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Version History

Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. Each one fixing bugs, trying to balance raids and/or introducing new items, upgrades or features. Some also had cost and time reductions.

Version History by Year

2023 - 2022 - 2021 - 2020 - 2019 - 2018 - 2017 - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 - 2012

Version 16[]


TH16 Update - December 12, 2023 Full Patch Notes[]

The biggest update of 2023 is here! Hero Equipment, Town Hall 16, Root Rider, the all-new building merges, and so much more! This update is a game-changer and will affect how Chiefs battle forever more!

Town Hall 16[]

Town Hall 16’s nature theme is easy to see with its tree-influenced design. Even Town Hall 16’s Giga Inferno beam is like a magnified solar blast from the sun.

Town Hall 16’s Giga Inferno weapon only has one level and doesn’t need to be upgraded multiple times! The Giga Inferno is still a force to be reckoned with as it will still attempt to roast attacking units. Additionally, a Poison effect is still deployed when the Town Hall is destroyed!

  • Damage Type: Multiple Targets
  • Targets: Ground & Air

New Upgrade Levels[]

Upgrading to TH16 also brings new upgrade levels for numerous Buildings, Defenses, and Units!

New: Merged Defenses![]

When you upgrade to Town Hall 16, instead of purchasing new Defenses from the Shop, you’ll be presented with the option to purchase the ability to merge several Defenses. Once you meet the minimum requirements to merge your two Defenses into a single, mega, ultra Defense monstrosity, the game will display which two buildings will be merged.  

The end result is a super Defense that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Higher damage output, more HP, and just overall way more cool!

There are some caveats:

  • Merging buildings is permanent. Once they have been merged, they cannot be unmerged.
  • The merged building can be placed anywhere in your Village where there is space.
  • The two merged buildings must be max level.  

Once you’ve merged your two Defenses, your new super Defense can be further upgraded as well!

#1 Multi-Archer Tower

Slam two Archer Towers together and you get Multi-Archer Tower!

Multi-Archer Tower will target 3 different attacking enemies, ensuring the Archers spread their damage out. However, if there are less than 3 targets available then Multi-Archer Tower will attack the remaining targets more frequently. For example:

  • If there is only one target, that target will be shot by 3 arrows.
  • If there are only two targets, one target will be shot twice.  

Let’s just be thankful the process didn’t fuse the actual Archers into some bizarre mutant amalgamation.  

  • 2x available at TH16
  • Range: 10 tiles
  • Damage type: Multiple targets
  • # of targets: 3
  • Targets: Ground & Air

#2 Ricochet Cannon

If you thought fusing two buildings together was a physics-defying act, then wait until you see what this Cannon does! Ricochet Cannon is the new merged version of the tried-and-true Cannon defense.  

Ricochet Cannon has more than double the HP than a regular Cannon. However, this big-barreled boss shines when dealing damage. Not only does Ricochet Cannon’s munition deal more than double the amount of damage compared to a Level 21 Cannon, Ricochet Cannon’s munitions will bounce from its initial target and will also deal damage to a second target!  

  • 2x available at TH16
  • Range: 9 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground

Introducing: Hero Equipment[]

Hero Equipment is a brand new feature for TOWN HALL LEVEL 8 PLAYERS AND UP that allows you to customize your Heroes and which abilities you want to bring into battle. Not only will you be able to pick and choose which abilities your Heroes will bring to the table, we’ll also be introducing powerful NEW abilities unlike any your Heroes have seen before!

Fancy giving your Archer Queen a massive arrow that shoots across the entire battlefield? Maybe you want to give your Barbarian King the ability to break down Walls with his stompy Earthquake Boots?  

Hold on to your crossbow, Chief, it’s time to revolutionize your attacks in Clash of Clans!

Your old Hero abilities such as Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, are now broken down into various Hero Equipment that can be upgraded and replaced. For example, equipping Barbarian Puppet will give your Barbarian King the ability to summon a pack of Raged Barbarians. Replacing it with another item, such as Vampstache, will remove the ability to summon Raged Barbarians but will instead replace it with the ability for Barbarian King to heal himself with every attack!

New Building: Blacksmith

Available at Town Hall level 8 and above, you’ll be able to build a brand new building, the Blacksmith. This new building is your one-stop shop for all things Hero Equipment-related. Like the Pet House is used to level up your Hero Pets and assign a Pet to a Hero, Blacksmith is where you’ll upgrade your Hero Equipment and customize your Heroes’ abilities.

Level TH Level Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time HP Unlocks
1 8 750K Gold 1d 700 Earthquake Boots
2 9 1.7M Gold 2d 800 Giant Arrow
3 10 2.3M Gold 3d 900 Vampstache
4 11 3M Gold 4d 1000 Rage Gem
5 12 5.5M Gold 5d 1100 Healer Puppet
6 13 8.5M Gold 6d 1200 Healing Tome
7 14 12M Gold 7d 1300 NA
8 15 14M Gold 8d 1400 NA
9 16 16M Gold 9d 1500 NA

New Resources: Ores

Hero Equipment can be upgraded! Yes, that means you can make your favorite Equipment even more powerful than before. In order to upgrade your Equipment, you’ll need these new resources: Shiny Ore, Glowy Ore, and Starry Ore.

Shiny Ore: This most common of Ores, for all levels for Common and Epic Equipment.

Glowy Ore: This rarer Ore is used to upgrade key levels for Common and Epic Hero Equipment.

Starry Ore: The rarest Ore is needed to upgrade your Epic Equipment beyond certain levels

Ores can be earned in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to collect Ores from the following:

  • Home Village Star Bonus
  • Clan Wars
  • The Trader
  • The in-game Shop

Additionally, you can use Gems if you don’t have enough Ores to complete an Equipment’s upgrade.

Once you’ve collected enough resources required, you can upgrade that Equipment to the next level!

Making Heroes More Heroic

Each Hero can equip TWO pieces of Hero Equipment at a time. Simply drag the Hero Equipment from your inventory on to your Hero in the Blacksmith Equipment UI. Equipment have either Active or Passive abilities. Active abilities require you to manually activate its effect during a battle. A good example of this would be activating Barbarian King’s Iron Gauntlet ability during an attack. Passive abilities are permanently active and do not require any input from the player. Grand Warden’s aura is an example of a Passive ability.  

