logmas Update - Version 13.675.1, 13.675.4&13.675.6 - 7th&8th December 2020

(only Version 13.675.4 released for Android (CNY), and Version 13.675.6 only for Android (GPS))

From this update, the minimum required system versions raised to iOS 10 and Android 4.4.


New Levels


Game Changes

  • Wars
    • When creating a Friendly War, you can now select whether the war will allow 1 or 2 attacks per player.
  • Balance Changes
    • Scattershot hit speed has been increased from 3.036 to 3.228 seconds and DPS has been reduced by 10.
    • Scattershot HP has been increased
      • Level 1: 3000 to 3600
      • Level 2: 3500 to 4200
  • Super Troop Boosting
    • Two Super Troops can now be boosted at once!
    • All Super Troops now cost 25,000 Dark Elixir to boost for 3 days.
    • Super Troops can now be used together with their normal versions
    • If too many types of Super Troops are trained, new types cannot be boosted without first using others
  • Gameplay
    • At the end of a battle, if a Hero’s ability remains unused, the Hero will heal the amount of HP they would normally recover from using their ability. This will help reduce the Hero’s downtime, allowing them to be ready much sooner!
    • When editing your base, Main Village Wall segments can now be swapped with other Wall segments, just like Buildings and Traps.
    • Broken Cannon Carts will retarget after being pushed back if their target is not within range anymore.
    • Units will now have more accurate line of sight calculation to help with pathing.
    • Lightning Spell will no longer have any effect on the Clan Castle. Like the Elixir and Gold Storage buildings, Lightning Spell will cause no damage to the Clan Castle.
  • UI
    • A new Cosmetics tab has been added to the in-game shop where you can browse and purchase any permanently available cosmetics such as Hero Skins when they become available for Gems.
    • The Reward tab of the Season Challenges now has some quick access buttons to allow easier navigation to the earliest unlocked but unclaimed reward.
    • When an optional update becomes available that contains an important bug fix, the game will display a message encouraging you to download the update.
    • A “View Skin” option has been added when visiting.
    • Skin animations are more elaborate when viewed in the wardrobe and simpler animations in other UI elements.
  • Season Challenges
    • You can now opt to receive 5 Gems instead of a Resource reward if your Storages do not have enough space.
    • The requirements for some Builder Base tasks in Clan Games and Season Challenges have been reduced in order to bring them more inline with Main Village tasks.
  • Supercell ID
    • Young players are now able to create a Supercell ID for their account by providing the email address of a trusted adult or guardian.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with hit points rounding after the Grand Warden’s aura ends. This issue would cause Heroes to lose their auto ability if they were left with 1HP when the Warden’s aura ended as it would round the HP down to 0.
    • Added the 2019 and 2020 Halloween decorations to the Skeleton Run (thank you to redditor /u/whysomuchtalkingtho!)
    • Prevent access to the Clan War Leagues screen for normal Clan members if the League data has not been loaded yet, preventing players from spying when using a poor or slow internet connection.
    • Removed the exclamation point (!) from the Clan War Leagues button for players who don’t have access to the screen.
    • Fixed info screen of Super Archer and Giant Cannon to show damage type as “Area Splash” instead of “Single Target”.
    • Fixed a bug in the Builder menu where the menu contents would reset while scrolling.
    • HP reduction for Cannon Cart’s Last Stand ability is more accurate by making it update 15 times per second instead of 5 times per second.
    • Do not eject low-level Cannon Carts with unlocked Last Stand ability if they’re hit by Giant Cannon.
    • Allow editing layouts with the layout editor for TH2 players who manage to access the editor via war screen.
    • Fixed visual bug that showed troops as boost in other players’ villages when you have a Power Potion active.
    • Fixed Royal Champion shield disappearing too early when activating her ability.
    • Fixed visual bug with Royal Champion’s ability so the shield bounce will begin where the previous one ended.
    • Increased the brightness of the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability to make it more visible
    • Fixed flawed logic in ranged unit AI where they would attack random Walls.
    • Reduced the zig-zag movement of the Wall Wrecker when it has been deployed.
    • Improved the targeting logic of ground units allowing units to not only consider the 3 closest targets but also consider extra targets if those are much easier to reach than the first 3.

Optional Update - Version 13.576.8 - 26th October 2020

  • Fix for Clock Tower boosts that could not be resumed if it was already paused before the update maintenance;
  • Housing space of opponent's Clan Castle in the info screen during preparation of War will no longer be visible (now there should be a question mark instead);
  • Fixed skin names not changing when changing Hero with the arrows (in the "Change Skin" menus);
  • Fixed a rare crash related to reloading the game while selecting a Wall piece in Village Edit Mode;
  • Visual improvements and user interface fixes (including the Village Maiden’s helmet misalignment in War Info Screen).

Autumn Update - Version 13.576.3/13.576.7 - 12th October 2020

New Content

Quality of Life and Game Changes

Super Troops
  • Removed the 7-day cooldown after a Super Troop boost expires - allowing players to boost the same troop consecutively without wait.
  • Heroes will now always guard the village and will automatically heal after taking a defense. The Guard toggle has now been removed.
Builder Base
  • Beta Minion’s AI improved to reduce randomness of their starting attack position.
  • Clock Tower boost will no longer pause during maintenance as maintenance will not affect the Builder Base’s progress.
  • New tech added to skin functionality to allow cooler, wilder special effects like customized spawned troops, attack hits, smoke effects, etc.
  • Fixed visual fidelity to correct weapons incorrectly clipping into the game geometry.
  • The "For You" tab has been removed
  • The game engine can now render multiple spell effects at once (combinations of Heal, Jump, Rage, Poison, Invisibility, Haste, Eternal Tome, Freeze, Frost, Clone, Stun, Shrink, etc.).
Friendly Wars
  • The option to have a 5-minute preparation time and 45-minute Friendly Wars has been added.
Supercell ID
  • Community-requested features to Supercell ID soft-launched in the Nordic region:
    • Ability to custom name each Supercell ID account
    • Ability to add profiles and profile pictures - time to find that best kitty photo!
    • Friends list - You can now add friends to your Supercell ID account and play with them across all Supercell games.

You can then see who on your friends list is online and what Supercell game they are currently playing

Age Verification for New Accounts
  • New accounts created in the United States as of this update will be asked to enter their age. Players aged under 16 will be identified as a "young account" and will have these features enabled:
    • Supercell ID will be unavailable
    • Clans with younger players will have a more strictly moderated Clan Chat. Profanity and personally identifiable information will be removed when detected in the Clan Chat channel.
    • Players will be given a confirmation pop-up if a link tries to take them outside of the game.
  • These aforementioned features will be disabled once the player turns 16.

Balance Changes

Wall Breaker
  • Wall Breakers (and Super Wall Breakers) can now utilize the Jump Spell
  • Wall Breakers AI has been improved for greater target consistency and reduces the chance of them attacking different Wall segments when deployed.
  • Normal Wall Breakers have reduced attack damage, but deal some death damage (overall damage increased), to make them more predictable and viable
Inferno Dragon
  • Inferno Dragons no longer heat up their beam when flying, but charge-up time for higher damage tiers has been reduced
Siege Barracks
  • Reduced Wizard count in Level 4 Siege Barracks from 12 to 11
  • A battle will no longer end if the Siege Barracks is the final remaining unit.
Electro Dragon
  • Secondary criteria for determining chain lightning target: if multiple buildings are the same distance apart, the chain lightning will target the building with the highest hitpoints.
Super Archer
  • The Super Archer will no longer miss targets within 0.1 tiles of herself.
Flying Unit AI
  • Improved the AI for all flying units by not forcing them to retarget when a Hidden Tesla appears when their current target is better.
Air Defense
  • Level 8 hitpoints increased by 10 (to 1,210 from 1,200), so that it cannot be destroyed by 3 level 7 Lightning Spells.
Skeleton Spell
  • Spawned skeletons increased by 1 for all levels.
Upgrade Costs

Fixes and Other Changes

  • Units that have not been unlocked will not be available in Friendly Challenges while the production building that would unlock that unit is currently upgrading. However, usage of already unlocked units remains possible even if the only available production building is upgrading.
  • Super Troop donation requests are not removed if Army Camps or production buildings contain those Super Troops.
  • The timer for Power Potion and Hero Potion is more accurate.
  • Fixed issue in the layout editor so it no longer places objects on top of each other, causing the save to fail when items overlap.
  • Introduce a new Season Challenge task to collect Stars in a Friendly Challenge for the Home Village or Builder Base.
  • Fix personal break not working properly with the 24-hour Village Guard you get when entering the re-engagement flow.
  • Disable the Current War button when browsing normal War history while Clan War Leagues are ongoing to prevent unwanted spectators.
  • Show time left properly in Clan Chat of Builder Base Friendly Challenges.
  • Fixed 3D animation issues to blend better between first and last frames.
  • Fixed a bug with Electro Dragon’s chain lightning distance calculation.
  • Fixed Miner’s attack animation so he does damage simultaneously when the shovel hits the target.
  • Fixed an issue of shrinking characters when targeted by the Headhunter.
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue where troops would not retarget correctly when a Hidden Tesla appeared if the troops had already retargeted to something else and their attack cooldown from the previous attack had not yet completed.
  • Fixed the projectile attack animation angle of the Battle Blimp. Previously it was aimed at the ground but exploded in the air above the target.
  • Prevent troops from retargeting after exiting a Jump Spell, thus prevent troops from getting stuck in a never ending Jump Spell loop.

Maintenance Break - 1st July 2020

  • Load Scattershot with ammo in TH13 practice level
  • Revert "jump fix" to prevent troops from running against Wall after exiting Jump
  • Reduce the number of Inferno Dragons in trial level from 28 to 18
  • Add regeneration time for Scattershot. It regenerated instantly unlike other buildings
  • Turn re-engagement Loot Cart back on since the Loot Cart bug has been fixed

Optional Update - Version 13.369.9/13.369.11 - c. June 2020

  • Fixed missing Magic Items button from Builder Hall
  • Fixed missing in/out animations from Change Scenery screen
  • Fixed missing Inferno Dragon's shadow
  • Fixed wrong headband jewel color on Archer level 9 in some animations
  • Fixed Welcome Back screen to show all the time it’s meant to
  • Fixed a bug where players may receive Loot Carts at the wrong time (and cause "Out of Sync" errors if players attempted to collect bugged Loot Carts)
  • Hide “Change Scenery” bubble from Town Hall if the Town Hall (or its weapon) is upgrading.

Summer Update - Version 13.? - 22nd June 2020

New Content

Game Changes and QoL Improvements


Players can now further customize their Village with new scenery! You can switch Scenery by tapping on your Town Hall and then select the new “Change Scenery” button.

Custom Friendly Challenge Armies

Attacking in Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars now happens with a specific Friendly Army which can be configured before your attack and costs no resources or time to train.

Improved Town Hall Upgrade Experience

Upgrading your Town Hall will trigger various limited-time boosts and benefits. The boosts and benefits increase in their availability and duration as you progress through the game into higher Town Hall levels.

Home Village Balance Changes

  • 1 Spring Trap has been added to Town Hall 13 (for a total of 9).
  • 50 extra wall pieces can be upgraded to level 14 (for a total of 200 such walls).
  • Reduce level 7-9 Golem training cost from 600/700/800 to 575/650/725.
  • Reduce healing time of all Heroes (new max healing time is down from 49 to 40 minutes).
  • Lightning Spell has been reworked: instead of striking randomly in a large radius, produces a single lightning bolt which strikes in a small radius and can stun briefly. Its housing space has also been reduced to 1 (damage, brewing cost and time were also adjusted accordingly).
  • Loot Cart now accumulates loot over time for up to 90 days and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels.
  • The maximum storage capacity for returned resources stolen in attacks has been increased at higher levels.
  • Scattershot defense can now run out of ammunition, similar to X-Bow and Inferno Tower.
  • Scattershot attack speed reduced from 3 seconds to 3.036 seconds.

Builder Base Balance Changes

  • Reduce Crusher splash radius from 3.5 tiles to 2.8 tiles, so that it doesn't cause damage to units which are out of range as easily.
  • Increase DPS of Battle Machine level 21-30
  • Spring Trap spring capacities increased from 5/10/15/20 to 8/12/16/20.
  • Level 1-2 Push Trap spring capacities increased from 5/7 to 6/8.
  • Spring weight of many ground troops have been increased:

Additional Game Changes

  • Improved experience for returning players - triggers when a player has been inactive for longer than 90 days and autonomously performs upgrades and adds certain boosts for the player to enjoy upon returning.
  • When saving donation requests the game also now includes Troops, Spells or Siege Machines that are already in the Clan Castle.
  • Season Challenges’ Troop-based tasks have been rebalanced in order to be able to be completed with Clan Castle reinforcements from Town Hall 9 and up.
  • Grand Warden AI improved to follow the group more effectively and be less prone to drifting away while in Air Mode.
  • Removed Air Mines from traveling across the map if their original target is destroyed after triggering the trap but before the trap is activated. Max distance for Air Mine’s target selection is now 2x the trigger radius of the trap.
  • Troops exiting Jump Spell should not retarget in order to prevent Troops from getting stuck in Jump Spell.
  • Wall Wrecker pathing has been improved.

UI Changes

  • Prevent opening of war screen during CWL if you're not at least Elder or included in the roster for all League levels.
  • “Time Left” info added to Builder Base Friendly Challenge Clan Chat entries, and to shared Builder Base replays
  • Allow Quick Donation of any normal versions of Troops while the Super Troop version is enabled.
  • Added “Active Creator Boost” popup in the shop.
  • Show the number of unseen offers in treasure tab and in offer tab in shop
  • Add sound effect when toggling Grand Warden to air or ground mode

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Potion glow in the attack confirmation screen is now correctly animated.
  • The Shop UI will close after purchasing Legend League Shield to avoid failed Shield purchases when buying them too quickly.
  • Replay buttons of the last Builder Base Friendly Challenge are correctly visible in the Clan Chat.
  • Removed ability to scout opposing Clan’s bases in the Clan War League during preparation day.
  • Minor visual fixes to Electro Dragon Chain Lightning.
  • Fixed the possibility of including the wrong Clan member(s) in a war, if a new member with high trophy count joins the Clan during the member selection process.
  • Fixed in-game Shop UI to be correct and fully interactive on devices with a notch.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if someone had the attack confirmation screen open and another player attacked the same target.

Maintenance Break - 22nd May 2020

  • Fixed a bug where changing a defense in Legend League would be applied to the next defense instead of the next League day.

Balance Changes - 20th May 2020

Maintenance Break - 2nd April 2020

  • Fix the ability to donate lower than max level troops when max troops are requested.
  • Fix an issue where 2 Siege Machines were occasionally found in a Clan Castle or where some players were able to receive Poison Spell before they should be able to.

Optional Update - Version 13.180.6/13.180.7 - 30th March 2020

  • Fix a crash being in clouds when a donation request with specific troops is made or modified
  • Fix a bug in the quick donate menu where if a max level unit had been requested and the player did not have the unit maxed but would taking into account their clan's donation perk the items would not be sorted in the expected order of requested items first.

Version 13.? - 30th March 2020

New: Super Troops!

Super Troops is an all-new feature (unlocked at Town Hall 11) that allows you to temporarily power-up existing Troops into Super versions of themselves. Each Super Troop will have a special ability that sets them apart from their normal version, adding a whole new dimension to your Home Village.

