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Version History

Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. Each one fixing bugs, trying to balance raids and/or introducing new items, upgrades or features. Some also had cost and time reductions.

Version History by Year

2023 - 2022 - 2021 - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012

Version 13

From this version on, the version number corresponds to the maximum Town Hall level. Therefore, there is no Version 12.

Version 13.0.1 - 9th December 2019

Town Hall 13

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Heroes will now automatically try and save themselves and use their Ability if they take damage that would kill them and the ability is available to be used. Advanced players can disable this feature in More Settings.
  • Resized Army Camps and Siege Workshop to 4x4 and Laboratory to 3x3 to free some space in the Village
  • Village preview in profile is back! Tap the Town Hall Icon in the profile.
  • When choosing war members you can now see Clanmates' Town Hall levels in all war types (as long as they have logged in since the update)
  • When signing up for War League if you close and re-open the choose members screen it will remember your previously selected war size.
  • Multiple walls can be upgraded if the combined price does not exceed your storage capacity (or if it does, if it is affordable with your current resource amount).
Skins & Decorations
  • Decorations can now be placed on the outer edges of the map.
  • It is no longer necessary to place decorations in every layout. For example it's possible to have a decoration only in the Home Village layout but not in the War Base layout.
  • The Warden's shoot effect starts closer to the staff than stomach
Clan Perks
  • Reaching clan level 8 now enables clan members to donate 2 spells instead of 1
  • All existing troop donation limits have been increased by 1
  • Level 8 PEKKA has new graphics


Buildings and Traps
  • Increased storage capacity of level 13 Gold Storages and Elixir Storages by 500,000
  • Increased Multi Mortar damage by 10% across the board in Home Village
  • Reduced Spring Trap ejected housing space
    • Level 1: 15 → 10
    • Level 2: 16 → 12
    • Level 3: 17 → 14
    • Level 4: 18 → 16
    • Level 5: 19 → 18
Troops and Heroes
  • Increase Giant level 8/9 HP from 1480/1660 to 1500/1850
  • Increase Miner level 6 HP from 870 to 900
  • Decrease Lava Hound explode radius from 5 tiles to 3.5 tiles
  • Add death damage of 1000/1200/1400 for level 1/2/3 Battle Blimp
  • Increase Valkyrie level 7 HP from 1400 to 1450
  • Make Grand Warden a bit less likely to follow Lava Hounds
  • Decrease troop healing of Level 5 Healer from 80 to 72
  • Increase hero healing of Level 5 Healer from 44 to 48
  • Increased the maximum amount of Elixir/Gold that can be looted from TH12 player storages by 50 000
  • Increased the maximum amount of Dark Elixir that can be looted from TH12 player storages by 500
  • Change Skeleton spawning frequency to 1 skeleton per second after the initial spawns for all Skeleton Spell levels
  • Increase cost of Haste Spell level 2-5 from 85/90/95/100 to 100/120/140/160


  • Fix bug which adds wrong tag (HV instead of WB) to the layout link when sharing layout from purchased war layout slot.
  • Affects at least the text of clan chat entry
  • Fix for a crash caused by broken deep links for layout sharing
  • Fix bug in the case where if any wall is destroyed all units who are attacking wall will retarget immediately. Now they will retarget only after finishing their hit
  • Fixes issues with Battle Machine and PEKKA attacking walls and doing no damage in Builder Base
  • Force retarget for Grand Warden if he's attacking a wall and his group has died

Improve attack position evaluation by checking if the target is reachable before reaching the path end.

  • Should improve AI of many ground troops, but especially Battle Machine.

Clan recruitment improvements

  • Added ability for Clans to set a minimum Town Hall level requirement to join (similar to Trophy requirements)
  • Prompt players if they still want to receive invites after they've rejected a number of invites
  • Added possibility to toggle receiving invitations on in the Clan search screen
  • Added Clan badges to the "Find new members" list
  • Added "View Clan" button to Clan invitations
  • Added notification bubble when player has received maximum amount of clan invitations
  • Ongoing improvements to both suggested Clan and member models.