  • Common Equipment can be upgraded to level 18 and are unlocked by upgrading your Blacksmith.
  • Epic Equipment can be upgraded to level 27 and can be unlocked during special events.
  • Some Equipment have secondary effects such as increasing DPS, recovering HP, increasing movement speed, etc.
  • Epic Hero Equipment will be unlocked during special events in an upcoming update.
Name Hero Rarity Active/Passive Ability
Barbarian Puppet Barbarian King Common Active Summons Raged Barbarians Hero: Recovers HP Hero: Increases HP
Rage Vial Barbarian King Common Active Rages Barbarian King Hero: Increase damage Hero: Increase movement speed Hero: Recovers HP
Earthquake Boots Barbarian King Common Active Earthquake damages Walls and Buildings Hero: Increase damage Hero: Increase HP
Vampstache Barbarian King Common Passive Heals Barbarian King with each attack
Archer Puppet Archer Queen Common Active Summons Archers Hero: Recovers HP Hero: Increase DPS
Invisibility Vial Archer Queen Common Active Turns Archer Queen invisible Hero: Increases damage Hero: Increases HP
Giant Arrow Archer Queen Common Active Shoots giant arrow across enemy village Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Healer Puppet Archer Queen Common Active Summons Healers Hero: Self heals Hero: Increase HP
Eternal Tome Grand Warden Common Active Grand Warden and nearby units become immune to damage
Life Gem Grand Warden Common Passive Nearby units gain extra HP Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Healing Tome Grand Warden Common Active Heals Grand Warden and nearby friendly units Hero: Recover HP Hero: Increase HP
Rage Gem Grand Warden Common Passive Nearby friendly units do extra damage Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase attack speed
Royal Gem Royal Champion Common Active Heals Royal Champion significantly Hero: Increase DPS Hero: Increase HP
Seeking Shield Royal Champion Common Active Throws shield dealing dmg to multiple targets Hero: Increase HP

Of course it goes without saying that we plan to introduce more Equipment in the future, making your Heroes even more flexible, more powerful, and more customizable than ever!

New Troop: Root Rider[]

Root Rider is a new Elixir troop available at Town Hall 15 when you upgrade your Barracks to Level 17.

This earth warrior is so in tune with nature that she doesn’t even need to walk herself - are you jealous yet? Wait, because there’s more!

Riding into battle on top of a tough tree root, she can smash through walls and slam defenses into dust! Root Rider will be an excellent choice for those looking to create fast openings in your opponent’s defenses since those will be her primary target.

  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 12
  • Training time: 3m 40s

New Hero Pet: Spirit Fox[]

If you've seen a ghostly critter darting in between the trees of your Home Village, then chances are you've seen Spirit Fox - the newest Hero Pet. And maybe...just maybe...we'll finally get the answer to the question: What does the fox say?!

Spirit Fox is a new Pet available at Town Hall 16 when you upgrade your Pet House to Level 9.

Although extremely shy and is happiest when wandering alone in the woods, Spirit Fox's loyalty in combat is unquestionable. When called to battle, this feisty fox fights fiercely and lends their Hero a bit of forest magic.

Its ability Spirit Walk will turn itself and its Hero invisible for a few seconds! This will enable interesting new Hero strategies, and we can’t wait to see how you’re going to use it!

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 24

Balance Changes[]

In this update we're also adding additional balance changes to address some of the challenges around Town Hall 15. You can find the balance changes below:

  • Rage Spell Tower changes:
    • Rage radius reduced from 6 to 5 tiles
    • Damage boost reduced from 90% to 60%
  • Air Bomb level 10 damage reduced from 355 to 350
  • Eagle Artillery level 6 damage reduced from 525 to 500
  • Town Hall weapon changes:
    • Town Hall 14-15 poison duration has been reduced from 16 seconds to 12 seconds
    • Reduce Town Hall 15 DPS from 280-320 to 280-300
  • Inferno Tower changes:
    • Multi-Inferno Tower level 9 DPS reduced from 116 to 110
  • X-Bow changes:
    • Level 6 HP reduced 3500 → 3400
    • Level 7 HP reduced 3900 → 3700
    • Level 8 HP reduced 4200 → 4000
    • Level 9 HP reduced 4500 → 4200
    • Level 10 HP reduced 4700 → 4400
    • Level 7 DPS reduced 155 → 150
    • Level 8 DPS reduced 175 → 170
    • Level 9 DPS reduced 195 → 190
    • Level 10 DPS reduced 215 → 205
  • Scattershot level 4 DPS reduced from 200 to 185
  • Monolith changes:
    • Level 2 DPS from 200 to 175
    • Proportional damage reduced by 1%
  • Make Healers less likely to target Golems, Golemites, and Ice Golems
  • Reduce Lava Pup count for defensive Lava Hounds from 8-18 to 8-13
  • Reduce Ice Pup count for defensive Ice Hounds from 10-12 to 10-11

Game Changes[]

  • We’re introducing a TON of upgrade cost and upgrade time reductions for a large variety of Town Hall levels!
  • Reduced free Guard duration from 1 hour to 15 minutes and reduce Shield duration by 1-2 hours in the highest leagues (Champion 2 and above) to reduce matchmaking times.
  • Clan War League seeding weights have been modified for all leagues at Gold 2 and above.
  • Ability to Friendly Challenge your own Village has FINALLY arrived.
    • Can be done in both Home Village and Builder Base.
    • Yes…we actually added this.
  • Allow for partial training of Armies via Quick Train instead of preventing the Army from being trained if not enough Army Camp space is left.
  • Quick access to Super Troop menu when trying to train an Army that has Super Troops when you don’t have any Super Troop boosts active.
  • Show Training Potion when tapping Army Camps.
  • Home Village Star Bonus pop up updated with a new look and button to take you directly to the Treasury.
  • Archer Towers visually changed to have single Archers on top so they’re not visually confused with Multi-Archer Towers.
  • Hero Potion has been changed to temporarily boost Heroes and Pets to the maximum level allowed at your Town Hall level for 1 hour. This works in both Villages.
  • Power Potion has been changed to temporarily boost Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines to the maximum level allowed at your Town Hall level for 1 hour. This works in both Villages.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Spear Goblins are not visually removed when a Clan Capital battle ends.
  • Modified the Raid starting message to mention Elders can also start Capital Raids.
  • Zappies are no longer temporarily invulnerable when O.T.T.O’s Outpost is destroyed.
  • Siege Machines no longer temporarily become invisible when deployed directly into an active Invisibility Spell.
  • Fix bug where event troop ordering would sometimes change if you switch Siege Machine during a battle.
  • Adjust Ice Golem and Ice Hound death effects to better match with the freeze duration and size.
  • Limit range of Zap Trap to the intended 5 tiles.
  • Fixed a rounding error from area effect spells which boost movement speed and damage. Fixes Endless Haste effect running out a few seconds before attack timer ends if a unit was boosted when battle started and it survived to the end.
  • Fix bug which made Apprentices not boost each other. Now health aura only excludes the aura source itself.
  • Make frost and freeze work correctly together when both are simultaneously applied to the same target.
  • Show war embers while previewing war scenery.
  • Fixed effects playing on fast forward speed after suspend.
  • Fix Spell Factory/Dark Spell Factory/Army Camp/Siege Workshop info screens inconsistently showing the individual building’s unit capacity when in upgrade view and the total combined unit capacity when not. Now it always shows the total combined capacity of the village in both views.
  • Fix a bug where pass perk boost value “prettifying” applied even when the pass wasn’t active. This for example caused some buildings to have 5 minutes shorter building time than they were supposed to.
  • Fix for units that have a really long navigation path might get stuck (most apparent on Mega Sparky in a challenge level).
  • Fixed an issue that caused Builder Base Mega Cannon projectile to slow down during flight.
  • Fixed a bug where negative gem balance caused gem bundles being hidden in the Shop.