Four Super Troops added: Super Barbarian, Super Giant, Sneaky Goblin, Super Wall Breaker

New Levels

Town Hall 9:
Town Hall 11:
Town Hall 12:
Town Hall 13:

Cost Reductions

The below items in the Home Village received upgrade cost reductions during the Spring Update:

New Practice Levels

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A new option in the troop request menu allows for specific requests (and can also be toggled to restrict donations to max level donations)
  • Clan Castle reinforcements are now sorted by the following criteria in order:
    • Lowest housing space first
    • If housing space is equal, troops are sorted by internal IDs (creates a seemingly arbitrary choice of deployment order)
    • If internal IDs are equal, then lowest level first
  • New Hero Skin selection screen that is much easier to select which skin you want to apply to your Hero.
  • All Heroes will display in their selected skin under the Player Profile tab.
  • When acquiring a new skin, the UI to select the skin will automatically open.
  • Some selected skins will be able to be purchased outside of the Gold Pass.
  • Research Potions now boost the Laboratory speed by 24x instead of 10x.
    • The price for Research Potions has been increased from 70 Gems to 120 Gems in the Trader’s Daily Deals.
  • Added an easier way for Content Creators to create a link to share with their viewers in order to use their Creator Code.
  • Friendly Challenge-specific Clan Castle Troops: like Legend League, once they are set they will remain unchanged until you replace them.
  • Allow the use of Home Village layouts in Friendly Wars even if the layout is blocked by obstacles.
  • New option in the Settings menu to disable screen shake.
  • To help combat spying during the Clan War League seasons, players not on the roster or without a role (i.e. Elder or higher) in the Clan may not see the War League screen in Champion Leagues.
  • When claiming rewards from Clan Games, if you do not have enough storage space for the claimed item you will be given the option to select Gems instead. The number of Gems received is based on the normal price the specific item sells for.

Game Balance

  • Modified Grand Warden’s AI to be less likely to follow Yetimites or other Heroes.
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Yetimites.
  • Healer AI has been modified to be less likely to heal Golemites.
  • Defensive Ice Golem’s Freeze duration is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
  • Various changes to Yetimites:
    • Splash damage radius has been slightly reduced to avoid hitting adjacent buildings when attacking a 2x2 structure.
    • Yetimites no longer trigger deploying Clan Castle troops.
    • Yetimite damage against resource storages (including Town Hall) has been reduced by 50%.
  • Number of Wall Rings required to upgrade Walls (in Home Village) has been reduced for certain levels:
    • Level 11: 2 -> 1
    • Level 12: 4 -> 3

Builder Base

  • Builder Base battles will now feature a tiebreaker. If both players achieve the same destruction and Stars (provided both players do more than 0% damage), then the player with the most remaining time left will be the winner.
  • Training time from Builder Base Troops has been removed and so they can be used in an attack immediately.
  • Various changes to the Clock Tower:
    • Multiplier increased from 8x to 10x
    • Boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes.
    • Cooldown time has been increased from 7 hours to 22 hours but the Gem price to skip the cooldown has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where Heroes receive double health regeneration when their ability is used both automatically and manually at the same time.
  • Fix issues with Royal Champion not throwing her shield if ability is enabled while frozen
  • Fix forced retargeting after the following attack after destroying a Wall
  • Make Grand Warden able to do something sensible while his group is frozen
  • Make Grand Warden consider retargeting more frequently if he's not following any group
  • Fix Wall Wrecker getting stuck on Walls
  • Alert defending Royal Champion like other Heroes when enemies are approaching the altar
  • Fixed Electro Dragon sometimes targeting the same target twice within a single lightning chain (could happen when forced to retarget while the chain was still active)
  • Fix Royal Champion attacking non-defense buildings in rare cases
  • Fix a "bug" where Clan Games tasks refresh when no players in the clan are online for a short period of time
UI and Art
  • Show visual boost effect for O.T.T.O Hut when Clock Tower is active
  • Do not show CC spells in CC troop area in attack confirm screen if someone donates spells while the screen is open
  • Show purple Hero level icons properly in attack confirm screen if Hero Potion is active
  • Show boosts properly when opening attack confirm screen via War or Friendly Challenge scout view
  • Gray out Join Clan button if the player has insufficient Town Hall level to join the Clan
  • Fix flawed graphics offset for Lava Hound and Healer (their real position was not based on the middle point of the shadow)
  • Fix visual effect targeting for many flying troops
  • Fix inconsistencies with situations where multiple boosts which affect movement speed, attack speed and damage (Poison, Rage, Haste, Barbarian King ability, Archer Queen ability, Baby Dragon tantrum) are active at the same time. Now the best boosts (and worst de-buffs) for each attribute are selected and applied
    • Note: Freeze effects from Ice Golem or the Town Hall 13 explosion are not considered a boost and instead stack with the above
  • Don't show Hidden Teslas in Builder Base village preview of player profile.
  • Show gear ups, building attack modes and Air Sweeper aim angles properly in village preview.
  • Show correct frame of Eagle Artillery and Air Sweeper instead of showing the last frame which would show that the Eagle is out of ammo.
  • Show hidden objects such as Teslas and Traps properly in player profile when viewed by the member from the same clan. Previously they were always removed from player profile view.
  • Fix visual rounding error for Gold and Elixir when using a rune for some specific amounts of resources (for example 17999999)
  • Fix a bug where if a player finished their last Clan Games task and went offline until after the Games ended then they could miss out on being eligible to claim the extra reward for maxing their score quota.
  • Fix Hero healing timer in training overview screen. The timer wasn't calculated properly when boost was active and boost timer was shorter than Hero heal timer. (+ Same fix for troop & spell timers)
  • Remove artificial limitation of 20 for minimum clan level in Clan Search
  • Do not spawn Tall Grass from stashed Ancient Barbarian Statue.

Balance Changes - 28th February 2020

  • Increased Spring Trap (in Home Village) radius from 0.7 to 0.8 tiles
  • Increased level 5-7 Bomb Tower HP from 1000/1200/1400 to 1050/1300/1600
  • Increased level 5-7 Bomb Tower DPS from 46/52/60 to 48/56/64
  • Increased level 6-7 Bomb Tower death damage from 340/380 to 350/400
  • Decreased level 16-17 Cannon DPS from 125/132 to 124/130

Balance Changes - 16th January 2020

  • Level 18 Cannon hitpoints increased from 1,860 to 1,870 to prevent Royal Champion from one-shotting Level 18 Cannons with her Seeking Shield special ability.
  • Yetimites will no longer trigger Traps.
  • Added a new Community tab in the News Inbox, where regular videos from your favorite Clash of Clans content creators will be featured.
  • Reduced Village Guard time in Titan leagues so it's always 60 minutes (was previously up to 180 minutes), to reduce clouding issues in those leagues.

Optional Update - Version 13.0.20/13.0.21 - 19th December 2019

  • Fixed activation of layout with stashed decorations when 1x1 or 2x2 area of the top corner is blocked by obstacles.
  • Fixed various bugs related to copying layout to Active Layout;
  • When copying layout to Active Layout, if decorations are blocked by obstacles - those decorations will automatically be stashed (instead of failing to copy layout to active);
  • Text fixes in Hero Ability screen (text regarding Hero Ability upgrade);
  • Fixed Roaster and Lava Launcher idle animations;
  • Fixed Grand Warden's celebration animation clipping after changing mode.

Optional Update - Version 13.0.9/13.0.13 - 12th December 2019

  • Fixed a couple bugs when switching between layouts (could manifest as crashes or in unexpected failure to set layouts as active);
  • Fixed bugs with copying shared layouts where layout wouldn't save correctly;
  • When selecting Clan members for War it now shows their role;
  • Android specific: fixed some cases where the position of a camera notch could be incorrectly detected and game UI became offset or obscured + other stability improvements.

Version 13.0.1 - 9th December 2019

Town Hall 13

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Heroes will now automatically try and save themselves and use their Ability if they take damage that would kill them and the ability is available to be used. Advanced players can disable this feature in More Settings.
  • Village preview in profile is back! Tap the Town Hall Icon in the profile.
  • When choosing war members you can now see Clanmates' Town Hall levels in all war types (as long as they have logged in since the update)
  • When signing up for War League if you close and re-open the choose members screen it will remember your previously selected war size.
  • Multiple walls can be upgraded if the combined price does not exceed your storage capacity (or if it does, if it is affordable with your current resource amount).
Skins & Decorations
  • Decorations can now be placed on the outer edges of the map.
  • It is no longer necessary to place decorations in every layout. For example it's possible to have a decoration only in the Home Village layout but not in the War Base layout.
  • The Warden's shoot effect starts closer to the staff than stomach
Clan Perks
  • Reaching clan level 8 now enables clan members to donate 2 spells instead of 1
  • All existing troop donation limits have been increased by 1
  • Level 8 PEKKA has new graphics


Buildings and Traps
  • Increased storage capacity of level 13 Gold Storages and Elixir Storages by 500,000
  • Increased Multi Mortar damage by 10% across the board in Home Village
  • Reduced Spring Trap ejected housing space
    • Level 1: 15 → 10
    • Level 2: 16 → 12
    • Level 3: 17 → 14
    • Level 4: 18 → 16
    • Level 5: 19 → 18
Troops and Heroes
  • Increase Giant level 8/9 HP from 1480/1660 to 1500/1850
  • Increase Miner level 6 HP from 870 to 900
  • Decrease Lava Hound explode radius from 5 tiles to 3.5 tiles
  • Add death damage of 1000/1200/1400 for level 1/2/3 Battle Blimp
  • Increase Valkyrie level 7 HP from 1400 to 1450
  • Make Grand Warden a bit less likely to follow Lava Hounds
  • Decrease troop healing of Level 5 Healer from 80 to 72
  • Increase hero healing of Level 5 Healer from 44 to 48
  • Increased the maximum amount of Elixir/Gold that can be looted from TH12 player storages by 50 000
  • Increased the maximum amount of Dark Elixir that can be looted from TH12 player storages by 500
  • Change Skeleton spawning frequency to 1 skeleton per second after the initial spawns for all Skeleton Spell levels
  • Increase cost of Haste Spell level 2-5 from 85/90/95/100 to 100/120/140/160


  • Fix bug which adds wrong tag (HV instead of WB) to the layout link when sharing layout from purchased war layout slot.
  • Affects at least the text of clan chat entry
  • Fix for a crash caused by broken deep links for layout sharing
  • Fix bug in the case where if any wall is destroyed all units who are attacking wall will retarget immediately. Now they will retarget only after finishing their hit
  • Fixes issues with Battle Machine and PEKKA attacking walls and doing no damage in Builder Base
  • Force retarget for Grand Warden if he's attacking a wall and his group has died

Improve attack position evaluation by checking if the target is reachable before reaching the path end.

  • Should improve AI of many ground troops, but especially Battle Machine.

Clan recruitment improvements

  • Added ability for Clans to set a minimum Town Hall level requirement to join (similar to Trophy requirements)
  • Prompt players if they still want to receive invites after they've rejected a number of invites
  • Added possibility to toggle receiving invitations on in the Clan search screen
  • Added Clan badges to the "Find new members" list
  • Added "View Clan" button to Clan invitations
  • Added notification bubble when player has received maximum amount of clan invitations
  • Ongoing improvements to both suggested Clan and member models.

Version 11

Version 11.866.1 - 16th October 2019

Main patch notes can be found here: October 2019 Update - Full Patch Notes

New Clan Recruitment Feature

  • Players and Clans can add labels to their profile to describe their playstyles
  • These labels allow Clans to search for players with relevant labels and send invites accordingly, while also enabling players to search for Clans that fit their playstyle
  • Players can also enable receiving invitations from other Clans to join them while still in a Clan

Quality of Life Changes

  • Season Challenges:
    • Changed the main UI to show the total amount of available points from ongoing and upcoming challenges
    • Added three new challenge types: winning battles with a certain number of troops, winning battles with a certain number of spells, and winning clan war battles.
    • New Achievement, Well Seasoned, is added for scoring points on Season Challenges
  • Quick Train: 6 Army slots are now available for Quick Train, up from 3
  • Clan Games:
    • New Revive feature - if a task is failed by time expiring, players can "revive" the task and continue with Gems
    • Players who achieve max points during a Clan Game will be able to select one extra reward from the remainder of the unlocked rewards
  • Player Profile: New looks for the player profile, which enable players to view Hero Skins as well as the player's chosen labels
  • Clan Profile: New looks also; the profile is now divided into two tabs with clan labels visible on one tab and clan statistics on the other
  • Loot Cart: Now always spawns next to the Trader's tent
  • Builder Base:
    • Trophy reset is now at 5,000 trophies
    • Loot rewards are increased for 5,000 to 6,000 trophies
    • Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors now have double the storage capacity (so now fills in 24 hours rather than 12 hours)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added new temporary troop, the Royal Ghost
  • Decorations no longer block attacking positions but will still slightly affect pathing
  • Grand Warden AI is improved to prevent him from easily abandoning a supported group
  • Layout Cooldowns:
    • Players in Legend League who modify a layout will have a cooldown applied on that layout that scales with the time left in matchmaking rather than a fixed 24 hour cooldown. Overall this should reduce layout cooldown times.
    • Moving traps or Hidden Teslas no longer force a layout cooldown if applicable.
  • Village Guard length in Titan 2 and 1 have been reduced slightly
  • Players in Legend League who win a defense no longer lose trophies (the attacker will still win trophies, however)
  • Shop offers have additional graphics, sizes and effects
  • A warning is shown in the Single Player Campaign if the player's Town Hall level is not at a recommended level for attacking the campaign level.
  • Clash of Clans no longer supports devices that run on x86 processors.
  • Supercell ID 2.0 was added to Clash of Clans but it is being rolled out to specific regions first to make sure it works with the Clash client.

Maintenance Break - 11th September 2019

Main patch notes can be found here: September Balancing Update

  • Golem and Golemite:
    • DPS adjusted across all levels to be consistent with DPS of Golemites (new DPS is now exactly five times the DPS of the Golemites)
    • Golemite level 1-3 HP increased
    • Level 8 and 9 Golems spawn 3 Golemites instead of 2
  • Dragon: Level 5-7 HP increased
  • Valkyrie: Level 7 HP increased
  • Hog Rider: Level 9 HP decreased
  • Hog Glider: Level 18 Hog Rider HP decreased
  • Inferno Tower: Damage for levels 2 and 3 decreased
  • Hidden Tesla: Level 10 HP increased
  • Mortar: Level 12 HP increased

Version 11.651.1 - 18th June 2019

Builder Hall 9:

Main patch notes can be found here: BH9 Dev Update Video - When Pigs Fly!

  • New level added to Builder Hall: level 9!
    • New Builder Base defense: Lava Launcher
    • New Builder Base troop: Hog Glider
    • All other troops can be upgraded to level 18
    • Battle Machine can be upgraded to level 30
    • Most buildings can be upgraded to level 9
    • New building: O.T.T.O Hut: When fully upgraded, O.T.T.O will serve as an extra builder for the Builder Base, and allow the Master Builder to travel to the Home Village to act as a 6th builder

New Levels:

Main patch notes can be found here: New Levels and Balancing

New Additions:

Main patch notes can be found here: The Research Potion Practice Mode and Deep Linking

  • New Magic Item: The Research Potion! Temporarily boosts Laboratory research speed
  • Practice Mode: A new training mode designed to help players use different attack strategies
  • Base Deep Linking: Enables sharing of base layouts using deep linking. Players can share these layouts to their Clan or externally as a link
  • Balance changes to the League Shop:

Operation Blue Skies:

Main patch notes can be found here: Operation Blue Skies Update Video

  • A new matchmaking system for the Legend League designed to eliminate clouds in Legend League, significantly reducing time spent finding matches
    • Summary of the system: Each player gets a fixed number of attacks and defenses for each day; who the player can attack and who will attack the player is predetermined by the matchmaking each day
    • New matchmaking also changes how trophies, the loot system and shields work in Legend League
    • Details about matchmaking can be found here

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to ranged ground unit AI that was temporarily implemented in the April update but was quickly reverted has been re-enabled. Affects Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Archers, Cannon Carts, etc.
  • AI fix for ground mode Grand Warden: he will no longer jump into empty compartments for no reason
  • Bats from Bat Spell that have been cloned by Clone Spell will deal reduced damage to storages and Town Hall just as their original counterparts do.
  • Deploying Siege Machines to start a battle will now cause defending Grand Warden to retreat into statue form, just as he does when any other unit is deployed.

Version 11.651.7 - 19th June 2019

Optional update - fixed bug where players in the 4900-5000 trophy range in Legend League through the old matchmaking system were unable to sign up.

