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Version History

Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. Each one fixing bugs, trying to balance raids and/or introducing new items, upgrades or features. Some also had cost and time reductions.

Version History by Year

2023 - 2022 - 2021 - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012

Version 13

Logmas Update - Version 13.675.1, 13.675.4&13.675.6 - 7th&8th December 2020

(only Version 13.675.4 released for Android (CNY), and Version 13.675.6 only for Android (GPS))

From this update, the minimum required system versions raised to iOS 10 and Android 4.4.


New Levels


Game Changes

  • Wars
    • When creating a Friendly War, you can now select whether the war will allow 1 or 2 attacks per player.
  • Balance Changes
    • Scattershot hit speed has been increased from 3.036 to 3.228 seconds and DPS has been reduced by 10.
    • Scattershot HP has been increased
      • Level 1: 3000 to 3600
      • Level 2: 3500 to 4200
  • Super Troop Boosting
    • Two Super Troops can now be boosted at once!
    • All Super Troops now cost 25,000 Dark Elixir to boost for 3 days.
    • Super Troops can now be used together with their normal versions
    • If too many types of Super Troops are trained, new types cannot be boosted without first using others
  • Gameplay
    • At the end of a battle, if a Hero’s ability remains unused, the Hero will heal the amount of HP they would normally recover from using their ability. This will help reduce the Hero’s downtime, allowing them to be ready much sooner!
    • When editing your base, Main Village Wall segments can now be swapped with other Wall segments, just like Buildings and Traps.
    • Broken Cannon Carts will retarget after being pushed back if their target is not within range anymore.
    • Units will now have more accurate line of sight calculation to help with pathing.
    • Lightning Spell will no longer have any effect on the Clan Castle. Like the Elixir and Gold Storage buildings, Lightning Spell will cause no damage to the Clan Castle.
  • UI
    • A new Cosmetics tab has been added to the in-game shop where you can browse and purchase any permanently available cosmetics such as Hero Skins when they become available for Gems.
    • The Reward tab of the Season Challenges now has some quick access buttons to allow easier navigation to the earliest unlocked but unclaimed reward.
    • When an optional update becomes available that contains an important bug fix, the game will display a message encouraging you to download the update.
    • A “View Skin” option has been added when visiting.
    • Skin animations are more elaborate when viewed in the wardrobe and simpler animations in other UI elements.
  • Season Challenges
    • You can now opt to receive 5 Gems instead of a Resource reward if your Storages do not have enough space.
    • The requirements for some Builder Base tasks in Clan Games and Season Challenges have been reduced in order to bring them more inline with Main Village tasks.
  • Supercell ID
    • Young players are now able to create a Supercell ID for their account by providing the email address of a trusted adult or guardian.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with hit points rounding after the Grand Warden’s aura ends. This issue would cause Heroes to lose their auto ability if they were left with 1HP when the Warden’s aura ended as it would round the HP down to 0.
    • Added the 2019 and 2020 Halloween decorations to the Skeleton Run (thank you to redditor /u/whysomuchtalkingtho!)
    • Prevent access to the Clan War Leagues screen for normal Clan members if the League data has not been loaded yet, preventing players from spying when using a poor or slow internet connection.
    • Removed the exclamation point (!) from the Clan War Leagues button for players who don’t have access to the screen.
    • Fixed info screen of Super Archer and Giant Cannon to show damage type as “Area Splash” instead of “Single Target”.
    • Fixed a bug in the Builder menu where the menu contents would reset while scrolling.
    • HP reduction for Cannon Cart’s Last Stand ability is more accurate by making it update 15 times per second instead of 5 times per second.
    • Do not eject low-level Cannon Carts with unlocked Last Stand ability if they’re hit by Giant Cannon.
    • Allow editing layouts with the layout editor for TH2 players who manage to access the editor via war screen.
    • Fixed visual bug that showed troops as boost in other players’ villages when you have a Power Potion active.
    • Fixed Royal Champion shield disappearing too early when activating her ability.
    • Fixed visual bug with Royal Champion’s ability so the shield bounce will begin where the previous one ended.
    • Increased the brightness of the Grand Warden’s Eternal Tome ability to make it more visible
    • Fixed flawed logic in ranged unit AI where they would attack random Walls.
    • Reduced the zig-zag movement of the Wall Wrecker when it has been deployed.
    • Improved the targeting logic of ground units allowing units to not only consider the 3 closest targets but also consider extra targets if those are much easier to reach than the first 3.