Version 15[]

Clan Capital Super Miner Balance Change - November 27, 2023[]

Reduced damage from level 1 to 4.

Reduced health from level 2 to 4.

October 20, 2023 Balance Changes[]

Hey Chief![]

In a short while, we will have a brief server maintenance to introduce several balance changes to the Clash-O-Ween Troops, as well as some additional balance changes to Builder Base.

While we do love seasonal Troops and how OP they tend to be, we found Lavaloon to be a bit more OP than intended so we'll be dialing back his HP just a pinch. He'll still be everyone's favorite inflatable. We've also increased the DPS of Barcher, increased HP of Hog Wizard, and increased the DPS of Big Boys summoned by Witch Golem.

For the full list of balance changes, see below. Due to these changes, replays will be wiped.

Mashup Madness Troops[]

Barcher DPS increased

  • Level 1: 36 -> 40
  • Level 2: 39 -> 43
  • Level 3: 42 -> 47
  • Level 4: 45 -> 50
  • Level 5: 49 -> 54
  • Level 6: 53 -> 59
  • Level 7: 57 -> 63
  • Level 8: 61 -> 68
  • Level 9: 65 -> 72
  • Level 10: 69 -> 76

Hog Wizard health increased

  • Level 1: 215 -> 248
  • Level 2: 325 -> 375
  • Level 3: 435 -> 501
  • Level 4: 545 -> 628
  • Level 5: 655 -> 754
  • Level 6: 765 -> 881
  • Level 7: 875 -> 1007
  • Level 8: 985 -> 1134
  • Level 9: 1095 -> 1260
  • Level 10: 1205 -> 1387

Big Boys summoned by Witch Golems DPS increased

  • Level 1: 175 -> 210
  • Level 2: 195 -> 234
  • Level 3: 215 -> 258
  • Level 4: 235 -> 282
  • Level 5: 255 -> 306
  • Level 6: 275 -> 330
  • Level 7: 295 -> 354
  • Level 8: 315 -> 378
  • Level 9: 335 -> 402
  • Level 10: 355 -> 426

Lavaloon health decreased

  • Level 1: 1200 -> 1080
  • Level 2: 1750 -> 1575
  • Level 3: 2300 -> 2070
  • Level 4: 2850 -> 2565
  • Level 5: 3400 -> 3060
  • Level 6: 3950 -> 3555
  • Level 7: 4500 -> 4050
  • Level 8: 4950 -> 4455
  • Level 9: 5400 -> 4860
  • Level 10: 5850 -> 5265

Also adjusted how likely it is for the Grand Warden to follow the Clash-O-Ween troops.

Builder Base Changes[]

Mine damage decreased

  • Level 1: 82 -> 80
  • Level 4: 111 -> 110
  • Level 5: 123 -> 120
  • Level 6: 136 -> 130
  • Level 7: 151 -> 140
  • Level 8: 168 -> 150
  • Level 9: 187 -> 165
  • Level 10: 206 -> 180

Mega Mine damage decreased

  • Level 3: 305 -> 300
  • Level 4: 335 -> 330
  • Level 5: 370 -> 360
  • Level 6: 410 -> 395
  • Level 7: 450 -> 430
  • Level 8: 500 -> 470
  • Level 9: 555 -> 510
  • Level 10: 620 -> 550

Hidden Tesla DPS reduced by 10%

Battle Machine ability is now applied for 3 hits instead of 2 hits

Night Witch HP increased by 6%

October 9, 2023 Update Full Patch Notes[] CLASH OF CLANS — OCT 9, 2023The October 2023 Update for Clash of Clans is here! A new Clan Capital District is ready for your Clan to build together. With Goblin Mines comes 2 new Capital Troops, including a brand-new Mega Troop ready to unleash devastation: Mega Sparky! A brand-new Capital Spell, Endless Haste, turns up your Capital Raid speeds to new levels! And let’s not forget to include Goblin Thrower and Spear Trap - a new Defense and a new Trap for your Clan Capital! Let’s dive into the details below!

New Capital District: Goblin Mines[]

Rolling mountains and flowing rivers create natural fortifications for this new Clan Capital District. While Goblins have taken up residence to exploit its natural resources, Capital Base Builders will find this lush valley rife with potential for base designs to utilize the terrain to their advantage. The tall mountains and rivers form a natural barrier against ground Troops hoping to plunder Goblin Mines.

  • Unlocks at Capital Hall level 9
    • 2 new Troop buildings: Mega Sparky Workshop and Super Miner Barracks
    • 1 new Defense: Goblin Thrower
    • 1 new Trap: Spear Trap
    • 1 new Capital Spell: Endless Haste
    • Multiple neutral buildings, decos, and obstacles

New Mega Troop: Mega Sparky[]

Mega Troops are a class of units specifically utilized for Capital Raids. These large, lumbering behemoths of the battlefield come with an equally large Housing Space cost to denote just how large they actually are!

Mega Sparky is the first new Mega Troop we’ve added to Clash of Clans since the release of the Clan Capital feature. While Mega Sparky may draw some inspiration from its smaller Clash Royale counterpart, Mega Sparky dials it up to 11.

This Mega Troop may be slow moving but it packs a powerful punch! Not only does Mega Sparky target defenses with a slow charging blast of electricity, each shot also does a considerable amount of splash damage.