Maintenance Break - 20th June 2019

More bug fixes:

  • Fix for players who have been given Village Guards and Personal Break Timers of excessive length while dropping out of Legend League while offline
  • Fixed bug where when copying or sharing layouts, the mode of X-Bows and Inferno Towers were taken from the active layout rather than the chosen layout
  • Fixes and other changes to Practice Mode:
    • Armies used in Practice Mode no longer save as the "Previous Army" in Quick Train
    • Lava and Loons tutorial (TH9):
      • Removed one Baby Dragon from army as number of troops in the available army exceeded the maximum allowed at TH9
      • Baby Dragon level is now level 2 up from level 1
    • Bowling with Bats tutorial (TH10): Removed one Freeze Spell from army as number of spells exceeded the maximum available at TH10

Version 11.??? - 2nd April 2019

Season Challenges:

Main patch notes can be found here: Season Challenges - Developer Update Video

  • Challenges to challenge the player! Earn points to unlock rewards.
  • Upgrade to Gold Pass to unlock lucrative rewards and special perks, such as reduced upgrade times and costs, as well as Hero Skins!

Clan War Leagues changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: Bigger Wars and Top Scores

  • 30v30 size to the leagues will be added
    • Any clan in Master Leagues or below can choose their size before searching
    • Clans keep their ranking for both sizes
    • If a clan new to CWL searches, their placement depends on their top 15/top 30 depending on size they've searched for
  • Changes to Rewards
    • Normal medal rewards no longer depend on wins, but depends on placement in the league. Individual stars still play some role, but players get full medals for scoring at least 8 stars (not the maximum possible of 21)
    • No changes to leader's medal bonuses
  • Leaderboard - A leaderboard for Champion I clans is added, ranked by position, stars earned, then total destruction.

New Levels and Balance Changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: New Levels and Balance Changes

  • Cannon and Archer Tower - gain level 17
  • Hog Rider - Gains level 9
  • Ice Golem - Gains level 5, reduced freeze duration on defense, but increased freeze radius on offense
  • Witch - Gains level 5, levels 3 and 4 are now available at TH10 and TH11 respectively
  • Tornado Trap - Reduced duration and consequently, reduced total damage (not actually implemented on patch, but will be fixed after the April CWL season)
  • Wall Breakers - Levels 5+ gain extra HP
  • Bomb - Levels 7 and 8 gain extra damage.
  • Giant Cannon - No longer does excess damage to the Battle Machine
  • Battle Machine - Regeneration time reduced across all levels

Economy Changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: In-game Economy Changes

  • Training Cost Reductions - Numerous troops and spells have reduced training costs
  • Lab Upgrade Cost Reductions - Witch levels 2 and 3 has reduced upgrade costs
  • Lab Upgrade Time Reductions - Numerous troops and spells get upgrade time reductions, particularly at levels between TH8-TH11
  • Building Upgrade Cost & Time Reductions - Numerous buildings have reduced upgrade costs and times, especially at levels between TH7-TH11

QoL changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: QoL improvements for Next Update

  • Traps and Defenses - automatically re-arm/reload for free, but only if the player logs in for that - if not, loaded defenses will eventually run out of ammo and traps will remain unarmed.
  • Magic Items - Moves button to access them from the Clan Castle to the Town Hall. Can also be accessed from the Builder Hall
  • Clans - Leaders/co-leaders can remove troops from players' War Clan Castles
  • Builder Suggestions - Changed suggestions; additionally all available upgrades are visible in the Builder menu by scrolling down the menu
  • Clouds - Added option to toggle a "dark mode" for clouds when searching in the Home Village
  • Inactive Leader Rotation - Automatically passes on the title of Leader to the longest-serving Co-Leader if the Leader is inactive for 90 days (provided the Co-Leader has been online in the last 60 days). If no co-leaders are present the title goes to the longest-serving Elder.
  • Village Visiting - When visiting a village that was recently attacked, any attacked buildings no longer look destroyed or damaged.

Version 11.??? - 22nd February 2019

Balance Changes:

  • Cannon and Archer Tower: Reduced DPS for level 10 onwards
  • Mortar: Increased DPS for level 5 onwards
  • X-Bow: Increased DPS at all levels
  • Barbarian: Increased HP at levels 7 and 8
  • Goblin: Increased HP for level 4 onwards
  • Eagle Artillery: Fixed bug where ranged troops needed to move closer to target it
  • Clan War Leagues: Changed promotion/demotion rules for some leagues:
    • Only 1 clan demoted to Bronze Leagues
    • Only 1 clan promoted to Master and Champion Leagues
    • 3 clans demoted from Champion League I

Version 11.185.8 - 10th December 2018

New Content

NEW Troop: The Ice Golem

  • The Ice Golem is a brand new Dark Elixir Troop that unlocks at Town Hall 11 when you update your Dark Barracks to level 8.

NEW Spell: Bat Spell

  • The Bat Spell is a new Dark Elixir Spell that unlocks at Town Hall 10 and targets enemy defenses with an army of angry bats.

NEW Siege Machine: The Stone Slammer

  • The Stone Slammer is a brand new TH12 Siege Machine that targets enemy defenses from the skies by dropping devastating boulders and causes splash damage.

NEW Magic Items: Shovel of Obstacles & Hero Potion

  • The Shovel of Obstacles allows you to move a single obstacle on your village anywhere on the map.
  • The Hero Potion will grant your Hero +5 levels up to the max allowed for your Town Hall and Builder Hall level.

New Building Levels:

Balance and QoL changes

Builder Base:

Main Village:

  • 3 extra War Layout slots are available, for Gems, costing 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 Gems respectively
  • Christmas theme activated
  • Any excess League Medals over the cap of 2500 will receive their rewards in the form of Gems. The conversion rate is 10 League Medals per Gem.
  • Players can change the Siege Machines/Clan Castle choice and Grand Warden mode after the battle begins but before the Siege Machine (or Warden) has been deployed.
  • Support for 2018 iPad Pro models
  • Very wide screen devices like the iPhone X and Honor P20 will now have a bit more space to zoom out so players can see as much village as on other devices.
  • Clock Tower boost will remain paused after maintenance
  • Show golden tab icon in shop Treasure tab if there are offers
  • Settings:
    • Simplified and cleaned up Settings menu layout
    • Turn Snow on/off in the More Settings menu.
    • Enable/disable 2-row unit deployment bar in Home Village (tablets only, disabled by default)
    • Changed "Keep your village safe" achievement: Can also be awarded for signing in to your Supercell ID account (in additional to Game Center, Google Play, QQ or WeChat)

Bug Fixes:

  • The village editor view mode does not reset to normal when toggling erase mode while scout or wall mode is enabled.
  • Hide the effect of unarmed traps when scout or wall mode is enabled.
  • Fixed (again) Wall Wreckers getting stuck on decorations.
  • Fixed clan badge occasionally blinking for 1 frame when Clan Castle is in sleep mode.
  • Donated Siege Machines gives 30 housing space to Clan Games tasks.
  • Setting name during tutorial is correctly using profanity filter instead of causing out of sync.
  • Before starting a battle in Builder Base, if a defensive building or trap is under construction it will show its proper level graphics in the icon.

Maintenance Break - 12th December 2018

  • Reduced number of Bats spawned from the Bat Spell at all levels
  • Reworked damage multipliers of Stone Slammer against Walls - increased maximum damage multiplier, but decreases damage for targets outside the immediate vicinity of the Slammer
  • Stone Slammer HP reduced at levels 2 and 3
  • Workshop now can hold 3 siege machines in a queue at level 3

Maintenance Break - 7th January 2019

  • Reduced number of Bats spawned from the Bat Spell at all levels, and increased the initial attack delay (to 1.5s from 1.0s)

Version 11.49.4 - 23rd October 2018 "Clan War Leagues"

The battle for top Clan has arrived! Clan War Leagues are here and with their arrival comes a mountain of content! In this update you’ll find:

To Be the Best You’ll Need the Best

Everything - faster upgrades, new Town Hall level, new Troops - has been building up to Clan War Leagues. Now it’s time for WAR!

The Clan War Leagues are a brand new competitive Clan War system where one week each month Clans will battle to prove they are the best in the world and climb 18 Leagues and reap amazing new exclusive rewards.

  • Season-based League structure where Clans fight 7 other Clans in their League to advance to the next highest League.
  • Skill and performance are what determine your success, not war weight.
  • 18 individual Leagues based on you Clan’s performance.
  • 15v15 Wars but you can include up to 50 Clan members and rotate players during each day of the week.

New currency: League Medals!

  • Earn League Medals and Resources by competing in Clan War Leagues!
  • Use League Medals in the new League Shop to purchase exclusive decorations and the new Hammer Magic Items.
  • Depending on your Clan’s performance in a League, Clan Leaders can grant additional bonus League Medals to Clan members at the end of the League.

New defense: Tornado Trap!

  • The Tornado Trap releases a vortex, drawing all enemy troops within its range and hindering their progress.
  • Available starting at Town Hall 11

Brand New Magic Items!


  • Hammers are a new class of Magic Items that instantly start and finish an upgrade. This includes resources and upgrade timer, whereas the Book Magic Items only completed the upgrade timer.
  • Hammers can only be purchased with League Medals which are earned from Clan War Leagues and can only be purchased from the new League Shop tab.
    • Hammer of Heroes - Instantly start and finish a Hero upgrade.
    • Hammer of Building - Instantly start and finish a Building upgrade.
    • Hammer of Spells - Instantly start and finish a Spell upgrade.
    • Hammer of Troops - Instantly start and finish a Troop upgrade.

Clock Tower Potion

  • Hand-crafted from ground-up magic cogs, the Clock Tower Potion will activate your Builder Base Clock Tower for 30 minutes!

The Goblin Uprising Has Begun!

For many years, the Goblin King’s minions have been silently plotting a return to the Clash world. They’ve returned with a vengeance, bringing an onslaught of new and treacherous challenges for you to conquer!

  • 25 all-new single-player Goblin Villages!
  • More Resource rewards for beating the new Villages including Dark Elixir.
    • Loot 17.4 million Gold, 17.4 million Elixir, and 166,500 Dark Elixir from all 25 Goblin Villages.
  • New Achievements for earning Stars and completing the final Goblin level.

Game Balance and Quality of Life Improvements

A number of changes were made to the game regarding troops, damage, costs, and general improvements to make Clash of Clans more enjoyable. Many of these changes came directly from feedback we’ve been receiving for players on the Forums, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media outlets.

  • UI
    • When beginning an attack, no Troops will be selected by default. No more accidentally dropping a Troop when trying to zoom in on the map!
    • In the Quick Train tab, you can Quick Train only what you used instead of the entire Army.
  • Siege Machines
    • Siege Machine training times have been reduced to a flat 20 minutes for all levels.
    • Siege Machine training costs have been reduced to 100,000 Gold across all levels.
    • Siege Machine deployment on the UI will now default to what was previously used.
    • Donating a Siege Machine will now give 30XP instead of 1XP and counts as donating 30 units.
  • Troops
  • Traps
    • Air Bomb: New level at Town Hall 12; activation radius reduced (to 4 tiles from 5 tiles)
    • Bomb: New level at Town Hall 11; shortened detonation delay (to 1.5 seconds from 2 seconds)
  • Buildings
  • Misc Changes
    • Fixed the Wall Wrecker getting stuck on Walls and obstacles.
    • Temporary/Seasonal Troops removed when its respective event ends.
    • Fixed battles ending too early if only an empty undeployed Siege Machine remains.
    • Fixed Builder Base battles not ending until the Giant Cannon’s cannonball stops traveling.

Version 10

Version 10.??? - 29th June 2018

Balance Changes:

Version 10.??? - 26th June 2018

Main patch notes can be found here: June 26 2018 update

Upgrade Times Reworked!

Upgrade times up to Town Hall 11 have been reduced:

  • Home Village building upgrade times reduced (by up to 50%)
  • Many troop upgrade times reduced, as are some spell upgrade times
  • Hero upgrade times reduced (up to level 39)

Also: Hero regeneration times reduced across all levels

Version 10.322.4 (?) - 11th June 2018 "Town Hall 12"

From this update, the minimum required system versions raised to iOS 9 and Android 4.1.

Town Hall 12 is Here!

Town Hall 12 itself is now a defensive structure capable of self-defending. If an opponent so much as scratches the paint, the Giga Tesla will emerge. The bigger brother of the Tesla family of defenses, the Giga Tesla fires beams of electricity at its attackers, doing lots of damage in retaliation for ruining its pristine paint palate.

The Giga Tesla will have 5 upgrade levels available. Each level increases how many opponents the Giga Tesla can target. Once your Giga Tesla is upgraded to its 5th level, you'll unlock the Giga Tesla's final ability: the Town Hall itself turns into a massive bomb doing blast damage to surrounding opponents.

Siege Workshop & Siege Machines

Deliver your Clan Castle reinforcements directly into the heart of your enemy’s base!

Siege Machines are mobile Clan Castles trained in the Siege Workshop, a new building available to Town Hall 12 players and will carry and protect your Clan Castle reinforcements into combat. While the Siege Workshop can only be built by Town Hall 12 villages, Siege Machines can be donated to Clan mates of Clan Castle level 6 or higher.

The Wall Wrecker

The Wall Wrecker will plow through Wall pieces (doing damage x10) and will hammer away at any other building along its path. Not only does the Wall Wrecker provide a way to shield your Clan Castle troops from oncoming assaults, it opens up new strategies for funneling your army as the Wrecker clears the way to victory!

Battle Blimp

The Battle Blimp soars over your enemy’s defenses. As it beelines directly for the enemy Town Hall, the Battle Blimp will drop a continuous barrage of bombs. The Battle Blimp is much faster than the Wall Wrecker but will take less damage before it ultimately is forced to drop its payload.

You can still choose to deploy your Clan Castle troops normally by pressing the Clan Badge icon and attack the old-fashioned way…or…you can choose to SMASH your way to the Town Hall with a SIEGE MACHINE!

When you deploy your Siege Machine, your Clan Castle troops are automatically placed inside and will remain inside until one of three things happens:

  1. they reach the enemy Town Hall
  2. the Siege Machine is destroyed or
  3. you self-destruct the Siege Machine to manually deploy your troops.

New Troop: Electro Dragon!

Available at Town Hall 11, the Electro Dragon can soak up a moderate amount of damage and dish out punishment that’ll make enemy villages quiver in fear. Its lightning breath weapon will strike its target and will continue along its path, chain-linking up to 5 different targets. When it receives fatal damage, it releases its stored energy as a final hail of lightning bolts!

New TH12 Buildings

New Troop Levels

Quality of Life Changes

Name Changes

  • You will be able to change your name more than once. The first name change remains free, but each name change will increase the price by 500 Gems to a maximum of 10,000 Gems. Each name change will include a 1-week cooldown period before you can change it again.
  • Now there is an improved feature that allows you to report offensive or policy-violating names directly from the player’s profile.

Clan Improvements

  • If the Clan Leader leaves the Clan, the Leader MUST assign a new Leader before they are able to leave the Clan.
  • Clan Castle sleep mode: Your Clan Castle can now toggle between “Guard” and “Sleep” modes. Sleep mode will prevent your Clan Castle troops from defending your village, keeping your reinforcements safe until you need them!
  • Copy base layouts: See a Clan mate’s village that you really like? When you visit your Clan mates’ villages, you will be able to copy their layout. Save precious time in redoing your base! This feature unlocks at Town Hall level 4 for the Home Village and Builder Hall 4 for the Builder Base. You are able to copy a base that is +1 or -1 level from your own.
  • The cooldown between sharing replays has been reduced from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

Clan Games Improvements

  • New Clan Games Challenges have been added to take advantage of the new Town Hall 12 content!
  • The Clan Games results page will now show the leaderboard after the Clan Games are completed, and a countdown timer is included to denote how much time you have left to claim your Clan Games rewards.

War Tools Improvements

  • If an attacker has used all of their attacks in a Clan War, their target calls will now automatically be removed from the Clan War map.

In-Game Notifications

  • You can now specifically set what kind of notifications you would like to receive in-game from the More Settings tab of the Settings menu.

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • During server maintenance, Power Potion timers will properly pause.

Balance Changes


  • Wall Ring: Price of Wall Rings reduced to 100 gems (from 200), and number of Rings required to upgrade Walls in the Home Village reduced (such that 1 Wall Ring corresponds to 1 million or part thereof of resources). More Wall Rings will be offered from the Trader in a particular offer (5 or 10, rather than 2 or 5).
  • Resource Storages: Maximum Gold and Elixir increased to 12 million, and maximum Dark Elixir increased to 240,000 (this is a consequence of the new storage upgrades).
  • Wall prices from levels 5-11 have been reduced.
  • Treasury storage increased for all levels.
  • Star Bonus increased across all Leagues.
  • War Loot from Clan Wars increased:
    • Winning the war awards 700% of the resources from the war base (up from 600%)
    • A draw awards 350% (up from 240%)
    • A loss awards 300% (up from 180%).