Version 11

Version 11.866.1 - 16th October 2019

Main patch notes can be found here: October 2019 Update - Full Patch Notes

New Clan Recruitment Feature

  • Players and Clans can add labels to their profile to describe their playstyles
  • These labels allow Clans to search for players with relevant labels and send invites accordingly, while also enabling players to search for Clans that fit their playstyle
  • Players can also enable receiving invitations from other Clans to join them while still in a Clan

Quality of Life Changes

  • Season Challenges:
    • Changed the main UI to show the total amount of available points from ongoing and upcoming challenges
    • Added three new challenge types: winning battles with a certain number of troops, winning battles with a certain number of spells, and winning clan war battles.
    • New Achievement, Well Seasoned, is added for scoring points on Season Challenges
  • Quick Train: 6 Army slots are now available for Quick Train, up from 3
  • Clan Games:
    • New Revive feature - if a task is failed by time expiring, players can "revive" the task and continue with Gems
    • Players who achieve max points during a Clan Game will be able to select one extra reward from the remainder of the unlocked rewards
  • Player Profile: New looks for the player profile, which enable players to view Hero Skins as well as the player's chosen labels
  • Clan Profile: New looks also; the profile is now divided into two tabs with clan labels visible on one tab and clan statistics on the other
  • Loot Cart: Now always spawns next to the Trader's tent
  • Builder Base:
    • Trophy reset is now at 5,000 trophies
    • Loot rewards are increased for 5,000 to 6,000 trophies
    • Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors now have double the storage capacity (so now fills in 24 hours rather than 12 hours)

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Added new temporary troop, the Royal Ghost
  • Decorations no longer block attacking positions but will still slightly affect pathing
  • Grand Warden AI is improved to prevent him from easily abandoning a supported group
  • Layout Cooldowns:
    • Players in Legend League who modify a layout will have a cooldown applied on that layout that scales with the time left in matchmaking rather than a fixed 24 hour cooldown. Overall this should reduce layout cooldown times.
    • Moving traps or Hidden Teslas no longer force a layout cooldown if applicable.
  • Village Guard length in Titan 2 and 1 have been reduced slightly
  • Players in Legend League who win a defense no longer lose trophies (the attacker will still win trophies, however)
  • Shop offers have additional graphics, sizes and effects
  • A warning is shown in the Single Player Campaign if the player's Town Hall level is not at a recommended level for attacking the campaign level.
  • Clash of Clans no longer supports devices that run on x86 processors.
  • Supercell ID 2.0 was added to Clash of Clans but it is being rolled out to specific regions first to make sure it works with the Clash client.

Maintenance Break - 11th September 2019

Main patch notes can be found here: September Balancing Update

  • Golem and Golemite:
    • DPS adjusted across all levels to be consistent with DPS of Golemites (new DPS is now exactly five times the DPS of the Golemites)
    • Golemite level 1-3 HP increased
    • Level 8 and 9 Golems spawn 3 Golemites instead of 2
  • Dragon: Level 5-7 HP increased
  • Valkyrie: Level 7 HP increased
  • Hog Rider: Level 9 HP decreased
  • Hog Glider: Level 18 Hog Rider HP decreased
  • Inferno Tower: Damage for levels 2 and 3 decreased
  • Hidden Tesla: Level 10 HP increased
  • Mortar: Level 12 HP increased

Version 11.651.1 - 18th June 2019

Builder Hall 9:

Main patch notes can be found here: BH9 Dev Update Video - When Pigs Fly!