Mega Sparky is unlocked when you build the Mega Sparky Workshop in Goblin Mines

  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Area Splash
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 100
  • Movement speed: 8
Level Mega Sparky Workshop Level Capital Hall Level HP DPS
1 1 9 10000 400
2 2 9 11200 450
3 3 10 12400 500
4 4 10 13600 550

Mega Sparky Workshop

Workshop Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Mega Sparky Level Building Costs HP
1 1 9 1 37500 1500
2 2 9 2 75000 1750
3 3 10 3 200000 2000
4 4 10 4 400000 2250

New Capital Troop: Super Miner[]

An upgraded version of Miner, Super Miner is just what you need to bypass the pesky mountain and river terrain found in Clan Capital Districts. Armed with his trademark power tool, Super Miner tunnels beneath the ground towards the nearest building, undetected by Defenses and undeterred by obstacles. Although he can be targeted by enemy Defenses once he resurfaces, Super Miner’s damage against his chosen target will continue to increase until he or his target are destroyed. However, if Super Miner is destroyed, he leaves behind a nasty surprise bomb that deals explosive damage!

  • Favorite target: None
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 25
  • Movement speed: 24
Level Super Miner Barracks Level Capital Hall Level HP DPS Explosive Damage
1 1 9 3400 170-510 1400
2 2 9 3700 190-570 1700
3 3 10 4000 210-630 2000
4 4 10 4300 230-690 2300

Super Miner Barracks

Barracks Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Super Miner Level Building Costs HP
1 1 9 1 17500 1500
2 2 9 2 50000 1700
3 3 10 3 150000 1900
4 4 10 4 300000 2100

New Capital Spell: Endless Haste[]

Need to boost the speed of your Capital Raids? Do you feel Mountain Golem moves at the speed of plate tectonics? Then Endless Haste may just be the solution!

Endless Haste is a brand-new Spell for Clan Capital that boosts the movement speeds of any Capital Troops that enter its effect area, making them zoom across the battlefield! Additionally, not only does this movement boost affect your Troops until the end of the battle even after they’ve left the Spell effect area, Endless Haste remains on the battlefield for FOUR attacks!

Endless Haste Level Capital Hall Level Speed Boost
1 9 7
2 9 8
3 10 9
4 10 10

Endless Haste Spell Factory

Spell Level Spell Factory Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Building Costs HP
1 1 1 9 25000 1000
2 2 2 9 50000 1150
3 3 3 10 125000 1300
4 4 4 10 250000 1450

New Capital Defense: Goblin Thrower[]

Goblin engineering may be unorthodox but few can deny their…effectiveness. Goblin Thrower is a contraption that defies practicality and may be in defiance of several workplace safety regulations, but this new Capital Defense is quite capable of dealing with pesky ground and air units.

Goblin Thrower comes pre-loaded with 5 barrels that do splash damage to ground Troops on impact. But what Goblin contraption would be complete without a twist? Each barrel is loaded with 3 Spear Goblins who emerge from the barrel and continue to defend your Capital District. These bundled Spear Goblins will attack both air and ground units. Any Spear Goblins remaining after an attack will be present to defend your District in the next attack.

It’s worth noting that Goblin Thrower’s limit of 5 barrels is persistent between all attacks for that specific Capital Raid and will not recharge until the start of the next Capital Raid. However, if Goblin Thrower is destroyed before releasing all 5 barrels, any remaining barrels will immediately release its Spear Goblins who will fight until they are wiped out.

  • Range: 9 Tiles
  • Damage type: Splash Damage
  • Targets: Ground
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Spawned units: 3x Spear Goblins per Barrel
Level District Hall Level Capital Hall Level Building Cost HP DPS
1 1 9 16000 3100 18
2 2 9 32000 3400 20
3 3 10 64000 3700 22
4 4 10 99000 4000 25

Spear Goblins

  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Movement speed: 20
  • Housing space: 1
Goblin Thrower Level HP DPS
1 155 55
2 170 60
3 185 65
4 200 70

New Capital Trap: Spear Trap[]

How do you deal with Sneaky Archer being sneaky? By having a sneakier Trap! Spear Trap triggers when offensive units move within 10 tiles of its trigger radius and launches a barrage of spears to enemy units within its range, targeting both ground and air Troops!

  • Trigger radius: 10 Tiles
  • Damage type: Single target per spear
  • Favorite type: Any
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Minimum housing space required to trigger: 8
Trap Level Capital Hall Level # of Spears Building Cost Damage
1 9 4 3000 120
2 9 5 6000 140
3 10 6 12000 160
3 10 7 20000 180

Work for Hire! Event - Meet Goblin Builder[]

There’s a new foreman in town, here to help with your upgrade or research tasks. During the Goblin Builder event, you’ll have a couple pairs of helping hands to perform Building upgrades or research in your Laboratory. But make sure you use his services as quickly as possible as this Goblin go-getter won’t be here for long!

Goblin Builder

Starting at Town Hall level 7, if you have all 5 Builders (not including B.O.B), Goblin Builder will be available to help with extra upgrades and research tasks! During the Work for Hire event, you’ll find a new event banner denoting how long this little scamp will be in town.

You can find his makeshift workshop near Trader’s tent where tapping on him will bring up a brief explanation on what Goblin Builder can help with. You’ll also find a Goblin Builder head icon at the top of the screen that shows if he’s currently busy or not.

When all of your Builders are occupied, Goblin Builder will act as an extra Builder for purposes of constructing and upgrading Buildings around your Home Village, whether they’re Defenses, Walls, etc.

Goblin Builder is an extra Builder you can hire for the cost of a few Gems!

  • Resources are still required to upgrade using Goblin Builder.
  • The Gem cost of Goblin Builder depends on the construction time of the upgrade. The longer the upgrade time, the higher the Gem cost.
  • Boosts from the Season Pass will reduce Gem cost.
  • Canceling an upgrade Goblin Builder is working on will still refund the 50% of Resources but the Gems used are not refunded.
  • Any upgrades that remain unfinished when the event ends will continue upgrading until the construction is completed.
  • Goblin Builder can only upgrade one thing at a time.
  • Builder Potions affect the upgrade speed of Goblin Builder.
  • If all Builders and Goblin Builder are currently busy, attempting to start a new upgrade will still give you the cheapest Gem option to complete an upgrade.

Goblin Researcher

Similar to Goblin Builder, Goblin Researcher prefers to apply his extra efforts towards academic pursuits. If you already have something researching in your Laboratory, Goblin Researcher can perform one additional research whether it’s upgrading a Troop, Spell, or Siege Machine in your Home Village.

Just like Goblin Builder, Goblin Researcher can be hired to perform an extra research upgrade for the cost of a few Gems! Research Potions affect the research times of both the Laboratory and Goblin Researcher.