  • Lightning Spell: Damage increased from level 2 onwards.
  • Freeze Spell: Housing space reduced to 1; brewing cost (in Elixir and time) is halved. Duration of the spell is also reduced.
  • Clone Spell: Housing space reduced to 3; brewing cost (in Elixir and time) is reduced by 25%. Clone capacity of the spell is also reduced.



  • Healer: Healing per second of level 4 and 5 reduced; but effectiveness of healing on heroes increased by 10%.
  • Miner: Movement speed increased from 20 to 32; time required to surface or submerge reduced to 1 second (from 1.2 seconds).
  • Giant: Level 7 and 8 hitpoints increased.
  • Bowler: Damage per second reduced at all levels.
  • Dragon and P.E.K.K.A: Level 5 and 6 hitpoints increased; training cost reduced for all levels.
  • Witch: Damage and hitpoints increased; all levels now spawn 4 skeletons at a time (max summoned skeletons unchanged).

Builder Base Balance:

Version 10.??? - 24th April 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed level 16 Baby Dragon's tantrum damage (increased from 140% to 160%).

Version 10.??? - 9th April 2018 "Clan War Tools"

Happy Birthday Clan Wars!
The introduction of Clan Wars, 4 years ago, was a defining moment in the history of Clash of Clans. We recognize that Clan Wars is a feature that helped make Clash of Clans into the game it is today. April 9th marks the anniversary of this beloved feature and we have a special content release in celebration of Clan Wars.

War Tools Got an experienced War General your Clan relies on to dictate which bases to attack? Or perhaps you have a new recruit who could use some guidance during Clan Wars? The Clan War Tools are a new feature that allows you to add strategy notes on enemy bases and claim your targets!

During your Clan War, members in your war roster are able to tag an enemy base and leave a note on the Clan War map.

Additional Updates:
UI Tweaks/Fixes:

  • The Change Name, Filter Clan Chat, and Personalised Shop options have been moved to the new “More Settings” tab of the “Settings” menu.
  • The Magic Items UI has been changed to display in an easier to read format.
  • Wall segments will now display how many Ring of Walls items are needed to upgrade to the next level.
  • Max-level Builder Base Troops will now display the flame icon with their level.
  • Builder Potions can be used directly from the Magic Items UI.

Version 10.??? - 5th March 2018 "Builder Hall 8"

Builder Hall 8

NEW: Mega Tesla

Let's start with the Mega Tesla, a new defensive building for your Builder Base. So what sets the Mega Tesla apart from its not-so-Mega cousins? Take a look!

Build Time: 24hrs
Range: 7 tiles
Targets: Ground and Air
Favorite Target: Any
Damage Type: Chain Lightning

So what is Chain Lightning? The Mega Tesla's damage will hit the first target up to 7 tiles away, and then will arc to the next closest target up to 3 tiles away and deal damage to it as well. Shocking!

NEW: Super P.E.K.K.A

She's big, bad, beautiful, and goes BOOM! The new Super P.E.K.K.A. troop differs from her Home Village counterpart in one distinct way. So let's take a look at her base level stats when you unlock Builder Base 8.

Units per Army Camp: 1
Spring Weight: 25
Movement Speed: 16
Favorite Target: Any
Damage Type: Single Target
Special Ability: Overcharge

When the Super P.E.K.K.A. receives fatal damage, she does one final explosive attack called "Overcharge". At level 1, her Overcharge deals 400 damage. And her Overcharge ability gets stronger as her level increases. That's a lot of boom.

Other Builder Hall 8 Features:

Resource Buildings:

Defensive Buildings:



  • +1 Army Camp
  • +2 Additional levels for all troops (up to level 16)

Battle Machine:

  • +5 additional levels

Builder Base Balance Changes:

  • Builder Base Versus Battle rewards now increase up until 5000 trophies
  • Sneaky Archer: Level 12 Cloak ability duration is reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Drop Ship: HP has been increased by 10% across all levels.

Home Village Updates

Introducing: The Trader
The Trader is a traveling merchant who, starting at TH8, will frequent your Village to peddle his exotic wares. Setting shop on the other side of the Clan path, across from the Clan Games carriage, the Trader will have 3 special deals for you each day. Perhaps you’d like to acquire a Magic Item or other rare and unusual novelties? The Trader may just have what you’re looking for.

Home Village Balancing

TH11 Walls:

  • Increased the number of wall pieces that can be upgraded to max level to 300 (was 125)

Wizard Tower

  • Decreased level 9 Wizard Tower damage from 56 to 54

Inferno Tower

  • Multi-mode damage changes:
- Level 3: 41 to 45
- Level 4: 50 to 53
- Level 5: 57 to 63
  • Single-mode damage changes:
- Damage has been balanced to increase the time it takes to reach max damage, from 4.25 seconds to 5.25 seconds.


- Level 4 is now available at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall 10.
- Level 6 is now available at Town Hall 10 instead of Town Hall 11
- Costs 8.5 million Elixir instead of 10 million.
- Level 7 is available at Town Hall 11 – Upgrade times have been adjusted/reduced so the Level 7 upgrade is now 14 days.

Additional Trap levels added

- Skeleton Trap level 4
- Giant Bomb level 5
- Bomb level 7
- Air Bomb level 5


- The Barbarian King's Iron Fist ability will only affect the Barbarians he spawns

- Multi-mortar gear up is available to upgrade a single Mortar at TH10

Version 9

Version 9.434.26 - 1st February 2018

The Lunar Festival is here!

Version 9.??? - 18th December 2017

Clan Games

  • Clan Games: a new feature that allows players in the Clan to earn rewards
  • In the Clan Games, Challenges appear and can be done by members of a Clan. Completing each Challenge yields points which unlocks rewards when enough are earned
  • Alongside the Clan Games come new forms of rewards in Magic Items

Merry Clashmas!

  • New seasonal decoration, and the return of temporary units

Balance Changes:

  • Golem: HP for levels 1-3 increased
  • Lava Hound: HP for levels 1-3 increased
  • Giant: HP for levels 5, 7 and 8 increased
  • Miner: Housing space increased from 5 to 6
  • Barbarian King and Archer Queen: Maximum level increased to 50, upgrade cost for levels 8-45 decreased
  • Inferno Tower: Ability to block healing removed
  • Walls: Added 25 more level 12 walls for TH11 (for a total of 125)
  • Army Camp: Added level 9 for TH11
  • X-Bow: Reduced DPS for levels 2-4

Other Improvements:

  • Drastically improved mod detection and prevention system.

Version 9.256.4 - 11th October 2017

Clans, friends and clan friends

  • Challenge your clanmates to friendly battles in the Builder Base
  • Work with your clan to unlock new Clan Perk levels and gain access to tiered Clan Badges
  • See the online status of your friends
  • Watch friends' attacks live in both the Home Village and Builder Base

New building and troop levels

  • New troop levels to Golem and Valkyrie
  • New building levels to Air Sweeper and Bomb Tower
  • 25 more maximum level wall pieces

Home Village Updates

New level limits and visual changes for Town Hall 11 troops and buildings:

  • Valkyries – Can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Golems – Can now be upgraded to level 7
  • Bomb Tower – Can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Air Sweeper – Can now be upgraded to level 7
  • Walls – 25 more segments can be upgraded to level 12

Clan Improvements:

  • New 35v35 and 45v45 Friendly Wars
  • Spectator slots for Clan Wars increased to 30, +10 extra slots for viewing via your Friends List
  • Get notifications when a War Attack is happening, even while in Replay Mode.
  • Clans can now set Builder Base trophy requirements in the Clan Settings.
  • Clan Badge, Clan Troop drop stone, and Castle graphic update – The new Clan Badge border will change based on your Clans level.
  • Clan Path – Donated troops will now travel through the Clan Path on the map.

Social Improvements:

  • Clan Suggestions
    • Searching for Clans becomes even easier with the new Clan Suggestions function. The Suggestions will prioritize Clans by activity such as Clan War activity, Troop donation activity, etc. An icon will also highlight suggested Clans that has a member from your Friends List.
  • Online Indicator
    • The Clan Chat will now display the number of Clanmates currently online.
    • The Friends List will now display which members of your Friends List are currently online.
    • You can now spectate attacks your friends make via the Friends List.

Builder Base Updates

New Feature – Friendly Challenges

General Updates

  • A.I. Improvements:
    • Battles will not finish until the projectile from the last unit lands on the target even if that unit is killed.
    • Improvements on troop attack position selection.
  • Main Village balance:
    • P.E.K.K.A. – Level 6 buff: +100 HP and +10 DPS

Maintenance Break - 12th October 2017

  • Fixed clan war attack live replay for players who left the war clan during the same session
  • Clans with the word ‘adult’ in their name can be searched again
  • Golem upgrade costs - Levels below 7 have been retroactively reduced
  • Crushers still hitting troops behind Walls has been fixed
  • Online status was not updating correctly for a small number of players
  • Clan recommendations were empty in rare conditions

Version 9.??? - 27th September 2017 "Builder Hall 7"

In this newest update for the Builder Base, we are introducing a bevy of upgrades including two units: the Giant Cannon defense and the Drop Ship air unit. We're also increasing the Versus Battle Rewards to 4000 trophies!

Here’s what you can expect to see in the Builder Hall 7 release, and make sure to scroll down to learn more about the latest round of War matchmaking improvements!

NEW: The Giant Cannon

What else says your base means serious business than a massive barrel capable of demolishing several troops in a single blast? The Giant Cannon is the ultimate deterrent against ground attacks. Its projectile is so effective, once released it will continue on clearing everything in its path until it reaches the end of the map! Watch Skeletons, Bombers, and Archers get tossed like confetti. Even the Battle Machine can only endure a couple hits before it’s taken out of commission.

Additional Defensive Buildings:

  • +1 Hidden Tesla
  • +1 Firecrackers
  • +1 Army Camp
  • +4 Wall segments (x20 wall pieces)

The addition of another Hidden Tesla and Firecrackers helps take care of those pesky Baby Dragon spam attacks and adding a fifth Army Camp gives you greater tactical flexibility as you advance your attack strategies with the new Drop Ship air unit. Along with the increased defenses, all of your buildings, traps (except for the Spring Traps), and walls can be upgraded to Level 7.

However, it’s the Giant Cannon that really makes your Builder Base defenses shine!

NEW: The Drop Ship

In your Town Hall, the Balloons drop explosives. However, in the Builder Base, these hot air attackers drop Skeletons in mass hordes to sow chaos and confusion among your opponent’s ground defenses. Use the Drop Ship to obfuscate your kill squads and ranged damage from ground defenses, or use them to clear ground defenses like the Giant Cannon to allow funneling.

New Offensive Levels:

Your offensive units gain benefits in the Builder Hall 7 update. Not only can your Troops be upgraded to level 14, but the Battle Machine can be upgraded to level 20 as well. Those upgrades come with a plethora of added bonuses too! Check out the perks you’ll receive when you upgrade your Troops and Battle Machine. And finally, enjoy the brand new Drop Ship air unit!

Level 14 Troop stats:

  • Raged Barbarians: +5 units per Army Camp
  • Sneaky Archers: +2 units per Army Camp
  • Boxer Giants: Improves the Power Punch ability
  • Beta Minion: Improves the Long Shot ability
  • Bomber: Improves the Big Bomb ability
  • Baby Dragon: Improves the Tantrum ability
  • Cannon Cart: +20 damage per second
  • Night Witch: +20% Bat spawning speed

Last but not least...

Clan War Matchmaking algorithm changes.

With the recent changes implemented to the Clan War matchmaking algorithm, based on the feedback we have been receiving and also after reviewing our data, we felt further changes needed to be implemented. These changes will reflect a more accurate measurement of a player’s and clan’s offensive power. Furthermore, we are also adjusting the search time required to find a better War match. This will increase the search duration in some cases but not all, and allows the system longer to find a more even match.

Version 9.105.4 - 27th June 2017

Home Village Upgrade Blitz

  • Upgrade Cannon, Archer Tower, and Inferno Tower.
  • Level up P.E.K.K.A, Healer, Wizard, Miner, and Wall Breaker
  • Discounts and balancing, including the new Town Hall 10 Levels

Builder Base Level Up

  • Get Builder Hall level 6 and upgrades for everything
  • Bring out the Bats with the new Night Witch!
  • Burn foes to a crisp with the new Roaster defense

Big news Clashers!

Greetings Chief!

As we continue to develop Clash of Clans, we will be releasing updates, features, balance changes, and new content for both the Builder Base and the Town Hall. While we are proud of our accomplishments with the Builder Base, rest assured we are not forgetting about the Town Hall – in fact this update is primarily focused on your Town Hall (although there is a much requested feature for the Builder Base listed at the end!). So check out what we have in store for your Town Hall below!

New defensive content

NEW: Cannon level 15 (TH11)

  • Cannon levels 10-14 upgrade time or cost has been discounted

NEW: Archer Tower level 15 (TH11)

  • Archer Tower levels 9-14 upgrade time or cost has been discounted

NEW: Inferno Tower level 5 (TH11)

  • Inferno Tower levels 2-4 upgrade time or cost has been discounted
  • Inferno Tower level 4 multi-mode damage has been increased
  • Inferno Tower single-mode 1st stage damage has been changed to match multi-mode damage

New offensive content

Conversely, we have also added additional levels along with balance updates to the following Troops to ensure additional offensive power is available as well.

NEW: P.E.K.K.A. level 6 (TH11)

  • P.E.K.K.A. upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels

NEW: Wizard level 8 (TH11)

  • Wizard levels 6-7 upgrade time or costs have been discounted

NEW: Healer level 5 (TH11)

NEW: Miner level 5 (TH11)

  • Miner upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels
  • Miner level 3 is now available at Town Hall 10 (was at TH11)
  • Miner levels 2-5 hitpoints have been increased

NEW: Wall Breaker level 7 (TH11)

  • Wall Breaker upgrade time or costs have been discounted across ALL levels

Dragon levels 4-6 hitpoints have been increased

Hog Rider levels 6-7 hitpoints have been increased

Builder Base

With the upcoming Builder Hall 6 Invitational Tournament on the horizon, we wanted to share with you the new features being released in this next content update. In this upcoming release, we are adding two incredible new units to the Builder Base while also increasing the level cap for units already available.

Here are the features you can expect to see in the Builder Hall 6 release, including the two new units.


  • +1 Archer Tower
  • +1 Crusher
  • +1 Mine
  • +1 Mega Mine
  • +4 Wall sections

Yes you read that right...a second Crusher, the Bane of Barbarians, Affliction of Archers (who get too close), and Jammer of Giants (ok I know that's rough alliteration). Furthermore, in correspondence to the Builder Hall's increased level, all defenses, traps, and walls can now be upgraded to Level 6. The only exception to this is the Spring Trap, which can be upgraded to Level 4.


  • Levels 11-12 for all Troops after upgrading the Star Laboratory to Level 6
  • Levels 6-10 for the Battle Machine


Resource Collectors, Storages, Gem Mine, and Clock Tower can be upgraded to Level 6 A single Archer Tower in your Town Hall can now be Geared Up, similarly to the Cannon. Requires Builder Base Archer Tower Level 6 and Home Village Archer Tower Level 10. Players who have created accounts in India will now be placed in a Global Chat channel specifically created for their region. We want to ensure players are able to communicate with each other, find like-minded Clashers, and create communities of their own and we feel this is a step in a direction to help facilitate this.


  • Clock Tower cooldown reduced from 8 hours to 7 hours
  • Clock Tower duration reduced by 50% to 2.5 minutes
  • Clock Tower speed multiplier reduced from 10x to 8x

After careful consideration we felt the Clock Tower provides too much free upgrade time. We are changing the Clock Tower cooldown from 8 hours to 7 hours and reducing the duration by 50%. We felt the Clock Tower provided progress too rapidly and that it required rebalancing to bring it in line with relative upgrade times. Reducing its cooldown will allow it to be boosted 3 times per day rather than 2.