  • New level added to Builder Hall: level 9!
    • New Builder Base defense: Lava Launcher
    • New Builder Base troop: Hog Glider
    • All other troops can be upgraded to level 18
    • Battle Machine can be upgraded to level 30
    • Most buildings can be upgraded to level 9
    • New building: O.T.T.O Hut: When fully upgraded, O.T.T.O will serve as an extra builder for the Builder Base, and allow the Master Builder to travel to the Home Village to act as a 6th builder

New Levels:

Main patch notes can be found here: New Levels and Balancing

  • New Hero levels in Home Village: Barbarian King and Archer Queen can be upgraded to level 65, and Grand Warden can be upgraded to level 40
  • Golem level 9 for TH12
  • New spell levels: Rage Spell level 6, Poison Spell level 6, Earthquake Spell level 5, Haste Spell level 5, Skeleton Spell level 6
  • Mortar level 12
  • Some balance changes:
    • Grand Warden regeneration time reduced across all levels
    • Golem and Golemite's death damage increased for levels 5-8, and death damage radius increased at all levels
    • Healers' healing splash radius reduced
    • Battle Blimp hitpoints increased
    • Mortar level 11 build time reduced
    • Level 6-8 Walls in the Builder Base require less Wall Rings to upgrade
    • Reworks to Earthquake Spell and Skeleton Spell:
      • Earthquake Spell's radius increases as it upgrades
      • Skeleton Spell spawns fewer Skeletons, but they are now armored; the armor must be destroyed before the Skeleton can be killed
    • The Builder Boost perk from the Gold Pass now correctly affects Giga Tesla upgrades, gear-ups and the Builder Base Army Camps.
    • Shovel of Obstacles can be used to move Loot Carts.

New Additions:

Main patch notes can be found here: The Research Potion Practice Mode and Deep Linking

  • New Magic Item: The Research Potion! Temporarily boosts Laboratory research speed
  • Practice Mode: A new training mode designed to help players use different attack strategies
  • Base Deep Linking: Enables sharing of base layouts using deep linking. Players can share these layouts to their Clan or externally as a link
  • Balance changes to the League Shop:

Operation Blue Skies:

Main patch notes can be found here: Operation Blue Skies Update Video

  • A new matchmaking system for the Legend League designed to eliminate clouds in Legend League, significantly reducing time spent finding matches
    • Summary of the system: Each player gets a fixed number of attacks and defenses for each day; who the player can attack and who will attack the player is predetermined by the matchmaking each day
    • New matchmaking also changes how trophies, the loot system and shields work in Legend League
    • Details about matchmaking can be found here

Bug Fixes

  • Changes to ranged ground unit AI that was temporarily implemented in the April update but was quickly reverted has been re-enabled. Affects Archer Queen, Grand Warden, Archers, Cannon Carts, etc.
  • AI fix for ground mode Grand Warden: he will no longer jump into empty compartments for no reason
  • Bats from Bat Spell that have been cloned by Clone Spell will deal reduced damage to storages and Town Hall just as their original counterparts do.
  • Deploying Siege Machines to start a battle will now cause defending Grand Warden to retreat into statue form, just as he does when any other unit is deployed.

Version 11.651.7 - 19th June 2019

Optional update - fixed bug where players in the 4900-5000 trophy range in Legend League through the old matchmaking system were unable to sign up.

Maintenance Break - 20th June 2019

More bug fixes:

  • Fix for players who have been given Village Guards and Personal Break Timers of excessive length while dropping out of Legend League while offline
  • Fixed bug where when copying or sharing layouts, the mode of X-Bows and Inferno Towers were taken from the active layout rather than the chosen layout
  • Fixes and other changes to Practice Mode:
    • Armies used in Practice Mode no longer save as the "Previous Army" in Quick Train
    • Lava and Loons tutorial (TH9):
      • Removed one Baby Dragon from army as number of troops in the available army exceeded the maximum allowed at TH9
      • Baby Dragon level is now level 2 up from level 1
    • Bowling with Bats tutorial (TH10): Removed one Freeze Spell from army as number of spells exceeded the maximum available at TH10

Version 11.??? - 2nd April 2019

Season Challenges:

Main patch notes can be found here: Season Challenges - Developer Update Video

  • Challenges to challenge the player! Earn points to unlock rewards.
  • Upgrade to Gold Pass to unlock lucrative rewards and special perks, such as reduced upgrade times and costs, as well as Hero Skins!