Balance Changes[]

  • Builder Base Raged Barbarian HP increased for levels 15-20
    • Level 15 & 16: 119 -> 120
    • Level 17 & 18: 126 -> 128
    • Level 19 & 20: 133 -> 136
  • Builder Base Drop Ships now target Defenses instead of targeting the nearest Building.
    • Drop Ship hit points increased by 21%
    • Drop Ship ability radius increased by 0.5 tiles
  • Builder Base Baby Dragon’s activated ability has been adjusted to scale down its damage from 0-20% depending on the distance to the target.
  • Builder Base Night Witch HP increased by 11%.
  • Builder Base Night Witch summon cooldown reduced by 0.8 seconds.
  • Battle Machine’s ability now deactivates after 2 hits.

Additional Game Changes/Quality of Life Improvements[]

  • The Troop info screens have been drastically improved to provide easier to read information, easier access to unit stats, and really cool preview animations of each unit and their abilities! Check them out and let us know what you think!
  • If your Village is "rushed", attempting to upgrade your Town Hall will give you a notification recommending you upgrade your offensive abilities. While this pop up does not prevent you from upgrading your Town Hall, this serves as a notification that attacking after upgrading your Town Hall may be more difficult if your offensive capabilities aren’t upgraded enough yet.
  • Events now have a dedicated UI button for increased visibility.
  • Clan Capital changes
    • Capital Hall 8-10 upgrade requirements have been increased due to the addition of low cost neutral buildings in Skeleton Park and Goblin Mines
    • Storage for Capital Gold increased to 35K
    • Capital Jump Spell reduced to 1 Housing Space
    • Clan Elders can now initiate Capital Raids
    • Capital base links!
    • Capital Raid replays can be viewed from the Raid Weekend Leaderboard
  • Research UI improved
    • The Research tooltip will show suggested research options along with their upgrade costs.
    • If you have research currently in progress in your Laboratory, starting another upgrade will give you a Gem cost prompt to complete the current upgrade, similar to if all of your Builders are busy.
  • VFX Improvements
    • Updated “pop” effect when Troops are returned to their “Elixir state” at the end of battle.
    • Smoke effects use new particle that dissipates faster with less gameplay occlusion.
    • All Buildings have a new “destroyed” state, including better color matching for Town Halls and Walls.
    • Three new Goblin-themed sceneries replace the previous backgrounds used in the Single Player Maps.

Additional Bug Fixes[]

  • Clan Castle deployment speed bug if your CC had 8-9 Troops has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue where Traps could occasionally target units that had already been eliminated.
  • Personal Break Timer was removed from the Shield Menu since Personal Breaks have been removed.
  • Tapping on the Choose Reinforcement button when requesting Reinforcements will no longer cause an occasional crash.
  • Crash when confirming Super Troop boost should no longer occur after the Super Troop window is closed.
  • Scenery should no longer cause some visual glitching when previewing a Scenery while the Chat tab is open.
  • Fixed an issue with placement hint (“Tap or press and hold to deploy Troops”) text position when using two row deployment bar while tapping on invalid deployment position.
  • Buttons and text in practice levels should no longer be displaced on some foldable mobile devices.
  • Fixed issue where attack results would be cut off on some foldable mobile devices.
  • Correct swap icon for Builder Base Heroes during attack preparation will be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where Builder Base Star Bonus Gold and Elixir were deducted from the HUD when Storages were full.
  • Fixed vertical alignment of text on player action menu button.
  • Fixed attack log “Share Replay” button text vertical alignment.
  • Fixed Quick Train create/edit and train button vertical text alignment.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Miner’s dig effect to appear on top of Walls.
  • Prevent Builder from teleporting to a location when assigned a task while jumping over Walls.
  • Occasional crash caused by opening multiple unit info screens in the Builder Base training screen is fixed.
  • Guidance arrow is now hidden when opening a full-screen pop-up.
  • Fixed an issue where changing Cannon Cart’s ability modes while in mid-air due to a Push Trap would prevent it from resetting the unit to its original position.
  • Fixed wrong ground color of Builder Base stage 2 obstacles.  
  • Fixed stats text that would overlap the descriptive text of Earthquake Spell.
  • Fixed Chain Lightning being slowed down or interrupted caused by the Troop becoming stunned or frozen.
  • Enemy map in the Clan War tutorial will no longer show as empty.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when scouting your own base in the Clan War tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue with spectator count if a player reconnects their account with a different device that would cause the spectator count to not decrease.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Super Archers to miss their targets if they are too close.
  • Fixed an issue causing Log Traps to not face the correct orientation when copying a layout from one slot to another.
  • Fixed an issue to show offers showing up twice in the Shop UI.
  • Fixed order of Gem popups for upgrading Heroes as well as repairing Buildings, to be consistent with other Builder tasks where it would ask to buy missing resources before asking to finish an ongoing task when both insufficient resources and not enough Builders are available for a task.

Balance Changes for Home Village - September 28, 2023[]

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Damage reductions for:

  • Cannon & geared up Cannon (TH10 to TH14)
  • Archer Tower & geared up Archer Tower (TH11 to TH14)
  • X-Bow (TH10 to TH14)
  • Inferno Tower (TH10 to TH14)
  • Eagle Artillery (TH11 to TH14)
  • Scattershot (TH13 & TH14)
  • TH12 Giga Tesla, TH13 & TH14 Giga Inferno
  • TH15 Giga Inferno (only from level 1 to 3)

September Clan Capital Balance Changes - September 14, 2023[]

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Capital Spells[]

Graveyard Spell[]
  • Number of summoned Skeletons reduced to
    • Level 2: 25 -> 24
    • Level 3: 29 -> 27
    • Level 4: 32 -> 29
  • Single Skeletons will no longer trigger Capital Traps. Two or more Skeletons are required to trigger Capital Traps.
Frost Spell[]
  • Housing space reducted to 3.
Lightning Spell[]
  • Damage increased by 25 for all levels
    • Level 1: 250 -> 275
    • Level 2: 300 -> 325
    • Level 3: 350 -> 375
    • Level 4: 400 -> 425
    • Level 5: 450 -> 475

Capital Defenses[]

  • HP reduced
    • Level 3: 1700 -> 1650
    • Level 4: 2000 -> 1850
    • Level 5: 2300 -> 2050
Spear Thrower[]
  • HP reduced
    • Level 2: 1400 -> 1350
    • Level 3: 1600 -> 1500
    • Level 4: 1800 -> 1650
    • Level 5: 2000 -> 1800
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 2: 110 -> 105
    • Level 3: 130 -> 120
    • Level 4: 150 -> 135
    • Level 5: 170 -> 150
Air Defense[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level  : 400 -> 380
Bomb Tower[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 2: 80 -> 75
    • Level 3: 95 -> 85
    • Level 3: 110 -> 95
    • Level 4: 125 -> 105
Multi Mortar[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 2: 95 -> 90
    • Level 3: 110 -> 100
    • Level 4: 125 -> 110
    • Level 5: 140 -> 120
Rapid Rockets[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 2: 379 -> 372
    • Level 3: 429 -> 417
    • Level 4: 480 -> 461
    • Level 5: 530 -> 505
Rocket Artillery[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 2: 165 -> 160
    • Level 3: 190 -> 180
    • Level 4: 215 -> 200
    • Level 5: 240 -> 220
Inferno Tower[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 4: 310-2900 -> 290-2900
    • Level 5: 350-3200 -> 320-3200
Blast Bow[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 2: 190 -> 185
    • Level 3: 210 -> 200
    • Level 4: 230 -> 215
    • Level 5: 250 -> 230
Super Dragon Post[]
  • Defending Super Dragons will attack new targets 1 second slower.