NEW: The Night Witch The Witch's nocturnal sibling, the Night Witch is available once you upgrade your Builder Barracks to Level 8. Though there are some similarities between the Wtich and the Night Witch, there are a few differences that make her stand out as well. Check out these abilities:

  • The Night Witch does ranged attacks that hit both ground and air units
  • Spawns bats that attack ground and air units
  • Will spawn into a swarm of bats after receiving fatal damage

The Night Witch is a great way to take out those pesky Crushers, which is why we're introducing the Woe of the Night Witch: The Roaster.

NEW: The Roaster We couldn't add a cool offensive unit without coming up with a way to defend against it. The Roaster is a great solution against the Night Witch. It is a flame-spitting defensive building that will bathe your foes in scalding plasma with the following details:

  • Range of 7 tiles
  • Burst fires 15 shots
  • At Level 6 it does 16 damage per shot
  • Hits ground and air units
  • Does Area Splash type damage

Version 9.24.1 - 22nd May 2017 "Builder Hall Release"

From this update, the minimum required system versions raised to iOS 7.

Set Sail for a New World

Welcome to the Builder Base, Chief! This exciting new land is run by the Master Builder. He’s your only Builder on this side of the sea, but his superior smarts have helped him develop some awesome new advancements. Once you make it to Town Hall 4 at your home village, you can rebuild the boat and set sail for the other side.

Things work a little differently in this realm. For starters, the Builder Base is powered by different resources. The elixir and gold you collect over here can’t be used in your home village, but Gems will cross over. And a brand new world means brand new achievements. Complete them all!

New Features

Thanks to the Master Builder’s talented touch, you’ll see interesting twists on familiar buildings, such as:

  • The Archer Tower's switch toggles between fast attack or long range.
  • The Multi Mortar's multi-barreled attack is tough for troops to dodge

New Buildings

He’s also dreamed up some exciting new buildings! These brand new additions include:

  • Crusher: A powerful new defense that does exactly what it sounds like— crush enemies!
  • Push Trap: Scatter attacking armies by tossing troops in a direction of your choosing.
  • Gem Mine: Collect gems over time! Upgrade it to increase its output.
  • Clock Tower: Boost the speed of everything in the Builder Base, from build time to resource mining!

New Abilities

The crystallized elixir found on this side has given familiar faces a new look with new tricks that they can use in combat! Upgraded troops gain powerful special abilities, such as:

  • Sneaky Archer: "Cloak" makes her invisible to enemy defenses for a short period of time.
  • Boxer Giant: "Power Punch" makes his first attack do huge damage!

New Troops

The Master Builder has harnessed the power of this new resource to train up new troops. For example:

  • Bomber: Tosses big bombs that can blow up several buildings at once.
  • Cannon Cart: A four-wheeling fortification brought to the front line.

New Hero

Some heroes are born, others are built. Once unlocked at Builder Hall 5, the Master Builder will join the fight in his Battle Machine! Upgrade this mechanical monster to level 5 to unlock its “Electric Hammer” ability.

New Battle Mode: Versus Mode

Introducing a brand new way to fight: Versus Battle! This new battle style lets you take on opponents in a head-to-head attacking competition! Similar to Clan Wars, both competitors attack one another and the best attack wins the prize. Resources won’t be lost on defense.

Win three Versus Battles per day to get the biggest loot payout, then continue battling for new Versus Trophies. Follow the competition on the new leaderboard!

New Game Mechanics

The Builder Base’s setup has ease of management top of mind. Over here troops train automatically, Walls come in segments and you cannot be attacked while away. Troops are trained in groups and each Army Camp holds one group at a time. Upgrade troops to fit more units per camp and build more camps to diversify your ranks. With no Master Wizards around spells haven't made it to these shores, so take advantage of your troops' special abilities instead!

Where Old Meets New

Leverage the Master Builder’s expertise to enhance your home village. Once your Cannon is at a high enough level, you’ll see a “Gear Up” option when you tap on it. Gearing Up this defense will give it the same awesome abilities as its Builder Base counterpart: the Double Cannon! “Gear Up” is only available when the Master Builder isn’t busy in the Builder Base. It’s a long trip, so make sure he’s free. Keep an eye out for more Gear Up options in the future, too!

[Taken from the Supercell forum.]

22nd May 2017 "May 2017 Balancing Update"

  • NEW: Level 5 Clone Spell
    • Cloning capacity of existing levels increased
    • Clone Spell level 3 available at Town Hall 10
    • Upgrade costs and times decreased at all levels
  • NEW: Level 6 Freeze Spell (level 1-5 upgrade costs and times decreased)
  • NEW: Level 7 Healing Spell (level 4-6 upgrade costs and times decreased)
  • 7th Gold Mine and Elixir Collector available at Town Hall 9
  • Bomb damage increased
  • Balloon attack rate increased (DPS unchanged)

Version 8

Version 8.709.11/8.709.16 - 16th January 2017

  • Minor bug fixes

8th March 2017 "March 2017 Balancing Update"

  • NEW: Level 9 Air Defense (level 4-8 upgrade costs and times decreased)
  • Wall level 12 limit increased to 75
  • Hog Rider level 5-7 hitpoints increased
  • Miner hitpoints increased
  • Dragon level 4-6 damage increased
  • P.E.K.K.A level 3-5 damage increased
  • Witch spawning rate increased

Version 8.709.2 - 19th December 2016 "Clashmas and Events"

New Content & Balancing:

New upgrade levels:

  • Barbarian King levels 41-45 (levels 31-40 upgrade costs decreased)
  • Archer Queen levels 41-45 (levels 26-40 upgrade costs decreased)
  • Clan Castle level 7 (levels 5-6 upgrade costs and/or times decreased)
  • Golem level 6 (levels 2-5 research times decreased)
  • Hog Rider level 7 (level 2-6 research times decreased)
  • Poison Spell level 5
  • Wizard Tower level 10 (level 9 moved to TH 10; levels 3-9 upgrade costs and/or times decreased)
  • Walls level 12 (max 50 pieces; levels 10-11 costs decreased)


  • Poison Spell radius slightly increased
  • Witch damage and hitpoints increased
  • Balloon attacks after reaching their target slightly sooner
  • Dragon and P.E.K.K.A's attack speeds increased (DPS are unchanged)

Other Changes:

  • New 15m and 30m options for Friendly War challenges
  • Clan Mail cooldown reduced from 12h to 1h
  • Better organized Builder Suggestions


  • Troops and Spells Events: Train certain troops and brew certain spells at a 90% discount for a limited time! Win at least three multiplayer battles in each Troop Event to claim Experience and Gems!
  • Star Bonus Events: Increased Star Bonuses for a limited time!
  • 1-Gem Collectors and Army boosts for a limited time!
  • Clashmas Gifts:

Version 8.551.18 - 25th October 2016 "Halloween is Coming"

Boosted Brews & Bones! It's that spooky time of year! For a limited time:

Version 8.551.2 - 12th October 2016 "Friendly Wars"

New Content & Balancing:

Army Training Revamp & Quick Train:

  • We've rethought army training into a streamlined experience that lets you train two full armies with two simple taps!

Friendly Wars:

  • Challenge other Clans to friendly Clan War face-offs. Friendly wars can be as short as one hour and as small as 5v5

Clash Friends & Friendly Challenge Updates:

  • Clash Friends: Add friends in Clash via player profiles
  • Search Players by player tag (check the player profile menu)
  • Moving decorations no longer puts a layout on Friendly Challenge cooldown
  • Heroes now defend in Friendly Challenge attacks even when under upgrade

Version 8.332.9 - 24th May 2016 "Friendly Challenge"

New Content

Balancing and Update News:

  • Much of the balancing this update is coming in the form of new levels and smaller tweaks.

Town Hall 11

In Town Hall 11, air armies have dwindled in popularity. These new levels should help revitalize high-level air armies while helping to defend against the ground rush.

Town Hall 10+

  • Bowler housing space reduced to 6

Bowlers just didn't seem to be providing enough value for an 8 housing space unit, and the bulky size made him a tough fit in a well-rounded army.

Town Hall 7+

New Spring Trap levels with minor capacity increases will help catch additional units from time to time. They might even catch an extra Valkyrie!


  • Edit Mode tools: A bunch of features added to make editing layouts easier
  • Donate fully trained Troops/Spells from production queues even if your army is full
  • Drag troops/spells anywhere into a training queue - training progress is transferred
  • Gem Troops/Spells for donation directly from the donation context menu
  • War Logs for any Clan can now be publicly viewed, unless disabled in Clan settings
  • Builder Suggestions: Tap Builder Info to see and select suggested upgrades to perform
  • Live spectator count is now shown during attack - see how many others are watching!
  • Chat stream revamped with built-in Request button

Version 8.212.1 - 21st March "The Bowler"

New Content:

Town Hall 11

  • Grand Warden Life Aura and Eternal Tome range reduced slightly

Town Hall 10+

  • Inferno Tower Multi-mode acquires new targets faster
  • Town Hall 10 and 11 players are less likely to find each other in Multiplayer

Town Hall 9+

  • All Skeleton hitpoints reduced
  • Skeletons spawned from Witches no longer trigger traps
  • Goblin level 6 has been moved to Town Hall 9 (was TH10)
  • X-Bow levels 2-4 damage increased

Town Hall 8+

  • Valkyrie damage increased, hitpoints decreased
  • Valkyrie starts attacking much faster after reaching her target - give her a try!
  • Wizard Tower levels 5-9 hitpoints increased, greatly increased at later levels
  • Defending Troops (but not Heroes) flee from Poison Spells if they are standing idle
  • All Dark Spells brewing time decreased to 10 minutes

Town Hall 5+

  • All Elixir Spells brewing time decreased to 20 minutes

All levels:

  • Battle time limit reduced to be 3 minutes per attack once again
  • Revenge attacks award Star Bonus and League Bonus rewards
  • New building constructions can no longer be cancelled (upgrades can still be cancelled)


  • Clan Wars matchmaking has been overhauled - details in the dev blog
  • War sizes 35v35 and 45v45 have been removed to boost other war sizes
  • New stat "War win streak" in Clan profile shows how many consecutive Clan War wins a Clan currently has
  • War Events menu has been redesigned to be much more readable
  • Number of remaining war attacks can be seen from the Clan War button when outside of the war map
  • All replays can be viewed directly from My Team/Enemy Team summaries in War Details
  • "Star button" has been replaced with a bigger "War Details" button on the bottom-right of the war map


  • Builder Summary: Tap the Builder icon to see all in-progress construction
  • Tap an entry in the builder summary to select it in the Village
  • When attacking, army selection bar shows left/right scroll arrows if an undeployed unit or spell is hidden off-screen
  • Tapping the Loot Cart shows how many resources are inside before collecting
  • Resource storages have more visual states to indicate more clearly how full or empty they are
  • Exploding traps indicate their area of effect more clearly in battle
  • Battles now end automatically if only a Poison Spell is remaining, and no longer end automatically if only an Earthquake Spell is remaining
  • More replays are stored in the Defense Log and Attack Log, and are available for longer
  • Army Overview shows time until training/brewing is complete, also accounting for active boosts
  • Player Profiles unlocked units area reorganized

Version 8.116.2 - 26th January "Treasury, Loot Cart & Star Bonus"

The Treasury

  • Clan Castles now house a well-protected resource bank: the Treasury
  • The Treasury safeguards bonus loot from Clan Wars and Star Bonuses
  • It's the safest place to save up bonus loot until you are ready to spend it!
  • The previous concept of "War Loot Storage" has been removed from the Clan Castle info screen, etc.
  • Treasury capacity is determined by Town Hall and Clan Perks levels. Clan Castle level has no effect
  • Clan Perks for "War loot extra storage" have been changed to "Treasury extra storage” (Clan Perk values are unchanged, Treasury storage is similar to War Loot storage at most Town Hall levels)
  • Clan Castle visuals have been updated with the removal of the small storages on the roof

Daily Star Bonus

  • Win 5 stars from multiplayer battles to earn bonus loot
  • Earn bigger bonuses at higher Leagues!
  • A new Star Bonus is available every day!
  • Star Bonus rewards are safeguarded in the Treasury
  • The maximum Star Bonus reward is available starting at Titan 3 League (Was Champion 3)

Loot Cart

  • A broken down Loot Cart appears in your Village after every defense
  • Collect this cart to recover some of your lost resources
  • Only one Loot Cart will appear at a time, so collect it right away!
  • The Loot Cart appears randomly in the area village after any defense and it contains 20% of the lost resources
  • If a Loot Cart is already spawned, its Gold, Elixir and/or Dark Elixir values will update if a subsequent defense would be worth more of that resource
  • A Loot Cart cannot be collected if your storages are full


Bug fixes

  • Cases where Skeletons would get stuck in layers of walls especially when chasing Hog Riders are now fixed;
  • Instances where multiple Dark Spells could be donated to Clan Castle are now fixed. Only one Spell can be donated.
  • In some rares cases, players would start an upgrade and then go idle for a longer period of time, and upon returning to the game that same upgrade would wrongly show 20+ days left; this issue has now been addressed.

[Taken from the 26/01 - Treasury Loot Cart update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 8.67.7 - 18th December 2015 "Christmas Time"

  • New Winter theme!
  • Bug-fixes for the new Shield system and some game crashed
  • New info screen when tapping the Shield icon shows exact Personal Break timer status
  • Fixed and cleaned up various UI issues

Version 8.67.3 - 10th December 2015 - "Town Hall 11"

One of the Biggest Clash Updates - Ever!

  • Town Hall 11 is bursting onto the scene! BOOM!
  • Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery: The most powerful and strategic additions ever!
  • New troop levels, defense levels, and Clan Spell donation
  • Attack through Shield at any time, but be sure to protect your Town Hall!
  • Guard your play sessions when Shield is down and never get attacked off-guard again
  • Goblins chasing Town Halls, bigger League Bonuses and Trophy offers, and so much more!

Turn It Up to TH11!

Grand Warden: Your Army’s Newest Hero

  • Harness powerful new battlefield tactics by boosting and protecting your troops
  • The Grand Warden toughens all nearby troops and can make them temporarily invincible!
  • He jumps, he flies - fit the Grand Warden into any strategy and make your army shine

Eagle Artillery: The Sleeping Sentinel

  • This massive, long-range weapon obliterates poorly prepared attacking armies
  • Volleys of explosive shells clobber tough troops and wear down others near the blasts
  • Eagle Artillery only activates after many troops have been deployed, leaving the door open for tactical strikes and cunning multi-phase attacks!

Do the Spell Shuffle

  • Request reinforcement spells, not just troops, starting from Clan Castle level 4
  • Donated spells receive all existing Clan Perks benefits
  • Freeze Spell is now unlocked at Town Hall 9 and has slightly longer duration on lower levels

Shields - Flexible and Fair Defense

  • Town Hall destruction no longer grants a Shield - bring your Town Hall inside!
  • You can attack while shielded at any time for just a small Shield reduction
  • Get Shield at 30% destruction, more at 60%, but only when a sizable army attacks

Guard - Play Safe From Attackers

  • Guard protects you from attacks and lets you attack others all you want
  • Get free Guard when Shields expire and play freely without worry of being attacked
  • Higher Leagues grant more free Guard - Titan I & Legend players get 100% coverage!
  • 2 hours of extra Guard is available in the Shop every day

Richer Raiding: Loot and Trophies

  • Town Halls now hold lots of available loot - destroy them in battle for a big payout!
  • League Bonuses are bigger than ever, but scale with your destruction percentage
  • Trophy offers get bigger and Trophy losses lower the higher your League!