Clan War Leagues changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: Bigger Wars and Top Scores

  • 30v30 size to the leagues will be added
    • Any clan in Master Leagues or below can choose their size before searching
    • Clans keep their ranking for both sizes
    • If a clan new to CWL searches, their placement depends on their top 15/top 30 depending on size they've searched for
  • Changes to Rewards
    • Normal medal rewards no longer depend on wins, but depends on placement in the league. Individual stars still play some role, but players get full medals for scoring at least 8 stars (not the maximum possible of 21)
    • No changes to leader's medal bonuses
  • Leaderboard - A leaderboard for Champion I clans is added, ranked by position, stars earned, then total destruction.

New Levels and Balance Changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: New Levels and Balance Changes

  • Cannon and Archer Tower - gain level 17
  • Hog Rider - Gains level 9
  • Ice Golem - Gains level 5, reduced freeze duration on defense, but increased freeze radius on offense
  • Witch - Gains level 5, levels 3 and 4 are now available at TH10 and TH11 respectively
  • Tornado Trap - Reduced duration and consequently, reduced total damage (not actually implemented on patch, but will be fixed after the April CWL season)
  • Wall Breakers - Levels 5+ gain extra HP
  • Bomb - Levels 7 and 8 gain extra damage.
  • Giant Cannon - No longer does excess damage to the Battle Machine
  • Battle Machine - Regeneration time reduced across all levels

Economy Changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: In-game Economy Changes

  • Training Cost Reductions - Numerous troops and spells have reduced training costs
  • Lab Upgrade Cost Reductions - Witch levels 2 and 3 has reduced upgrade costs
  • Lab Upgrade Time Reductions - Numerous troops and spells get upgrade time reductions, particularly at levels between TH8-TH11
  • Building Upgrade Cost & Time Reductions - Numerous buildings have reduced upgrade costs and times, especially at levels between TH7-TH11

QoL changes:

Main patch notes can be found here: QoL improvements for Next Update

  • Traps and Defenses - automatically re-arm/reload for free, but only if the player logs in for that - if not, loaded defenses will eventually run out of ammo and traps will remain unarmed.
  • Magic Items - Moves button to access them from the Clan Castle to the Town Hall. Can also be accessed from the Builder Hall
  • Clans - Leaders/co-leaders can remove troops from players' War Clan Castles
  • Builder Suggestions - Changed suggestions; additionally all available upgrades are visible in the Builder menu by scrolling down the menu
  • Clouds - Added option to toggle a "dark mode" for clouds when searching in the Home Village
  • Inactive Leader Rotation - Automatically passes on the title of Leader to the longest-serving Co-Leader if the Leader is inactive for 90 days (provided the Co-Leader has been online in the last 60 days). If no co-leaders are present the title goes to the longest-serving Elder.
  • Village Visiting - When visiting a village that was recently attacked, any attacked buildings no longer look destroyed or damaged.

Version 11.??? - 22nd February 2019

Balance Changes:

  • Cannon and Archer Tower: Reduced DPS for level 10 onwards
  • Mortar: Increased DPS for level 5 onwards
  • X-Bow: Increased DPS at all levels
  • Barbarian: Increased HP at levels 7 and 8
  • Goblin: Increased HP for level 4 onwards
  • Eagle Artillery: Fixed bug where ranged troops needed to move closer to target it
  • Clan War Leagues: Changed promotion/demotion rules for some leagues:
    • Only 1 clan demoted to Bronze Leagues
    • Only 1 clan promoted to Master and Champion Leagues
    • 3 clans demoted from Champion League I

Maintenance Break - 7th January 2019

  • Reduced number of Bats spawned from the Bat Spell at all levels, and increased the initial attack delay (to 1.5s from 1.0s)