Optional Update - Version 13.576.8 - 26th October 2020

  • Fix for Clock Tower boosts that could not be resumed if it was already paused before the update maintenance;
  • Housing space of opponent's Clan Castle in the info screen during preparation of War will no longer be visible (now there should be a question mark instead);
  • Fixed skin names not changing when changing Hero with the arrows (in the "Change Skin" menus);
  • Fixed a rare crash related to reloading the game while selecting a Wall piece in Village Edit Mode;
  • Visual improvements and user interface fixes (including the Village Maiden’s helmet misalignment in War Info Screen).

Autumn Update - Version 13.576.3/13.576.7 - 12th October 2020

New Content

Quality of Life and Game Changes

Super Troops
  • Removed the 7-day cooldown after a Super Troop boost expires - allowing players to boost the same troop consecutively without wait.
  • Heroes will now always guard the village and will automatically heal after taking a defense. The Guard toggle has now been removed.
Builder Base
  • Beta Minion’s AI improved to reduce randomness of their starting attack position.
  • Clock Tower boost will no longer pause during maintenance as maintenance will not affect the Builder Base’s progress.
  • New tech added to skin functionality to allow cooler, wilder special effects like customized spawned troops, attack hits, smoke effects, etc.
  • Fixed visual fidelity to correct weapons incorrectly clipping into the game geometry.
  • The "For You" tab has been removed
  • The game engine can now render multiple spell effects at once (combinations of Heal, Jump, Rage, Poison, Invisibility, Haste, Eternal Tome, Freeze, Frost, Clone, Stun, Shrink, etc.).
Friendly Wars
  • The option to have a 5-minute preparation time and 45-minute Friendly Wars has been added.
Supercell ID
  • Community-requested features to Supercell ID soft-launched in the Nordic region:
    • Ability to custom name each Supercell ID account
    • Ability to add profiles and profile pictures - time to find that best kitty photo!
    • Friends list - You can now add friends to your Supercell ID account and play with them across all Supercell games.

You can then see who on your friends list is online and what Supercell game they are currently playing

Age Verification for New Accounts
  • New accounts created in the United States as of this update will be asked to enter their age. Players aged under 16 will be identified as a "young account" and will have these features enabled:
    • Supercell ID will be unavailable
    • Clans with younger players will have a more strictly moderated Clan Chat. Profanity and personally identifiable information will be removed when detected in the Clan Chat channel.
    • Players will be given a confirmation pop-up if a link tries to take them outside of the game.
  • These aforementioned features will be disabled once the player turns 16.

Balance Changes

Wall Breaker
  • Wall Breakers (and Super Wall Breakers) can now utilize the Jump Spell
  • Wall Breakers AI has been improved for greater target consistency and reduces the chance of them attacking different Wall segments when deployed.
  • Normal Wall Breakers have reduced attack damage, but deal some death damage (overall damage increased), to make them more predictable and viable
Inferno Dragon
  • Inferno Dragons no longer heat up their beam when flying, but charge-up time for higher damage tiers has been reduced
Siege Barracks
  • Reduced Wizard count in Level 4 Siege Barracks from 12 to 11
  • A battle will no longer end if the Siege Barracks is the final remaining unit.
Electro Dragon
  • Secondary criteria for determining chain lightning target: if multiple buildings are the same distance apart, the chain lightning will target the building with the highest hitpoints.
Super Archer
  • The Super Archer will no longer miss targets within 0.1 tiles of herself.
Flying Unit AI
  • Improved the AI for all flying units by not forcing them to retarget when a Hidden Tesla appears when their current target is better.
Air Defense
  • Level 8 hitpoints increased by 10 (to 1,210 from 1,200), so that it cannot be destroyed by 3 level 7 Lightning Spells.
Skeleton Spell
  • Spawned skeletons increased by 1 for all levels.
Upgrade Costs

Fixes and Other Changes

  • Units that have not been unlocked will not be available in Friendly Challenges while the production building that would unlock that unit is currently upgrading. However, usage of already unlocked units remains possible even if the only available production building is upgrading.
  • Super Troop donation requests are not removed if Army Camps or production buildings contain those Super Troops.
  • The timer for Power Potion and Hero Potion is more accurate.
  • Fixed issue in the layout editor so it no longer places objects on top of each other, causing the save to fail when items overlap.
  • Introduce a new Season Challenge task to collect Stars in a Friendly Challenge for the Home Village or Builder Base.
  • Fix personal break not working properly with the 24-hour Village Guard you get when entering the re-engagement flow.
  • Disable the Current War button when browsing normal War history while Clan War Leagues are ongoing to prevent unwanted spectators.
  • Show time left properly in Clan Chat of Builder Base Friendly Challenges.
  • Fixed 3D animation issues to blend better between first and last frames.
  • Fixed a bug with Electro Dragon’s chain lightning distance calculation.
  • Fixed Miner’s attack animation so he does damage simultaneously when the shovel hits the target.
  • Fixed an issue of shrinking characters when targeted by the Headhunter.
  • Fixed a rarely occurring issue where troops would not retarget correctly when a Hidden Tesla appeared if the troops had already retargeted to something else and their attack cooldown from the previous attack had not yet completed.
  • Fixed the projectile attack animation angle of the Battle Blimp. Previously it was aimed at the ground but exploded in the air above the target.
  • Prevent troops from retargeting after exiting a Jump Spell, thus prevent troops from getting stuck in a never ending Jump Spell loop.