Gameplay Balancing

  • Battle time limit has been increased by 30 seconds
  • Goblins now target the Town Hall and Clan Castle for 2x damage
  • Rearm costs for all traps have been massively reduced
  • Reload costs for X-Bows have been massively reduced
  • Large amounts of Healers now have reduced effectiveness on the same unit
  • Army boosts have been reduced to 5 gems for 1 hour of boost
  • Cost for finding a match and ‘Nexting’ reduced for TH10
  • Clan War Preparation Day has been reduced to 23 hours
  • Troop combat and pathfinding AI has been polished up and tightened
  • Available loot percentage on Town Hall levels 6-10 has been slightly increased
  • Villages one Town Hall level lower are now worth slightly less loot
  • The playing field and troop deployment area have both been expanded (outlying obstacles have been automatically moved)

Other Balancing and Improvements

  • Two new achievements have been added: Anti-Artillery and Sharing is Caring
  • Troop/Spell donation interface has been revamped and now shows existing donations
  • Troops in Barracks can now be queued in sequence, similarly to the Spell Factory
  • The Clan War button now animates when a war attack starts
  • Active Shield or Guard can now be manually dismissed by tapping on the icon
  • You can now be offline a bit longer before being made vulnerable to attack
  • A special sound plays when finding a multiplayer target after 10 seconds of searching
  • A special sound plays when no multiplayer targets are found and a search is cancelled
  • Personal Break online-time limit has been reduced to 3 hours
  • Personal Break limit is now extended instead of reset in some cases
  • Multiplayer matchmaking is less likely to offer opponents under your Town Hall level (only below Champion League)

[Taken from the 10/12 - Town Hall 11 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 7

Version 7.200 - 22nd October 2015 "Halloween Is Coming"

A Frightful Night Returns To Clash

For a limited time, experience the spooky Halloween Clash theme with possessed Poison Spells, bubbling Cauldron obstacles and more!

It's that time of the year again! So here's a spooky Halloween update with a couple of limited-time treats:

  • Harvest some bonus Elixir from special Halloween Cauldron obstacles
  • 1-gem Spell Factory boost special is back! Running through Halloween weekend!

Version 7.200.7 - 9th September 2015 "Spell revamp & War tiebreaker"

Spell Superiority and a Clan War Tiebreaker!

  • Improved Lightning, Poison, Earthquake and Freeze spells!
  • Lightning Spell level 7 and 25 new Wall pieces have been added to Town Hall level 10
  • Total Destruction is now a Clan Wars tiebreaker – if the score is even at the end of the war, the Clan with more destruction percentage in their best attacks will be the victor!
  • Attack and Defense tabs have be added to Clan tabs in the War Stats to quickly see all best attacks in the war for either clan
  • The appearance of Wall level 11 has been revamped and looks TOTALLY EPIC

Recharged Lightning Spell

  • Lightning Spell level 7 ravages buildings and troops alike
  • Increased damage for Lightning Spell levels 5 and 6
  • Lightning Spell bolts now strike closer together to miss less often
  • Lightning Spell level 6 is now available at Town Hall 9

Reworked Poison Spell

  • Troops in Poison Spells now take less damage at first, but much more over time
  • Poison Spell damage now increases to huge amounts and lingers after leaving the spell
  • Poison Spells now also reduce the attack rate of defending Troops

Reworked Earthquake Spell

  • Earthquake Spells deal much more damage, regardless of a building's current hitpoints
  • Repeated Earthquake Spells now deal diminishing damage to the same buildings
  • Four Earthquake Spells will still always destroy any level of Wall!
  • There are no longer any special "building execution rules" for Earthquake spells - a building just needs to be reduced to 0 HP
  • Example: If an Earthquake Spell has 25% damage, the first Earthquake spell cast on a building will ALWAYS deal 25% of maximum HP damage, thus destroying any building with under 25% HP remaining. Repeated Earthquake Spells on the same building deal less damage: 25/3 %, 25/5 %. 25/7 %, etc. This diminishing damage means that it is still impossible to destroy buildings only using Earthquake Spells.

Game Balancing

  • Freeze Spells now also affect defending air troops
  • Lava Hounds can no longer target air troops
  • Attacking troops will now engage defending troops from further away
  • Titan III and Titan II Leagues can now buy 1 week shields from the Shop
  • The Army Overview button is now also visible from the Clan War map

Version 7.156 - 1st July 2015 "Dark Spell Factory"

The Rise of Master Spellcasters and Legends

  • The Dark Spell Factory is here with three new spells!
  • Dragon level 5 sets its golden gaze on Town Hall 10
  • A second Air Sweeper will help clear the skies, starting at Town Hall 9
  • New Leagues are here, including the Legend League Tournament and Legend Trophies!

The Dark Spell Factory

  • Harness Dark Elixir to make spells with advanced tactics, starting at Town Hall 8
  • Poison Spell: Make a toxic cloud that slows and drains the health of defending troops
  • Earthquake Spell: Rattles away the hitpoints from buildings and Walls
  • Haste Spell: The fastest speed boost ever, at half the storage space of a Rage Spell
  • These Dark Spells take half the space of regular spells. Mix, match and experiment!

New Leagues and the Legend League Tournament

  • Introducing Titan League and the ultra-prestigious Legend League at 5000 Trophies!
  • Legend League Tournaments are a new challenge for top players, ending once a month
  • Tournament Legends get their final standings featured in the Top Players tab and profile
  • Each tournament resets Legends to 5000 Trophies and converts extras into permanent Legend Trophies!

Game Balancing

  • Training times in the Spell Factory have been reduced
  • Extra Spells can now be queued in Spell Factories, even if your Spell Storage is full
  • All resource storages are now immune to all direct spell damage
  • Clan Tournaments are one month long and award more gems to more players per Clan
  • Barbarian, Archer, Dragon and P.E.K.K.A training cost adjusted for some levels
  • Several building hitpoint values have been increased
  • Inferno Tower's Single firing mode now charges to full power slightly faster
  • Dragon level 4 has been moved to Town Hall 9
  • Archer Towers arrows travel faster so they "miss" less of their shots at range

A.I. Improvements

  • Troops and Heroes are less likely to target walls unnecessarily (even the Archer Queen)
  • Troops and Heroes will not continue bashing through walls to get to a destroyed target
  • Wall Breakers now avoid retargeting towards unnecessary walls when deployed in groups
  • Fixed rare cases where defending Heroes or defenses might get stuck and not attack

Interface Improvements

  • Train your army with a new Training button just above Attack - no more Barracks-hunting
  • Army Overview lets you view, request troops and edit your army, including spells!
  • Quick-tabs have been added to training views to make cycling between buildings easier
  • Troop selection when attacking has been cleaned up with new visuals and sounds
  • You can now filter offensive Clan Chat by enabling the Clan Chat Filter in the Settings
  • Arabic and Traditional Chinese languages are now supported!

[Taken from the Update 01/07 - Dark Spell Factory update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 7.65 - 30th April 2015 "Air Sweeper"

From this update, the minimum required system versions raised to iOS 5.1.1.

New anti-air defense: The Air Sweeper

  • Push back groups of flying enemies with strong blasts of air!
  • Air Sweepers deal no damage, but are great at slowing the progress of air attacks
  • Air Sweepers can only face one way, but can be rotated to a direction of your choosing
  • Unlocked at Town Hall 6, Air Sweepers gain more pushing strength when upgraded

Clan bookmarks

  • Bookmark any Clan for later viewing using the '+' icon on any Clan profile page
  • You can bookmark up to 30 Clans and view them under a new tab next to your profile

Clan War attack army preview

  • Never attack unprepared again! Your army is now previewed before every war attack
  • Inspect your troops, Clan troops, spells and heroes - anything missing will be flagged red
  • Be ready or be sorry! You can no longer end war attacks early without surrendering

Interface improvements

  • Starting at Town Hall 5, a one-time name change will become available in the game settings - use it wisely!
  • Clan chat now shows when Clan settings are changed, indicating who changed them
  • Defense ranges can now be seen even when the defense is under construction
  • Defense modes can now be changed even when the defense is under construction
  • Defensive buildings now initially point away from the TH in combat, EXCEPT for the Air Sweeper, which always points in its configured direction

Gameplay improvements

  • Attacking troops will not start chasing defending troops as far away as they used to
  • Fixed a very rare case where a defense might target a troop at the edge of its range, but not fire
  • Loot values for many lower level single player maps have been improved, along with some slight layout tweaks and surprises

Matchmaking tweaks

  • You are now more likely to find targets at or near your Town Hall level in multiplayer matchmaking
  • Strength calculations have been updated in Clan Wars matchmaking to compensate for high level walls and heroes, skeleton traps, etc.
  • (Already released in the 2x Clan XP event) Clan Wars matchmaking now prefers to wait a bit longer and try to find a bit better match

[Taken from the Update 30/04 - Air Sweeper update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 7.1.1 - 24th February 2015 "Clans Are Leveling Up!"

Clans Are Leveling Up!

  • Level up your clan and earn perks, prestige and fancy badges!
  • Cannon level 13 packs a punch and takes a lot of damage!
  • Clan Wars Opt-in/Opt-out gives you Clan full control of war!
  • Customize your Clan badge with the badge editor!

Power-up your Clan with Clan Perks

  • Request troops more often and donate more troops at a time
  • get refunds and automatic upgrades on donated troops
  • Increase your Clan War loot bonus and store more in your Clan Castle

Version 6

Version 6.407 - 11th December 2014 "Winter is here!"

Bundle up, Clashers! The Winter Update is finally here

Introducing the Layout Editor

  • Save multiple layouts for both your home Village and your War Base!
  • Switch between layouts easily at any time
  • Make copies of existing layouts or build new layouts from scratch
  • Edit inactive layouts at any time - you can even take a break and finish later!

New goodies

Other improvements

  • Under attack? You can now watch a live replay while waiting to load your Village!
  • Hero ability icons now show remaining hitpoints and will start flashing when low - use their ability to recover some HP!
  • Resume boost button now shows how much time is remaining for the boost
  • Improved level display for troops/heroes/spells
  • Pending join requests are now limited to 10 per clan to prevent spamming (additional join requests cannot be sent)

Economy balancing

Combat balancing

[Taken from the Update 11/12 - Winter is here! item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 6.322 - 22nd October 2014 "Halloween"

A spooky update has descended upon Clash! What tricks and treats lie in store?

New permanent trap: The Skeleton Trap!

  • Ambush and distract your enemies with a small group of Skeleton troops! They might be short-lived, but will certainly get some attention.
  • Skeleton Traps can be set to target either ground troops or air troops. Find the right mix of trap modes for your village!
  • Skeleton Traps become available at Town Hall 8 and can be upgraded to deploy more skeletons at once.

Limited-time treats lasting through Halloween weekend

  • 1-gem Spell Factory boost special is back!
  • Harvest some bonus Elixir from special Halloween Headstone obstacles

Clan profile and search improvements

  • Specify your Clan’s war frequency in your Clan profile, anything from always to never
  • Specify your Clan’s location, or declare it as International
  • Search other Clans by war frequency, location, member count and minimum clan points, even without specifying a search name
  • Know what Clan you’re searching for
  • Search via hashtag to get the exact result you need.
  • Clan descriptions can now be much longer!

Increased League bonus and more War loot

  • League bonuses increased on all League levels!
  • More War loot! Increased rewards from victory, defeat and draw

Boost improvements

Other Interface Improvements

  • New Mortar at Town Hall 8
  • Player profile now shows the highest unlocked level of a player’s troops, heroes and spells!
  • The Hero icons will now show Hero ability status also in replays
  • Army camp contents are now visible to visitors in the Army Camp info screen
  • Time to remove obstacles is now lower
  • Increased War loot storage capacity on all Clan Castle levels

[Taken from the Update 22/10 - Halloween update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 6.253.4 - 16th September 2014 "Lava Hound"

At last, update day is here!!! Read all that's new below:

Brand New Dark Elixir Unit: Lava Hound!

  • This faithful flying unit cannot resist chasing after fireworks, and will go straight after the nearest Air Defense
  • The Lava Hound's massive hitpoints makes all the incoming damage seem like mere playtime
  • Though the unit deals very low damage, it will erupt upon death into many tiny Lava Pups that attack any nearby buildings
  • Available at Dark Elixir barracks level 6, Town Hall level 9

New Upgrades

Wall Upgrading Improvements

  • Walls level 6+ can now be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold - your choice!
  • Select a row of walls to upgrade all pieces with one button press (so long as the cost is not over the maximum possible storage amount)

Replay Improvements

  • Pause button added to replays (except live replays in Clan Wars)
  • Replays and live replays now show the attacker's available troops so you can see exactly what does and doesn't get deployed, and when
  • Live replay screen now shows the time remaining in battle so you can watch the timer tick down just like the attacker


  • Hero regeneration time has been greatly reduced on all levels
  • Valkyrie training time has been greatly reduced
  • Healers have been trained to avoid distraction: now they will always try to stick with and protect the same group of friendly troops
  • Defending Clan Castle troops now use all 4 Castle doors when coming out (overall speed of deploying is still the same as before)

Other Improvements

  • Troops can be dismissed from Army Camps and Clan Castle
  • Removed spell production cancellation penalty
  • Spells are now produced in the same order as they are selected

Looking forward to finding out what you guys think!

[Taken from the Lava Hound update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 6.186.1 - 3rd July 2014 "Hero Changes"

Finally! An update packed with battle improvements, balancing and content is here! Prepare for the comeback of melee-attacking masters, and intense hero-on-hero battles inside of enemy villages!

Bored Builders? Lazy Laboratory?

Epic Battle Rebalancing - Show Your Skills and Triumph!

  • Heroes version 2.0 are here with readjusted strengths, smarter defending, and stronger abilities! Read below for more info.
  • The Jump Spell has been overhauled and is now amazingly effective! Read below for more info.
  • Valkyries are now moving like no troop ever has before. Read below for more info.
  • Inferno Tower multi-mode is now slower at burning through big hordes of attacking troops.
  • Troops now work together to break through walls, targeting similar wall pieces instead of lots of different ones.
  • Hog Riders now take increased damage from Giant Bombs.
  • Training cost of P.E.K.K.A has been reduced.
  • Hidden Tesla build times have been reduced.

Interface Improvements

  • Can't stand the suspense of ongoing Clan War attacks? Tap them to watch a live replay of the battle as it happens!
  • Re-arm your traps and reload all of your defenses easily by tapping your Town Hall.
  • Clan mail messages can now be twice as long.
  • You can now copy your current village layout to your Clan War base with one button.
  • Interrupted War Base edits in progress are now properly recovered.
  • The settings menu has been redesigned with dedicated News and More sections, separate from your Inbox.

Heroes: The New Battle Specialists
The time has come for a smarter, more strategic brand of heroes. Rather than being foolish, hulking brutes, the King and Queen are now much smarter on defense, have distinct strengths and weaknesses, and their abilities are more important than ever. Check Chief Pat's official interview with Jonas from the development team:

  • The heroes have gotten sick and tired of being lured out and squashed in the edges of the map. Now, they only attack targets in a limited territory around their platform and will retreat if they get drawn away too far.
  • Both heroes now get a damage increase and recover health when activating an ability. Use the damage boost to get an edge over defending heroes, or the healing to save them from the clutches of defeat!
  • Hero abilities now improve much more significantly with each new ability level and summon more supporting troops than before. The best way to make your hero stronger when attacking is to increase their ability level!
  • Hitpoints and damage for the Queen and hitpoints for the King have been slightly increased at lower levels. However, hero hitpoints and damage have been decreased at higher levels in order to balance heroes on defense and allow for stronger abilities.
  • The effect of Rage Spells on Heroes has been reduced to put more emphasis on the skillful use of hero abilities. For the Queen and later levels of the King, bonus damage from hero abilities will far exceed bonus damage from Rage Spells. As before, Rage Spell bonus damage and hero ability bonus damage will not stack (the greater of the two takes precedent).
  • Heroes now specialize in a certain role:

Barbarian King: The Tank Specialist

  • His damage has been reduced, but he now can heal himself greatly when using his Iron Fist ability.
  • The Barbarian horde summoned by Iron Fist has doubled in size to cause even more mayhem!
  • Use Iron Fist at the right time to help the King take more damage than he ever could before!

Archer Queen: The Damage Specialist

  • Her hitpoints have been reduced in later levels, but the Queen now gains a tremendous damage boost while her Royal Cloak ability is active.
  • The duration of Royal Cloak has been greatly increased in lower levels to help make sure the Queen has enough time to land her most powerful of shots.
  • Use Royal Cloak at the right time to help the Queen hit important targets harder than she ever could before!

Jump Spell: Control the Battle Flow
The Jump Spell used to only affect troops it landed on, often leading to disappointing results. Now, the Jump Spell influences all troops in the battle. Masters of the Jump Spell will be able to direct their melee troops like never before!