Capital Troops[]

Sneaky Archer[]
  • DPS reduced
    • Level 4: 72 -> 71
    • Level 5: 76 -> 74
Super Barbarian[]
  • HP increased
    • Level 4: 1100 -> 1120
    • Level 5: 1209 -> 1240
Super Giant[]
  • HP increased
    • Level 4: 3900 -> 4000
    • Level 5: 4200 -> 4400
Power P.E.K.K.A[]
  • HP reduced
    • Level 3: 8400 -> 8500
    • Level 4: 9200 -> 9400
    • Level 5: 10,000 -> 10,300
Super Dragon[]
  • HP increased
    • Level 2: 6100 -> 6300
    • Level 3: 6400 -> 6800
    • Level 4: 6700 -> 7200
    • Level 5: 7000 -> 7600
  • Remove randomness from Super Dragon attack position selection.
Inferno Dragon[]
  • Range increased by 0.25 tiles.
Siege Carts[]
  • Attacks new target 0.2 seconds quicker.
Mountain Golem[]
  • Damage radius increased from 0.75 tiles to 0.9 tiles.
  • Movement speed increased from 0.6 tiles to 0.8 tiles per second.

Home Village[]

  • Grand Warden is now less likely to follow Riders of Super Hog Riders.

Version v15.352.5 - June 12, 2023 Summer update[]

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Welcome to the June 2023 Update for Clash of Clans! We’ve got a brand new Dark Elixir Troop, a new Super Troop, 2 new Magic Items, and more! We know you’re hungry for the details so let’s kick off these notes with the newest Troop, Apprentice Warden!

New Troop - Apprentice Warden[]

Apprentice Warden is a new Dark Elixir Troop who’s available from Town Hall 13 onwards when you upgrade your Dark Barracks to level 10. This young magister-in-the-making is a ground unit who shoots ranged attacks with his magical slingshot. He hasn’t quite learned how to fly yet but he can hop over Walls with ease.

Apprentice Warden has a magical Life Aura that buffs the hit points of the ground troo===ps around him, but this aura does not stack with Grand Warden or other Apprentice Wardens. When multiple auras overlap, the strongest aura will always take priority.

  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Ranged
  • Targets: Single Target
  • Housing space: 20
  • Movement speed: 20
  • Training time: 3m 56s
  • Aura radius: 7 Tiles

New Super Troop - Super Hog Rider[]

One of the most iconic characters from the Clash universe has finally received the Super Troop treatment. This blinged out falsetto flinging, porcine packing legend doesn’t just have new accouterments. Although Super Hog Rider does have higher HP and DPS than his more mundane counterpart, Super Hog Rider packs a powerful surprise!

Once Super Hog Rider has been destroyed, both Hog and Rider split apart and become individual units who continue battling! Hog can jump over Walls and will target Defenses while Rider will attack the nearest enemy Building.

Super Hog Rider is available at Town Hall 13 for Hog Riders that are level 10 and above.

  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Housing space: 12
  • Movement speed: 24
  • Training time: 1m 48s
Hog stats:[]
  • Favorite target: Defenses
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement speed: 32
Super Rider stats:[]
  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground
  • Movement speed: 16
  • 2x damage vs Walls

New Magic Items[]

  • Pet Potion

Pet Potion speeds up your Hero Pet’s upgrade timer by 24x for 1 hour per potion. Like other potions, you can stack the duration with each Potion but the effects do not stack.

  • Builder Star Jar

This new Magic Item can only be used after you’ve completed your Builder Base Star Bonus. Using the Builder Star Jar will bypass the Builder Base Star Bonus cooldown timer and gives you a brand new Star Bonus giving you the opportunity to get even more loot now!

New Upgrade Levels[]

We’ve also added new TH15 upgrade levels for Defenses, Traps, Troops, Heroes, and 2 Hero Pets! The full list of upgrades, costs, and stats are listed below.


The remaining 125 Wall segments can now be upgraded to level 16 at Town Hall 15.

Dark Barracks level 10[]
  • Available at Town Hall 13
  • Hitpoints: 950
  • Upgrade time: 13D
  • Upgrade cost: 13M Elixir
Eagle Artillery level 6[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 525
  • Shockwave damage: 45
  • Hitpoints: 5900
  • Upgrade Time 20D
  • Upgrade cost: 21.5M Gold
Hidden Tesla level 14[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage Per Second: 160
  • Hit Points: 1450
  • Upgrade time 18D
  • Upgrade cost 19.1M Gold
Scattershot level 4[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 200
  • Hitpoints: 5100
  • Upgrade time: 19D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 21.3M Gold
Builder’s hut level 5[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 135
  • Repair per second increased: 80
  • Hitpoints: 1800
  • Upgrade time: 14D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 17M Gold

New Trap levels[]

Seeking Air Mine level 5[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage: 2800
  • Upgrade time: 10D
  • Upgrade cost: 10M Gold
Giant Bomb level 9[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage: 425
  • Upgrade time: 12D Upgrade cost: 10.5M Gold

New Spell levels[]

Clone Spell level 8[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Cloned capacity: 42
  • Upgrade time: 17D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 18M Elixir
Skeleton Spell level 8[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Skeleton count: 19
  • Upgrade time: 17D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 320K Dark Elixir

New Troop levels[]