Maintenance Break - 1st July 2020

  • Load Scattershot with ammo in TH13 practice level
  • Revert "jump fix" to prevent troops from running against Wall after exiting Jump
  • Reduce the number of Inferno Dragons in trial level from 28 to 18
  • Add regeneration time for Scattershot. It regenerated instantly unlike other buildings
  • Turn re-engagement Loot Cart back on since the Loot Cart bug has been fixed

Optional Update - Version 13.369.9/13.369.11 - c. June 2020

  • Fixed missing Magic Items button from Builder Hall
  • Fixed missing in/out animations from Change Scenery screen
  • Fixed missing Inferno Dragon's shadow
  • Fixed wrong headband jewel color on Archer level 9 in some animations
  • Fixed Welcome Back screen to show all the time it’s meant to
  • Fixed a bug where players may receive Loot Carts at the wrong time (and cause "Out of Sync" errors if players attempted to collect bugged Loot Carts)
  • Hide “Change Scenery” bubble from Town Hall if the Town Hall (or its weapon) is upgrading.

Summer Update - Version 13.? - 22nd June 2020

New Content

Game Changes and QoL Improvements


Players can now further customize their Village with new scenery! You can switch Scenery by tapping on your Town Hall and then select the new “Change Scenery” button.

Custom Friendly Challenge Armies

Attacking in Friendly Challenges and Friendly Wars now happens with a specific Friendly Army which can be configured before your attack and costs no resources or time to train.

Improved Town Hall Upgrade Experience

Upgrading your Town Hall will trigger various limited-time boosts and benefits. The boosts and benefits increase in their availability and duration as you progress through the game into higher Town Hall levels.

Home Village Balance Changes

  • 1 Spring Trap has been added to Town Hall 13 (for a total of 9).
  • 50 extra wall pieces can be upgraded to level 14 (for a total of 200 such walls).
  • Reduce level 7-9 Golem training cost from 600/700/800 to 575/650/725.
  • Reduce healing time of all Heroes (new max healing time is down from 49 to 40 minutes).
  • Lightning Spell has been reworked: instead of striking randomly in a large radius, produces a single lightning bolt which strikes in a small radius and can stun briefly. Its housing space has also been reduced to 1 (damage, brewing cost and time were also adjusted accordingly).
  • Loot Cart now accumulates loot over time for up to 90 days and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels.
  • The maximum storage capacity for returned resources stolen in attacks has been increased at higher levels.
  • Scattershot defense can now run out of ammunition, similar to X-Bow and Inferno Tower.
  • Scattershot attack speed reduced from 3 seconds to 3.036 seconds.

Builder Base Balance Changes

  • Reduce Crusher splash radius from 3.5 tiles to 2.8 tiles, so that it doesn't cause damage to units which are out of range as easily.
  • Increase DPS of Battle Machine level 21-30
  • Spring Trap spring capacities increased from 5/10/15/20 to 8/12/16/20.
  • Level 1-2 Push Trap spring capacities increased from 5/7 to 6/8.
  • Spring weight of many ground troops have been increased:

Additional Game Changes

  • Improved experience for returning players - triggers when a player has been inactive for longer than 90 days and autonomously performs upgrades and adds certain boosts for the player to enjoy upon returning.
  • When saving donation requests the game also now includes Troops, Spells or Siege Machines that are already in the Clan Castle.
  • Season Challenges’ Troop-based tasks have been rebalanced in order to be able to be completed with Clan Castle reinforcements from Town Hall 9 and up.
  • Grand Warden AI improved to follow the group more effectively and be less prone to drifting away while in Air Mode.
  • Removed Air Mines from traveling across the map if their original target is destroyed after triggering the trap but before the trap is activated. Max distance for Air Mine’s target selection is now 2x the trigger radius of the trap.
  • Troops exiting Jump Spell should not retarget in order to prevent Troops from getting stuck in Jump Spell.
  • Wall Wrecker pathing has been improved.