  • All troops you deploy can take advantage a Jump Spell, even if the troops are not directly hit by the spell.
  • Casting a Jump Spell will now cause troops to redirect themselves immediately if it opens up a more advantageous route close by.
  • The Jump Spell area has been slightly reduced to allow for more precise control of the spell.


Valkyrie: The Wild Whirlwind
The Valkyrie rarely used to put her area-damage to any good use. Now, that has changed in a big way, and you might be shocked by her effectiveness in battle.

  • Valkyries now charge around and position between pairs of buildings to find the best spots to attack.

See her in action:

[Taken from the Hero Changes update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 6.108.2 - 16th May 2014 "SAVED WAR BASE"

War Base layout and War Base Edit Mode!

  • Been wanting to keep a separate layout for your War Base? Now you can!
  • Your War Base layout now has a life of its own and will persist from war to war without the need to touch your regular village.
  • War Base Edit Mode is available on the Clan War map during preparation day only. Layouts are still locked during battle day.
  • Upgrades in your village are still automatically applied to your War Base, but remember to place any new buildings into your War Base layout!
  • Even if you're upgrading your Inferno Tower or X-Bow in your village, you can toggle between different modes in your War Base.

Clan Wars stats improvements!

  • All new War Stats tab shows lots of new cool war statistics. Find it under the blue star button after battle day begins.
  • Most heroic victory and most heroic defense replays for each team are featured in the War Stats!
  • Improved Clan war info pages under the blue star button are now outfitted with war related stats instead of general clan stats.

See information about total war attacks, defenses and war stars won per member in these Clan war info pages.

Clan Wars feature improvements!

  • Dismiss donated troops from your War Base Clan Castle if they don't meet your standards!
  • See in the clan chat when a leader or co-leader starts or cancels a Clan War matchmaking.
  • Each base on the war map is now numbered to help you find bases easier.
  • The ! notification icon on the war button will appear only once per war during preparation (instead of every session).

Interface improvements

  • Russian language is now supported in game settings!
  • Fixed a display bug in spell factory capacity when scouting in war.
  • A notification will appear in clan chat if Clan War matchmaking fails to find an opponent.
  • Village edit mode available at Town Hall 3 (previously was 4).
  • "Request/Full" texts are visible on the clan castle even while under upgrade.
  • Improved the start war screen button layout and behavior.

[Taken from the SAVED WAR BASE update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 6.56.1 - 9th April 2014 "CLAN WARS"

Clan wars! The biggest update in Clash history is here!

  • Fight clan versus clan in strategic showdowns full of bonus loot!
  • Fill your clan's War Log with the details of each epic fight!
  • Participate in Clan Wars at no risk to your resources, shield or trophies.
  • Battle for two new achievements: War Hero and Spoils of War!

Clan castle renovation

  • Rally huge clan support with Clan Castle level 6!
  • Clan Castles now protect war loot payouts and are lootable in battle!
  • Higher level Clan Castles hold more loot. Collect it whenever you like!
  • Surprise! Only clan members can see what troops are hiding in the Clan Castle.

Gem overgrowth is BACK

  • The Gem Box is back so keep an eye out for these mysterious boxes packed with gems!
  • All Gem Boxes will now give more gems than the original ones. We’re sorry for the long wait!

Interface and Player Support improvements

  • If you’re not in a League, your attacks won / defenses won statistics will not be shown.
  • Confirmation button added to Global chat reporting. Report responsibly, Chief!
  • New Help Center is now available! The first version is in English and you can find it under Settings -> Help and Support -> More Help.

Balance tweaks

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

[Taken from the v6.56.1 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 5

Version 5.172 - 29th January 2014 "Hero Abilities!"

All hail new Hero abilities!

  • Both Heroes have acquired special abilities that can be activated once per battle, after they have been deployed.
  • Iron Fist: The Barbarian King and nearby Barbarians become enraged for a short time, moving faster and dealing more damage (does not stack with the Rage Spell).
  • Royal Cloak: The Archer Queen hides from and becomes invisible to all enemy defenses for a short time.
  • Both Hero abilities will instantly call in a group of Barbarians or Archers to reinforce their King or Queen.
  • Hero abilities unlock for free at Hero level 5 and improve in strength every additional 5 Hero levels!

Flyers, freezers and brand new boosts

  • Level 6 Minions are here to wreak havoc on enemy bases!
  • Level 5 Freeze Spell leaves defenses on ice for longer than ever before.
  • Get your Heroes back into battle faster by boosting their recovery 4x while sleeping.
  • Boost cost and duration of Barracks and Spell Factory now reduced from 4 hours/20 gems to 2 hours/10 gems.
Many of you told us that the 4 hour Barracks/Spell Factory Boost was too long and you felt obliged to keep raiding for the entire duration or risk losing out. We didn't like you having to make this choice, so, voilà!

Clan Co-leaders take charge

  • Clan Co-leaders can now be appointed by the Clan Leader or other Clan Co-leaders.
  • Clan Co-leaders have all the privileges of Clan Leaders, except for the ability to demote or kick other Co-leaders.
  • Clan Elders are now less powerful to prevent abuse, no longer able to promote or demote and only able to kick normal members.
We wanted to give you more options for running your Clans. We also wanted to prevent Clans from falling into disrepair when the Leader goes AWOL. Ultimately, though, we want Clans to be run your way - so we aren't limiting how many Co-leaders there can be, it is entirely up to you. With great power comes great responsibility.

Gem overgrowth

  • New plant growth is being found with more gems inside than ever before!
Because we care
  • Mysterious boxes packed with gems are being reported all throughout the realm. Keep an eye out for them!
See above ^ ^

Interface improvements

  • Chat is now available even when away from your village, such as when visiting and watching replays
  • Army Camps, the Spell Factory and Clan Castle now display used capacity next to their name when they are selected.
  • Friends List has been moved to the Leaderboard menu, on the last tab, replacing the Search Clans tab (Search Clans is still available from the Clan Castle menu).
  • Rage Spell info now correctly indicates damage percentage increase (e.g. 30% instead of 130%).
We're sticklers for accuracy and this has been incorrect for too long! PLEASE NOTE, this change does not make the Rage Spell any more or less powerful, it is purely a wording alteration.
  • Obstacles can now be cleared in edit mode. (Yay!)

Balance tweaks

  • Decreased the upgrade cost and time of Freeze Spell levels 3 and 4.
With the addition of Freeze Spell level 5, we wanted to rebalance levels 3 and 4 to smooth out the upgrade curve.
  • Decreased Rage Spell level 5 damage bonus from 80% to 70%.
We want all max level Spells to be viable options and currently the level 5 Rage Spell is used in almost every single battle by high trophy players - therefore is wasn't optional. By tweaking it to make it less of a mandatory choice, we're hoping to see more diversity in the Spells you bring to battle!
  • Increased Hog Rider training cost by about 30% on all levels.
It has been too easy to repeatedly build a full Hog Rider army and devastate TH9 and TH10 villages that don't yet have Inferno Towers. We didn't want to make them any less powerful, but rather make it a more considered army choice.
  • Increased Valkyrie hitpoints by about 20% on all levels.
The Valkyrie hasn't been seeing much action on the battlefield - she needed beefing up!!
  • Increased P.E.K.K.A hitpoints from 3400 to 3500 on level 3 and from 3800 to 4000 on level 4.
Considering how much it costs to upgrade the P.E.K.K.A to level 3 and 4, we felt like a few more hitpoints were required to help balance and justify the upgrade.

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

[Taken from the v5.172 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 5.113.2 - 5th December 2013 "X-Mas & Loot change"

Winter is here

  • Enjoy the snowy sights, sounds and hunt for elusive jingle-bearing trees
  • Limited time special defense: Santa Strike! Call in an air strike of explosive presents (but what is inside the boxes?)

Reworked Inferno Tower is hotter than ever

  • Brand new multiple target mode launches a blazing web of flames against several troops at once, but the flames will not charge up in this mode
  • Troops targeted by the Inferno Tower are no longer able to be healed. Use multiple target mode to seriously hinder healing reliant armies
  • Switch between the classic single target or new multiple target mode at any time
  • Inferno Tower level 3 will help keep you warm this Winter

Revamped looting

  • Percentage of loot available now decreases based on defender's town hall level
  • Maximum amount of loot available now increases based on defender's town hall level
  • Loot bonus when attacking opponents at higher town hall levels has been removed
  • Check out the Clash of Clans forum for much more information about these changes!

Interface and feature improvements

  • Clash is now fully localized in Korean!
  • Village Edit Mode: New base layouts in-progress will be automatically saved and resumed if the game restarts
  • Added "Training capacity" to barracks info and upgrade screens
  • Unarmed traps are now indicated a by a smoke effect instead of text bubbles
  • Arabic text input has been improved

Balance tweaks

  • Decreased the attack range of Inferno Towers from 10 to 9 tiles
  • Decreased the cost of the Inferno Tower level 2 upgrade
  • Slightly increased damage of level 4 Dragons
  • Slightly increased HP and damage of level 6 Giants

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements

[Taken from the v5.113.2 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 5.6.4 - 6th November 2013 "Trap Upgrades"

Reworked traps

  • Sick of puny bombs? Upgrade all of your explosive traps to blow up your foes bit time!
  • Even sicker of constantly replacing your traps? Traps now stay put after use, and can be fully re-armed with a single button!
  • Level 1 Giant Bomb is now much cheaper, though with a slightly decreased damage radius that can be upgraded.
  • Bomb and Giant Bomb explode faster after being triggered.
  • Seeking Air Mine and Air Bomb trigger radius has been decreased.
  • Seeking Air Mines now cost Gold instead of Dark Elixir.
Replacing traps always took a lot of time, and we’ve certainly experienced that ourselves. In this update, traps will remain right where you placed them, even after they are triggered. You will be able to rearm, and also upgrade your traps (besides spring traps). We believe this will make for more challenging raids while improving your chances on defense. If you’ve been avoiding traps, it’s time to be blown away!

Tier 1 terror in Town Hall 10

  • Level 12 Archer Towers: stylish, deadly and oh so sharp.
  • Level 6 Goblins: never forget your wallet again, nor anyone else's.
The Level 12 Archer Towers may look a bit different than in the Android release video! Level 6 Goblins were one of the most requested troops out there, and we’ve added this epic gold monger for TH10.

Unquenchable spells

  • Get your spells in a snap! Spell Factory boosting is now only 20 gems for 4 hours of boosting.
  • Spells are now created with Elixir instead of Gold.
You wanted an improved, and more useful spell boost. We felt that a 4 hour boost would be effective for those going on offense. We’ve also seen that for players of all levels Gold was hard to come by, while there was an overabundance of Elixir. Elixir is now for attacking, gold is for upgrading and defending your village! We wanted to make that division quite clear!

Clan and Interface improvements

  • Players who are kicked out of or rejected from clans are automatically banned from that clan for 24 hours.
Adios, spammers. This frequently requested addition will help by making it easier to run your clan. Leaders and Elders can use "Invite" feature to get a banned player into the clan.
  • Tapping the active tab in the Inbox, Chat, Clan, Leaderboard, League or Search view will automatically scroll it to the top.

Balance tweaks

  • TH loot multiplier is now capped at 1.5, even against 3 TH levels above or higher
We believe this will help higher level players hold on to more loot. Specifically, it will address the issue of higher level players losing DE to lightning spells, making this strategy much less beneficial.
  • Slightly increased hitpoints for level 4 Dragon.
Increased trap usage after this update, especially with seeking air mines, means our flying friends need a bit of a boost to remain viable.
  • Slightly increased hitpoints and damage for level 6 Giant and level 4 P.E.K.K.A.
They are tons (literally) of fun to use, but haven’t been used much in raids lately. These changes make them even more hefty. Give them another look!
Combined with shorter fuses on the bombs and a decrease in hit points, Hog Riders will be easier to make into bacon, and everyone (except for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, the religious, etc.) loves bacon!!! This should lead to players having to be a bit more strategic with their Hog Rider pals.
Level 6 gobs for one. And because “slow is good” may be a company mantra, but doesn’t have to apply to defense upgrades.

Lots more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements!

[Taken from the v5.6.4 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Hidden Changes:

Version 5.2.2 - 10th October 2013 "Unforced Update"

This new, unforced (for the first time ever - history in the making!) Clash Update has a couple minor fixes:

  • Bug fixes for Village Edit Mode
  • Bug fixes on iOS7 Text input

[Taken from the v5.2.2 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 5.2 - 30th September 2013 "Village Edit Mode"

Clash of Clans now officially supports iOS 7.

Brand new village edit mode

  • Clear the clutter! Pick up all buildings and Walls at once and design your village from a clean slate.
  • Quick and precise building placement by dragging from inventory.
  • Place many Walls at once by selecting a wall piece, then dragging along the wall guide markers.
  • Edit Mode is unlocked after you reach Town Hall level 4.

Halloween scares

  • Can you find all the tricks and treats? You might be shocked!
  • Boogeymen at work: for a time, Spell Factory boosting is vastly longer and for only 1 gem!

Mortar mayhem

  • Pummel your foes with the level 8 Mortar.

Clan improvements

  • New troop request indicator in Clan chat: tap the indicator to scroll down to the latest pending troop request.
  • Changed Elder Kick cooldown to be 20 minutes.

Balance tweaks

  • Increased Valkyrie's attack damage (all levels).
  • Increased hitpoints & damage of level 6 Giant.
  • Increased hitpoints and heal of Healer (levels 3 and 4).
  • Slightly decreased hitpoints of Hog Rider (all levels).

Many smaller fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the v5.2 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 4

Version 4.120 - 27th August 2013 "Player Profile"

Brand new Player Profile feature

  • See XP level, league badge and trophy count all in one place.
  • Includes achievement progress, clan status, league wins and troop donations.

Hog Rider rework!

  • The new and improved Hog Rider now targets defenses, allowing new Hog Rider tactics.
  • Damage increased: the Hog Rider now packs a heavier punch with his sledge hammer!
  • Hogs now have personal trainers to get them in jumping shape, reducing Hog Rider training time.

New spell, unit and building levels

New clan features

  • Trophy requirement to join a clan can now be up to 3,600 trophies.
  • Added cooldown for Elders kicking out Clan Members

Three of the most challenging, most rewarding achievements yet!

  • League All-Star: push your league progress to the limit and earn our highest ever gem rewards!
  • X-Bow Exterminator: earn gems for taking out those pesky X-Bows.
  • Firefighter: destroy the dreaded Inferno Towers and get handsomely rewarded.

Interface Improvements:

  • Replay sharing improved: shared replays now show loot, trophies and can include a custom message.
  • Achievement progress is now tracked even after an achievement is fully completed.
  • Info screen added for secondary units (Skeleton and Golemite).
  • Chat can be scrolled all the way to the top by clicking on the tab above it.

Game Balance

Many smaller fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the v4.120 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Hidden Changes:

  • Level 6 Wall Breakers' Bomb become a Barrel Bomb.
  • Global Chat and Clan Chat highlighted when you receive a new message and the scroll is down.

Maintenance - 9th August 2013 "1st Anniversary boost ends"

Today's maintenance break will end the 1st Anniversary boost, I hope you all enjoyed it!! We will also make two tweaks while in maintenance:

  • Resource collector Boost will be improved (cheaper, lasts longer)
  • Giant Bomb will be improved (cheaper, more damage)

[Taken from the Maintenance 9-8-2013 item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 4.74 - 29th July 2013 "The Witch"

  • New unit: the Witch! Skilled in the dark art of necromancy, the Witch reanimates the skeletons of dead warriors. Commanding her undead horde, she's a fearsome sight in battle!
  • Dark Barracks level 5 upgrade available, unlocks the Witch.
  • Knock down immovable objects with the unstoppable force of level 6 Wall Breaker!
  • Share your coolest battle replays with your clan members in clan chat! You may share one replay with your clan every 30 minutes.
  • You can now temporarily mute a player in global chat. Their messages won't be displayed on your screen.
  • Top Players leaderboard now displays "Attacks Won" and "Defenses Won" statistics, similarly to League rankings.
  • Your opponent's name and clan are now visible during a replay.
  • Decreased Hog Rider's housing space requirement from 6 to 5.
  • Increased Valkyrie's attack damage (all levels).
  • Decreased Valkyrie's training cost (levels 1, 2 and 3).
  • Decreased the upgrade cost of Dark Barracks (levels 2, 3 and 4).
  • Many other small tweaks and fixes.