Goblin level 9[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 72
  • Hitpoints: 146
  • Upgrade time: 17D
  • Upgrade cost: 16M Elixir
Sneaky Goblin level 9[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 180
  • Hitpoints: 350
P.E.K.K.A level 10[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 750
  • Hitpoints: 7200
  • Upgrade time: 16D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 18M Elixir
Valkyrie level 10[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 223
  • Hitpoints: 2400
  • Upgrade time: 17D
  • Upgrade cost: 320K Dark Elixir
Super Valkyrie level 10[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 350
  • Hitpoints: 3400
  • Training Time: 3M 45S
Healer level 8[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Troop Heal: 76
  • Hero Heal: 65
  • Hitpoints: 1800
  • Upgrade time: 17D
  • Upgrade cost: 18M Elixir
Dragon level 10[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 370
  • Hitpoints: 4900
  • Upgrade time: 18D
  • Upgrade cost: 19.5M Elixir
Super Dragon level 10[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 452
  • Hitpoints: 7100
  • Training time: 6M
Hog Rider level 12[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 200
  • Hitpoints: 1230
  • Upgrade time: 17D
  • Upgrade cost: 335K Dark Elixir
Bowler level 7[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 114
  • Hitpoints: 550
  • Upgrade time: 17D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 335K Dark Elixir
Super Bowler level 7[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 215
  • Hitpoints: 2200
  • Training time: 5M
Baby Dragon level 9[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 155
  • Hitpoints: 2000
  • Upgrade time: 16D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 18M Elixir
Inferno Dragon level 9[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 85-1700
  • Hitpoints: 2300
  • Training time: 2M 15S
Yeti level 5[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 310
  • Hitpoints: 3900
  • Spawned units: 12
  • Upgrade time: 18D
  • Upgrade cost: 19M Elixir
Ice Golem level 7[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 48
  • Freeze time when destroyed: 8 seconds
  • Hitpoints: 3900
  • Upgrade time: 17D
  • Upgrade cost: 335K Dark Elixir

New Siege Machine levels[]

Wall Wrecker level 5[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 450
  • Hitpoints: 7500
  • Upgrade time: 16D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 15M Elixir
Stone Slammer level 5[]
  • Available at Town Hall 15
  • Damage per second: 750
  • Hitpoints: 6800
  • Upgrade time: 16D 12H
  • Upgrade cost: 15M Elixir

New Pet Levels[]

L.A.S.S.I and Mighty Yak have received 5 extra levels.

New Hero levels[]

All heroes available at Town Hall 15 got 5 new levels each.

Archer Queen[]
  • 5 new troop levels: 85 > 90
  • Royal Cloak ability level: 17 > 18
Barbarian King[]
  • 5 new troop levels: 85 > 90
  • Iron Fist ability level: 17 > 18
Grand Warden[]
  • 5 new troop levels: 60 > 65
  • Eternal Tome ability level: 12 > 13
Royal Champion[]
  • 5 new troop levels: 35 > 40
  • Seeking Shield ability level: 7 > 8

Upgrades & costs reductions[]

In this update we’re introducing reductions to upgrade costs and times for Buildings, Traps, Troops, Siege Machines, and Spells for players at Town Hall levels 12-13 with reductions as far as 25% with an average around 14% across all reductions.

Game Changes[]

New League Hero Skins and Scenery!

We’ve added 4 unique Hero Skins and a new War Scenery in the League Shop that you can purchase with your League Medals. Each Hero Skin represents a different League level and the scenery celebrates battling against other Clans in the grandest arena!

Each Hero Skin will cost 2000 League Medals and the War Scenery will cost 2400 League Medals. Show off your Clan’s War League skills by sporting these battle hardened Hero Skins and scenery.

Improved Hero Skins + Hero Skin Selection UI

We’ve made some improvements to the lighting and textures of our Hero Skins. You should notice additional details and sharper quality. We’ve also improved the Skin selection screen to help demonstrate the improved fidelity of the Skins!

Scenery Purchase UI Improvement Sceneries now have a proper full-screen preview and Sceneries can be purchased from the preview screen.

Changes To Super Troops[]

With so many Super Troops available for players to choose from, being able to adjust your strategies as needed becomes essential for successful attack and defense planning. In this update we’ve added the ability to cancel any active Super Troops.

If you have a Super Troop active, there will be a new button displaying “Cancel”. Tapping on the Cancel button will allow you to deactivate your Super Troop. Once that Super Troop has been deactivated, you’ll no longer be able to train more of that Super Troop until you activate it again.

But note, canceling an active Super Troop does not refund any Dark Elixir or Super Potions used in the initial activation.

Balance Changes[]

  • Level 9 Miner HP: 1200 -> 1250
  • Level 9 Super Miner HP: 3200 -> 3500
  • Removed randomness from attack position selection of Mountain Golem and Flying Fortress in Clan Capital.
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Healers.
  • Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Barbarians & Archers.
  • Troops will deploy from Siege Machines faster than before if there are many Troops embarked in the Siege Machine.
  • Reload time for Rage Spell Tower is increased by +20s
  • Rage Tower damage buff is reduced from 100% to 90%
  • Reload time for other Spell Towers (Poison & Invisibility) is increased by +10s

Game Changes[]

  • A confirmation popup will appear before a Clan Capital Raid attack if your Capital Gold storage is more than 90% full.
  • During Builder Base attacks, your custom deployment bar size option is limited to prevent buttons from appearing too small to tap.
  • Trophy calculation formula for BH6-10 players improved.
  • Remove “full” indicators from Builder Base Army Camps.
  • League Shop now accessible from Builder Base.
  • Personal Breaks disabled. You can log in and the game will not kick you out even when your personal break would normally kick in.
  • The amount of bonus Capital Gold for remaining Troops after clearing a District has been multiplied by 3.
  • Clan Games should always have a minimum of 4 claimable Builder Base and 4 claimable Home Village tasks.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed an issue where the available Capital Raid attacks was not displaying.
  • Cannon Cart icon fixed in the Season Challenge and Clan Games task UI.
  • Fixed issue that could cause Strongman’s Pony and fireworks to disappear.
  • Fixed bug that would occasionally prevent selection of units during a 2nd stage attack in Builder Base battles.
  • Push Traps can no longer push units out of the map in cases where the target location is completely surrounded by thick Walls.
  • Removed Boxer Block delay after it deactivates.

Version v15.292.8 - May 15, 2023 Builder Base 2.0 update[]

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The newly redesigned Builder Base Update is here! We have Builder Hall 10, multi-stage attacks, B.O.B, and MORE! The new Builder Base focuses on more tactical attacks, adaptability, emphasizes rewards for attacking AND defending, and most importantly - it is a ton of fun!

