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Version History

Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. Each one fixing bugs, trying to balance raids and/or introducing new items, upgrades or features. Some also had cost and time reductions.

Version History by Year

2023 - 2022 - 2021 - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012

Version 2

Version 2.111 - 19th November 2012

Christmas Update

Introducing Clash of Clans limited time Winter special!

  • Winter theme complete with the best snow fall effect ever seen!
  • Surprise your enemies with the Unpleasant Present! Special gift-wrapped explosive trap.
  • New spell: Ask Santa to deliver a devastating bombardment to your enemy's village.
  • Rare X-mas tree, can you spot it?

Huge improvements to matchmaking!

  • Offered matches will now be a lot better and closer to your own trophy count.
  • Queue system added! Less hitting of the "Find a match" button.
  • New system will work much faster than before.

Big permanent improvements

  • Are you in a hurry? Now you can Boost up your resource buildings (starting up at level 5), Barracks (starting up at level 4) and Spell Factory
  • Leaderboards now shows daily rank changes, see who rises and who falls.
  • Introducing Army Camp level 7, now you can create even bigger armies!
  • Attention Town Hall level 9 owners! You can now build an additional Cannon!
  • Added more space to the village to make it easier to move things around and build bigger villages.
  • Decorate your village with the Statue of P.E.K.K.A! Only available to players above level 75!
  • Defending Clan Castle troops have learned how to jump over Walls, just like the villagers do.

Balance changes and other fixes

  • Town Hall hit points were increased.
  • Healer hit points increased.
  • P.E.K.K.A level 2 and 3 hit points decreased.
  • Clan Castle shows activation radius once again.

While not officially announced in the release notes, this update also removed the waterfall.

Version 2.86 - 27th October 2012

Halloween update


  • Magic is in the air! You can now create spells faster than ever before.
  • Tricks! Brand new Pumpkin Bombs available for limited time only.
  • Treats! We increased the amount of gems in some gem packages.
  • Witches and Monsters! Training cost of Wizards, Dragons and P.E.K.K.As decreased.

Town Hall level 9 added!

  • New defensive turret: the X-Bow! This weapon shoots bolts of Elixir with a super fast rate of fire.
  • New spell: Jump! Boost your troops over enemy Walls. Upgrading the Jump Spell allows even Giants and P.E.K.K.As to jump over Walls.
  • P.E.K.K.A has a fearsome new look that can be unlocked by upgrading her to level 3.
  • New upgrade levels for Cannons, Mortars, Wizard Towers, Spell Factory, Mines, Collectors and Storages.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Find your biggest rivals with Clan Search.
  • Removed the option to sell buildings.
  • Fixed rare bug that caused build times to be off-sync with shield times.
  • Fixed a bug that player and alliance trophy counts to be displayed differently.

Version 2.73 - 15th October 2012

Chat improvements

  • Global chat is now moderated! Report offensive messages by tapping them and choosing "Report".
  • Improved profanity filter for global chat creates a nicer and safer chatting environment.

Clan Improvements

  • You can now set minimum amount of trophies required for your clan. Players won't be able to apply if they don't meet the minimum requirements.
  • Added notices to Clan chat when members are promoted, demoted, join or are kicked out of the clan.
  • You can now send a personal message when you kick someone out of your clan.

Other changes:

  • Players with lower Town Hall levels now lose less resources when attacked by higher Town Hall level players (2 level difference or more).
  • There is now a short no-attack period after maintenance breaks to allow players to log back in unperturbed.
  • Added an extra confirmation step when loading village from Game Center to avoid accidents.

Version 2.44 - 19th September 2012

  • Full support for iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod Touch.
  • Big new feature: Spells! (Spell Factory unlocks on Town Hall level 5).
  • Introducing three spells: Lightning, Healing and Rage Spell
  • Replays added to Battle Log! Now you can see what happened when someone attacked your village.
  • Added Wizard Tower unlock to Town Hall level 6 and another Hidden Tesla to Town Hall level 8.
  • Matchmaking now gives you better matches and works faster.
  • Troop upgrades are now visualized.
  • Many visual effects were improved.
  • Support for iOS 6 Game Center challenges.
  • Shop and Battle Log redesigned for iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • You can now view helpful hints while the game is loading.
  • Added 3rd upgrade level for Dragon.
  • Fixed the troop donation bug.
  • Troop training and housing mechanics improved.
  • Canceling building upgrades does not give the full price back anymore.
  • Building Walls is instant but requires an available builder.
  • Combat balance tweaks.
  • Confirmation popup when speeding up building construction and upgrading.
  • Players gain a very short Shield if disconnected from the server unintentionally.
  • Server now runs battles to the end if user gets disconnected during battle.
  • You can now view the clan before you accept the invitation.

Version 2.21 - 30th August 2012

  • Introducing new shocking defense unit: Hidden Tesla (unlocks on Town Hall level 7).
  • You can now see traps when visiting own clan members.
  • New Visual effects (Dragon Attack, Wizard Tower attack).
  • New decoration flags for: Sweden, China, Norway, Thailand, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan.
  • Added FAQ and forums.
  • Improved Healer AI
  • Spring Trap doesn't affect the P.E.K.K.A anymore and her speed has been increased.
  • Building regeneration times decreased.
  • Cooldown added to shield buying (can't be shielded all the time anymore).
  • Bug fix: Achievements didn't always get updated to the Game Center.

Maintenance Break - 17th August 2012

  • We updated the game with a much better matchmaking system, so you should now be able to find more battles! Especially high level players will see a big difference.

Maintenance Break - 10th August 2012

  • First, fortify your defenses! High level players can now build an additional Mortar to rain destruction on attacking armies. The third Mortar becomes available at Town Hall level 7.
  • Second, give a boost to your economy! Villages with a level 6 or above Town Hall now have access to an additional Gold Mine and Elixir Storage. Your big plans just got a lot closer to completion.

Balance Changes - 6th August 2012

  • The Alchemists report that their potions have suddenly become easier to mix. Now you’ll be able to train higher level units for less Elixir. This means that you can field bigger, badder armies and cause more mayhem!
  • However, quicker and cheaper training will come at a price. Without as much Elixir pumped into them, your high level units will have fewer hitpoints than before, and might not strike with quite as much power.
  • Luckily, your village will stand a better chance to defend against the hordes of enemies! Bolster your defenses with a brand new Archer Tower upgrade – unlocked at Town Hall level 7 – to mow down the endless waves of attackers.

Version 2.3 - 4th August 2012

  • The wall hit points were increased a bit, training costs were decreased (level 3-5 troops) and some bugs were crushed as they were bugging us.
  • Unlock Achievements and earn prizes!
  • New, stronger wall upgrades keep your enemies out.
  • New trap: Giant Bomb - for when you want to make a big impression.

World Wide Release - 2nd August 2012

  • Players from around the globe, join forces and lead your Clan to victory! Clash of Clans is now available for FREE in 9 languages: English, Français, Español, Nederlands, Deutsch, Português, Italiano, Türk and Norske.

You can play Clash of Clans on your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and it’s FREE! Download it from the App Store!