[Taken from the v4.74 update item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Hidden Changes:

Version 4.54 - 24th June 2013 "Gold Mine & Elixir Pump for TH10"

[Taken from the maintenance item on the Supercell announcements forum.]

Version 4.53 - 17th June 2013 "Freeze spell & Japanese"

This update brings an exciting new battle spell, Japanese language support and more!

High Level Magic

  • Freeze Spell: freeze enemy turrets and ground troops solid! While frozen, defensive structures will be disabled and troops immobilized.
  • Master the arcane arts with level 5 Spell Factory.
  • Let the sparks fly with level 6 Lightning Spell.
  • Cure the most grievous damage with level 6 Heal Spell.

Advanced Warfare

  • Crush your enemies with P.E.K.K.A level 4.
  • Upgrade the Cannon to level 12 for awesome firepower.
  • Make your village perimeter near-impenetrable with level 11 Walls.
  • Clear your airspace with an additional Air Bomb and a Seeking Air Mine.
  • Turn on the heat with a second Inferno Tower.
  • Turn your foes into pincushions with a third X-Bow.
  • Upgrade your Army Camp to level 8, and muster a truly epic fighting force!

Interface improvements

  • Japanese language setting now available.
  • Added speed up option to next Clan Castle troop request.
  • Players can now attach a custom message to a clan troop request.
  • Performance was increased with multiple optimizations.
  • Text sharpness improved.
  • Battle will not end automatically if player has unused Clan Castle troops or Lightning Spells.
  • Improved profanity filter for many languages.

Balance tweaks

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the v4.53 update item on the Supercell announcements forum].]

Version 4.14 - 23rd May 2013 "Town Hall 10 - the Fiery Fortress"

Introducing Town Hall level 10 - the Fiery Fortress
Brand new defensive building: Inferno Tower!

  • The Inferno Tower shoots a jet of flame that burns through even the thickest armor.
  • The flame takes a while to heat up, making it most effective against the biggest and baddest troops.
  • Stop Heroes, P.E.K.K.As and Golems in their tracks, and shoot Dragons out of the sky!
  • Be careful: the Inferno Tower can be overwhelmed by a swarm of smaller targets.

Unlock powerful new upgrades with Town Hall level 10:

Attack log and replays!

  • Watch replays of your attacks.
  • See a log of your attack history with a record of loot and trophies captured.
  • Show your most dominant victories to friends and family.
  • Analyze your toughest fights and improve your skills.

Level 8 Laboratory: better, faster and stronger than ever!

  • Unleash the ancient Red Dragon (Dragon level 4).
  • Rock on with Golem level 5.
  • Support the troops with Healer level 4.

Interface improvements

  • Chinese language setting is now available.
  • Hugely expanded keyboard support. Write in any language!
  • Smileys and other emoji characters supported in chat! Add the special Emoji keyboard in your device settings (General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard).
  • Quickly browse through Barracks, Dark Barracks and Spell Factory screens by tapping arrows.
  • Number of clan troops received is now shown in addition to the number of troops donated.
  • The center of your village is now marked with a plaque.
  • Personal breaks enforced for players who stay continuously in-game for very long periods of time.

Balance tweaks

  • Decreased Healer's housing space requirement, training time and training cost.
  • Decreased Heroes' upgrade times, regeneration times and upgrade costs on some levels.
  • Decreased training cost of Golem on level 2, 3 and 4.
  • Decreased cost of Town Hall level 9 upgrade.
  • Decreased cost of Laboratory upgrade to level 5, 6 and 7.
  • Decreased cost of X-Bow upgrade to level 2 and 3.
  • Decreased cost of Air Defense upgrade to level 7.
  • Decreased cost of Dark Elixir Drill upgrade.

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the Supercell forum.]

Version 3

Version 3.124 - 17th April 2013 "Leagues"

Introducing Leagues: compete in your own division!

  • Joining a League is easy: just own 400 trophies or more!
  • Get a Loot Bonus out of every victory just from being in a League!
  • Loot Bonus increases the higher you climb in the Leagues.

New unit, defenses and building upgrades

Clan improvements

  • Clan Leader is now able to send messages directly to Clan Members' inboxes.
  • Chat message formatting overhauled.
  • Clan tournament length increased to two weeks, reward doubled.
  • Troop donation statistics now reset every other week.
  • Clan troop donation information is now visible to all players, not just Clan members.

Usability improvements

  • If Clan Castle has space for more troops, "Request" message displayed on top of it.
  • Added option for rotating a Wall section.
  • Added confirmation dialog when speeding up unit and spell upgrades.
  • Attack notification improved for players playing with multiple devices.

Balance tweaks

  • The percentage of loot that can be stolen from Gold Storage and Elixir Storage was decreased to make it easier for newer players to save up resources. The maximum possible amount of loot remains the same.
  • Upgrade times for Hog Rider, Minion, and Valkyrie decreased.
  • Air Bomb explosion radius decreased.
  • Level 5 Minion hitpoints decreased.
  • Hidden Tesla trigger radius increased.
  • Gold Mine, Elixir Pump and Dark Barracks upgrade times reduced.
  • Spells are now much faster to create.
  • Balloons explode and deal additional damage when destroyed.
  • Wall Breaker behavior improved.
  • Mortar and Wizard Tower don't restart their attack cycle if their would-be target is destroyed, instead they switch targets.
  • Clan Castle troops deploy faster to the battlefield.
  • When your village is under attack from flying units only, your melee troops will stay inside the Clan Castle.

Also many small bug fixes and tweaks!

[Taken from the Supercell forum.]

Version 3.54 - 12th March 2013 "Dark Elixir Troops"

Get ready to unleash the true power of Dark Elixir...

Introducing the mysterious Dark Barracks and ultra cool new Dark Barracks troops!

  • Minions: These fast flying menaces rain down deadly acid on their foes.
  • Hog Riders: Hammer in one hand and hog reins in the other, these mighty warriors leap over Walls and go straight for enemy buildings.
  • Valkyries: Armed with mighty two handed axes, these maidens unleash whirlwinds of doom upon everything around them.
  • If you happen to see dark tombstones, you'll know you're being visited by these awesome new Dark Barracks troops.

Having trouble with walls?

  • Improved Wall Breaker training techniques have revolutionized the cunning of these fearless demolitionists. Wall Breakers now maximize the potential of each and every bomb, avoiding decoys and distractions.
  • These crafty new Wall Breakers demanded a bit more elbow room, so they now take up two camp spaces.

Usability improvements!

  • Players now have an option to move multiple wall pieces at one time. Yay!
  • Troops can be deployed near obstacles, so no more getting lost in a sea of flags.
  • A new laboratory screen lets you browse available upgrades even while an upgrade is already in progress.
  • Ever wondered how much loot can you get from single players levels? Well now you can find out, just by tapping the map.
  • The Battle Results screen now shows your loot with spaces between numbers (100 000 instead of 100000).
  • A handy total destruction percentage is now included in the battle log.
  • If a Barracks is being upgraded, its queued troops no longer count towards the "Troop capacity after training" count in the Barracks' training screen.

Super Performance!

  • Our code wizards have made the game run silky smooth, even at the high levels. This means better control over battles.

Improved game balance!

[Taken from the Supercell forum.]

Hidden Changes:

Version 3.25 - 5th February 2013

Cool New Leaderboards

  • Climb to the top of your Clan; see who's on the rise and who's falling.
  • New local Leaderboards: who's the best player in your country?.
  • Clan members who recently joined tagged as "New".
  • Supersize my Leaderboards! More players now fit onboard.

New unit upgrades!

  • Upgrade your Laboratory to unlock these mighty level 6 units.
  • Barbarians get sharper swords and mighty horned helmets.
  • Archers get new bow techniques and fashionable tiaras from their Queen.
  • Giants are heartier and hairier than ever.
  • Balloons are pimped out with spikes and the Jolly Roger.

Air-tight air defense!

Hero improvements!

  • Heroes recover health faster thanks to the Alchemists' new sleep potion.
  • Hero level and stats are now displayed correctly when visiting villages.
  • Heroes now patrol a larger area and show guard radius when tapped.

Gameplay improvements

  • We discovered that metal armor conducts electrickery! P.E.K.K.A is now a priority target and receives extra damage from Hidden Teslas.
  • Spell creation times reduced - blast more magic more often.
  • Notification when your troops are ready for battle (Army Camps full).
  • Wall levels 9 and 10 strengthened: hold off the rampaging hordes for longer.
  • Shop now notifies when new items are available.
  • New Achievements: Heroic Heist and Mortar Mauler.
  • Lower reload costs for X-Bow levels 2 and 3.
  • Tapping a trap shows its trigger radius.

Version 3.3 - 10th January 2013


  • Introducing Clash of Clans HEROES: The Barbarian King & The Archer Queen!
  • Heroes are immortal! Unlike other troops, they will not perish in combat. If they are injured, they can simply sleep it off

Dark Elixir

Cool New defences

  • Two new X-Bow upgrade levels for maximum firepower.
  • You can now build two X-Bows on Town Hall level 9.
  • Two new wall upgrade levels: "Spikes of Pain" and "Flaming Magma".

Know your clan members

  • Find out who are the most valuable members of your clan! Clan members now get a troop donation score (counted as Clan Castle housing space filled).
  • Also, the "Friend in Need" achievement now counts donated troops in terms of Clan Castle housing space filled.
  • Added new limits for the clan trophy requirements. 3000 is the new maximum.

Balance modifications & bug fixes

  • Stockpile more Gold and Elixir! New storages added to Town Hall level 9.
  • Barracks level 8 upgrade cost reduced by 30%.
  • X-Bow range decreased to 11 tiles in Air & Ground mode.
  • X-Bow ammo capacity decreased by 25%.
  • X-Bow loading cost displayed in the info screen.
  • The Winter is over! Santa Spell and Unpleasant Present removed. And it has stopped snowing!
  • You can now tap and hold the Create Spell button to queue spell production.

Version 2

Version 2.111 - 19th November 2012

Christmas Update

Introducing Clash of Clans limited time Winter special!

  • Winter theme complete with the best snow fall effect ever seen!
  • Surprise your enemies with the Unpleasant Present! Special gift-wrapped explosive trap.
  • New spell: Ask Santa to deliver a devastating bombardment to your enemy's village.
  • Rare X-mas tree, can you spot it?

Huge improvements to matchmaking!

  • Offered matches will now be a lot better and closer to your own trophy count.
  • Queue system added! Less hitting of the "Find a match" button.
  • New system will work much faster than before.

Big permanent improvements

  • Are you in a hurry? Now you can Boost up your resource buildings (starting up at level 5), Barracks (starting up at level 4) and Spell Factory
  • Leaderboards now shows daily rank changes, see who rises and who falls.
  • Introducing Army Camp level 7, now you can create even bigger armies!
  • Attention Town Hall level 9 owners! You can now build an additional Cannon!
  • Added more space to the village to make it easier to move things around and build bigger villages.
  • Decorate your village with the Statue of P.E.K.K.A! Only available to players above level 75!
  • Defending Clan Castle troops have learned how to jump over Walls, just like the villagers do.

Balance changes and other fixes

  • Town Hall hit points were increased.
  • Healer hit points increased.
  • P.E.K.K.A level 2 and 3 hit points decreased.
  • Clan Castle shows activation radius once again.

While not officially announced in the release notes, this update also removed the waterfall.

Version 2.86 - 27th October 2012

Halloween update


  • Magic is in the air! You can now create spells faster than ever before.
  • Tricks! Brand new Pumpkin Bombs available for limited time only.
  • Treats! We increased the amount of gems in some gem packages.
  • Witches and Monsters! Training cost of Wizards, Dragons and P.E.K.K.As decreased.

Town Hall level 9 added!

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Find your biggest rivals with Clan Search.
  • Removed the option to sell buildings.
  • Fixed rare bug that caused build times to be off-sync with shield times.
  • Fixed a bug that player and alliance trophy counts to be displayed differently.

Version 2.73 - 15th October 2012

Chat improvements

  • Global chat is now moderated! Report offensive messages by tapping them and choosing "Report".
  • Improved profanity filter for global chat creates a nicer and safer chatting environment.

Clan Improvements

  • You can now set minimum amount of trophies required for your clan. Players won't be able to apply if they don't meet the minimum requirements.
  • Added notices to Clan chat when members are promoted, demoted, join or are kicked out of the clan.
  • You can now send a personal message when you kick someone out of your clan.

Other changes:

  • Players with lower Town Hall levels now lose less resources when attacked by higher Town Hall level players (2 level difference or more).
  • There is now a short no-attack period after maintenance breaks to allow players to log back in unperturbed.
  • Added an extra confirmation step when loading village from Game Center to avoid accidents.

Version 2.44 - 19th September 2012

  • Full support for iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod Touch.
  • Big new feature: Spells! (Spell Factory unlocks on Town Hall level 5).
  • Introducing three spells: Lightning, Healing and Rage Spell
  • Replays added to Battle Log! Now you can see what happened when someone attacked your village.
  • Added Wizard Tower unlock to Town Hall level 6 and another Hidden Tesla to Town Hall level 8.
  • Matchmaking now gives you better matches and works faster.
  • Troop upgrades are now visualized.
  • Many visual effects were improved.
  • Support for iOS 6 Game Center challenges.
  • Shop and Battle Log redesigned for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • You can now view helpful hints while the game is loading.
  • Added 3rd upgrade level for Dragon.
  • Fixed the troop donation bug.
  • Troop training and housing mechanics improved.
  • Canceling building upgrades does not give the full price back anymore.
  • Building Walls is instant but requires an available builder.
  • Combat balance tweaks.
  • Confirmation popup when speeding up building construction and upgrading.
  • Players gain a very short Shield if disconnected from the server unintentionally.
  • Server now runs battles to the end if user gets disconnected during battle.
  • You can now view the clan before you accept the invitation.

Version 2.21 - 30th August 2012

  • Introducing new shocking defense unit: Hidden Tesla (unlocks on Town Hall level 7).
  • You can now see traps when visiting own clan members.
  • New Visual effects (Dragon Attack, Wizard Tower attack).
  • New decoration flags for: Sweden, China, Norway, Thailand, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan.
  • Added FAQ and forums.
  • Improved Healer AI
  • Spring Trap doesn't affect the P.E.K.K.A anymore and her speed has been increased.
  • Building regeneration times decreased.
  • Cooldown added to shield buying (can't be shielded all the time anymore).
  • Bug fix: Achievements didn't always get updated to the Game Center.

Version 1

Update - 17th August 2012

  • We updated the game with a much better matchmaking system, so you should now be able to find more battles! Especially high level players will see a big difference.

Update - 10th August 2012

  • First, fortify your defenses! High level players can now build an additional Mortar to rain destruction on attacking armies. The third Mortar becomes available at Town Hall level 7.
  • Second, give a boost to your economy! Villages with a level 6 or above Town Hall now have access to an additional Gold Mine and Elixir Storage. Your big plans just got a lot closer to completion.
  • The update will be applied when you start the game. Keep Calm, Clash On and have a great weekend!

Update - 6th August 2012

  • The Alchemists report that their potions have suddenly become easier to mix. Now you’ll be able to train higher level units for less Elixir. This means that you can field bigger, badder armies and cause more mayhem!
  • However, quicker and cheaper training will come at a price. Without as much Elixir pumped into them, your high level units will have fewer hitpoints than before, and might not strike with quite as much power.
  • Luckily, your village will stand a better chance to defend against the hordes of enemies! Bolster your defenses with a brand new Archer Tower upgrade – unlocked at Town Hall level 7 – to mow down the endless waves of attackers.

Update - 4th August 2012

  • The wall hit points were increased a bit, training costs were decreased (level 3-5 troops) and some bugs were crushed as they were bugging us.

World Wide Release - 2nd August 2012

  • Players from around the globe, join forces and lead your Clan to victory! Clash of Clans is now available for FREE in 9 languages: English, Français, Español, Nederlands, Deutsch, Português, Italiano, Türk and Norske.

You can play Clash of Clans on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and it’s FREE! Download it from the App Store!