UI Changes

  • Prevent opening of war screen during CWL if you're not at least Elder or included in the roster for all League levels.
  • “Time Left” info added to Builder Base Friendly Challenge Clan Chat entries, and to shared Builder Base replays
  • Allow Quick Donation of any normal versions of Troops while the Super Troop version is enabled.
  • Added “Active Creator Boost” popup in the shop.
  • Show the number of unseen offers in treasure tab and in offer tab in shop
  • Add sound effect when toggling Grand Warden to air or ground mode

Bug Fixes

  • Hero Potion glow in the attack confirmation screen is now correctly animated.
  • The Shop UI will close after purchasing Legend League Shield to avoid failed Shield purchases when buying them too quickly.
  • Replay buttons of the last Builder Base Friendly Challenge are correctly visible in the Clan Chat.
  • Removed ability to scout opposing Clan’s bases in the Clan War League during preparation day.
  • Minor visual fixes to Electro Dragon Chain Lightning.
  • Fixed the possibility of including the wrong Clan member(s) in a war, if a new member with high trophy count joins the Clan during the member selection process.
  • Fixed in-game Shop UI to be correct and fully interactive on devices with a notch.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash if someone had the attack confirmation screen open and another player attacked the same target.

Maintenance Break - 22nd May 2020

  • Fixed a bug where changing a defense in Legend League would be applied to the next defense instead of the next League day.

Balance Changes - 20th May 2020

Maintenance Break - 2nd April 2020

  • Fix the ability to donate lower than max level troops when max troops are requested.
  • Fix an issue where 2 Siege Machines were occasionally found in a Clan Castle or where some players were able to receive Poison Spell before they should be able to.

Optional Update - Version 13.180.6/13.180.7 - 30th March 2020

  • Fix a crash being in clouds when a donation request with specific troops is made or modified
  • Fix a bug in the quick donate menu where if a max level unit had been requested and the player did not have the unit maxed but would taking into account their clan's donation perk the items would not be sorted in the expected order of requested items first.

Version 13.? - 30th March 2020

New: Super Troops!

Super Troops is an all-new feature (unlocked at Town Hall 11) that allows you to temporarily power-up existing Troops into Super versions of themselves. Each Super Troop will have a special ability that sets them apart from their normal version, adding a whole new dimension to your Home Village.

Four Super Troops added: Super Barbarian, Super Giant, Sneaky Goblin, Super Wall Breaker

New Levels

Town Hall 9:
Town Hall 11:
Town Hall 12:
Town Hall 13:

Cost Reductions

The below items in the Home Village received upgrade cost reductions during the Spring Update:

New Practice Levels

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A new option in the troop request menu allows for specific requests (and can also be toggled to restrict donations to max level donations)
  • Clan Castle reinforcements are now sorted by the following criteria in order:
    • Lowest housing space first
    • If housing space is equal, troops are sorted by internal IDs (creates a seemingly arbitrary choice of deployment order)
    • If internal IDs are equal, then lowest level first
  • New Hero Skin selection screen that is much easier to select which skin you want to apply to your Hero.
  • All Heroes will display in their selected skin under the Player Profile tab.
  • When acquiring a new skin, the UI to select the skin will automatically open.
  • Some selected skins will be able to be purchased outside of the Gold Pass.
  • Research Potions now boost the Laboratory speed by 24x instead of 10x.
    • The price for Research Potions has been increased from 70 Gems to 120 Gems in the Trader’s Daily Deals.
  • Added an easier way for Content Creators to create a link to share with their viewers in order to use their Creator Code.
  • Friendly Challenge-specific Clan Castle Troops: like Legend League, once they are set they will remain unchanged until you replace them.
  • Allow the use of Home Village layouts in Friendly Wars even if the layout is blocked by obstacles.
  • New option in the Settings menu to disable screen shake.
  • To help combat spying during the Clan War League seasons, players not on the roster or without a role (i.e. Elder or higher) in the Clan may not see the War League screen in Champion Leagues.
  • When claiming rewards from Clan Games, if you do not have enough storage space for the claimed item you will be given the option to select Gems instead. The number of Gems received is based on the normal price the specific item sells for.

Game Balance

  • Modified Grand Warden’s AI to be less likely to follow Yetimites or other Heroes.
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Yetimites.
  • Healer AI has been modified to be less likely to heal Golemites.
  • Defensive Ice Golem’s Freeze duration is reduced by 0.5 seconds.
  • Various changes to Yetimites:
    • Splash damage radius has been slightly reduced to avoid hitting adjacent buildings when attacking a 2x2 structure.
    • Yetimites no longer trigger deploying Clan Castle troops.
    • Yetimite damage against resource storages (including Town Hall) has been reduced by 50%.
  • Number of Wall Rings required to upgrade Walls (in Home Village) has been reduced for certain levels:
    • Level 11: 2 -> 1
    • Level 12: 4 -> 3

Builder Base

  • Builder Base battles will now feature a tiebreaker. If both players achieve the same destruction and Stars (provided both players do more than 0% damage), then the player with the most remaining time left will be the winner.
  • Training time from Builder Base Troops has been removed and so they can be used in an attack immediately.
  • Various changes to the Clock Tower:
    • Multiplier increased from 8x to 10x
    • Boost duration has been increased from 3-11 minutes to 14-30 minutes.
    • Cooldown time has been increased from 7 hours to 22 hours but the Gem price to skip the cooldown has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug where Heroes receive double health regeneration when their ability is used both automatically and manually at the same time.
  • Fix issues with Royal Champion not throwing her shield if ability is enabled while frozen
  • Fix forced retargeting after the following attack after destroying a Wall
  • Make Grand Warden able to do something sensible while his group is frozen
  • Make Grand Warden consider retargeting more frequently if he's not following any group
  • Fix Wall Wrecker getting stuck on Walls
  • Alert defending Royal Champion like other Heroes when enemies are approaching the altar
  • Fixed Electro Dragon sometimes targeting the same target twice within a single lightning chain (could happen when forced to retarget while the chain was still active)
  • Fix Royal Champion attacking non-defense buildings in rare cases
  • Fix a "bug" where Clan Games tasks refresh when no players in the clan are online for a short period of time
UI and Art
  • Show visual boost effect for O.T.T.O Hut when Clock Tower is active
  • Do not show CC spells in CC troop area in attack confirm screen if someone donates spells while the screen is open
  • Show purple Hero level icons properly in attack confirm screen if Hero Potion is active
  • Show boosts properly when opening attack confirm screen via War or Friendly Challenge scout view
  • Gray out Join Clan button if the player has insufficient Town Hall level to join the Clan
  • Fix flawed graphics offset for Lava Hound and Healer (their real position was not based on the middle point of the shadow)
  • Fix visual effect targeting for many flying troops
  • Fix inconsistencies with situations where multiple boosts which affect movement speed, attack speed and damage (Poison, Rage, Haste, Barbarian King ability, Archer Queen ability, Baby Dragon tantrum) are active at the same time. Now the best boosts (and worst de-buffs) for each attribute are selected and applied
    • Note: Freeze effects from Ice Golem or the Town Hall 13 explosion are not considered a boost and instead stack with the above
  • Don't show Hidden Teslas in Builder Base village preview of player profile.
  • Show gear ups, building attack modes and Air Sweeper aim angles properly in village preview.
  • Show correct frame of Eagle Artillery and Air Sweeper instead of showing the last frame which would show that the Eagle is out of ammo.
  • Show hidden objects such as Teslas and Traps properly in player profile when viewed by the member from the same clan. Previously they were always removed from player profile view.
  • Fix visual rounding error for Gold and Elixir when using a rune for some specific amounts of resources (for example 17999999)
  • Fix a bug where if a player finished their last Clan Games task and went offline until after the Games ended then they could miss out on being eligible to claim the extra reward for maxing their score quota.
  • Fix Hero healing timer in training overview screen. The timer wasn't calculated properly when boost was active and boost timer was shorter than Hero heal timer. (+ Same fix for troop & spell timers)
  • Remove artificial limitation of 20 for minimum clan level in Clan Search
  • Do not spawn Tall Grass from stashed Ancient Barbarian Statue.

Balance Changes - 28th February 2020

  • Increased Spring Trap (in Home Village) radius from 0.7 to 0.8 tiles
  • Increased level 5-7 Bomb Tower HP from 1000/1200/1400 to 1050/1300/1600
  • Increased level 5-7 Bomb Tower DPS from 46/52/60 to 48/56/64
  • Increased level 6-7 Bomb Tower death damage from 340/380 to 350/400
  • Decreased level 16-17 Cannon DPS from 125/132 to 124/130

Balance Changes - 16th January 2020

  • Level 18 Cannon hitpoints increased from 1,860 to 1,870 to prevent Royal Champion from one-shotting Level 18 Cannons with her Seeking Shield special ability.
  • Yetimites will no longer trigger Traps.
  • Added a new Community tab in the News Inbox, where regular videos from your favorite Clash of Clans content creators will be featured.
  • Reduced Village Guard time in Titan leagues so it's always 60 minutes (was previously up to 180 minutes), to reduce clouding issues in those leagues.