New Builder Hall Level 10[]

We couldn’t redesign Builder Base without giving players something to upgrade, right? Players who have reached Builder Hall Level 9 will be able to upgrade their Builder Base to Builder Hall Level 10. Builder Hall 10 unlocks a few brand new features like the following:

  • New Defense: X-Bow
  • New Troop: Electrofire Wizard
  • Laboratory allows for Troops to be upgraded to level 20
  • New Building levels!
  • Hero Machines can be upgraded to level 35

Introducing B.O.B[]

When players upgrade to Builder Hall 9, you will unlock a series of tasks. Completing all of these tasks will allow you to gain access to B.O.B, your robotic construction assistant. B.O.B imagines himself as a real Builder so don’t tell him he was constructed by Master Builder. Unlocking B.O.B will give your Home Village a new permanent 6th Builder.

In order to unlock B.O.B you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Complete 3 Gear Up upgrades
  • Upgrade any Troop to level 18
  • Upgrade any Defense to level 9
  • Total upgrade level of all Heroes must be at least 45. Just note that the new Hero Machine starts at Level 15 when you purchase it from the shop.

If you already unlocked O.T.T.O in the previous version of Builder Base, do not worry, B.O.B will automatically replace O.T.T.O and you will have access to B.O.B right away.

So what happens with O.T.T.O? He takes up residence in O.T.T.O’s Outpost once you reach Builder Hall 6 and unlock Stage 2 of your Builder Base. He serves as a permanent 2nd Builder for your Builder Base alongside Master Builder.

The next stage of battle[]

In this update, the biggest change we have implemented to the Builder Base is multi-stage attacks. We wanted to keep the smaller, more strategic feel of the earlier levels of Builder Halls 1-5 while being able to continue growing your Builder Base without unnecessarily increasing complexity you experienced between Builder Halls 6-9.

Builder Hall Levels 1-5 will progress relatively the same way with a few differences to how you attack and defend. However, when you reach Builder Hall Level 6 and beyond, a new facet of Builder Base opens up.

At Builder Hall Level 6, a new stage will be available to you. You will be able to move defenses from one stage to the other in order to customize your defenses.

Changes to Building and Editing Your Builder Base[]

Stage 2 of Builder Base features its own central building that serves the function of your stage’s “Builder Hall”. The second stage features O.T.T.O’s Outpost. Destroying any of these buildings will earn you a single Star, just as destroying the Town Hall does in the Home Village.

When you unlock the second stage at Builder Hall Level 6, Stage 2 will contain these buildings immediately at Level 1:

There is a limit to how many Defenses, Walls, and Traps each Stage is able to be placed and that limit is determined by your Builder Hall level. For example, at Builder Hall level 10:

  • Defenses per Stage: 14
  • Walls per Stage: 100
  • Traps per Stage: 12

The Layout Editor will also instruct you on which Buildings can be placed in each Stage. If you reach the maximum number of possible Buildings for that Stage that can be placed, the rest will be grayed out denoting they cannot be placed in that Stage.

Production Buildings such as Resource Storages have a limit to how many can be placed on each Stage, determined by your Builder Hall level. As an example at BH6 you have 2 available Elixir Storages, requiring you to place 1 Elixir Storage on each Stage.

Changes to Builder Base Walls[]

Builder Base Walls are no longer 5-segments long. Walls are now individual segments, similar to your Home Village, giving you greater flexibility in how you design your defensive layouts!

Layout Changes[]

Builder Halls 1-5[]

For players who are below BH6, we will try to preserve your current layouts as much as possible by moving it to the center of your Builder Base village map. If there are 4 or fewer than 4 buildings/traps that cannot fit in the smaller map size then those buildings will be randomly placed. If there are more than 4 buildings/traps that do not fit the smaller map size then the entire Builder Base layout will be placed randomly. Any additional non-active layouts will be wiped.

Builder Halls 6+[]

Dividing Builder Base into stages you need to conquer will still allow for more defenses to expand your Builder Base stages while creating cool new defensive strategies to thwart attackers.

Players who are already Builder Hall 6 and above (BH6+) will automatically unlock the cave entrance on the western side of the Builder Base which leads to your own second stage. In order to accommodate this, your Builder Base defenses will be randomly set for both stages. All Decorations will be stashed and any uncleared obstacles will remain where they currently are.

Additionally, any obstacles blocked by repositioned buildings/traps or from the decreased size of the map, will automatically be moved to valid but random positions. Any Tall Grass that is blocked will be removed. Any additional non-active layouts will be wiped.

Bronze Stars vs Silver Stars - Changes to Bonus Loot & Leagues[]

One major change we have made to Builder Base battles is how you earn Bonus Loot. Under the previous version of Builder Base, the amount of loot you could earn per day was limited by the 3-Win Builder Base Bonus. That reward system has been improved with a new Builder Base Star Bonus.

Builder Base now features two different Star types: Bronze and Silver Stars. Bronze Stars are earned by defeating Stage 1 of a multi-stage attack while Silver Stars are earned from defeating Stage 2.

Getting 100% destruction on Stage 1 will give you 3 Bronze Stars while getting 100% destruction on Stage 2 will give you 3 Silver Stars, up to a total of 200% destruction and 6 stars!

Completing your Builder Base Star Bonus will earn you more loot the higher your League level. However, the number of Stars required to earn your Builder Base Star Bonus will also depend on what League you are in and will vary between requiring 7 to 12 Stars to earn your Bonus loot. The higher your League, the more Bonus loot you will earn in the form of Builder Gold and Builder Elixir.

Let us look at a few examples.

  • If you reach 58% destruction on Stage 1 and were able to destroy their Builder Hall, this would result in 2 Bronze Stars and would count as 2 Stars towards your Builder Base Star Bonus.
  • If you were able to get 100% destruction on Stage 1 but fell short and got 10% on Stage 2 without destroying their Outpost, your total Stars would be 3 Bronze Stars and would count as 3 Stars towards your Builder Base Star Bonus.
  • If you were able to get 100% destruction on Stage 1 and 58% on Stage 2, including destroying their Outpost, this would be 3 Bronze Stars and 2 Silver Stars for a total of 5 Stars towards your Star Bonus.
  • Finally, if you were able to get 100% destruction on both Stage 1 and Stage 2, this would mean you will earn 3 Silver Stars for a total of 6 Stars towards your bonus.

One awesome thing about the new Builder Base Star Bonus system is while you will earn the most loot from your Star Bonus, you can still continue attacking and earning loot after you have completed your Star Bonus reward. You are no longer limited by the previous 3-Win Bonus for loot!

Changes to Builder Base Attacks & Trophies[]

Another major change to Builder Base attacks is the removal of head-to-head battles. With the new multiplayer battles, as mentioned earlier, your goal is to try and earn 3 Silver Stars to maximize your rewards as well as earning loot from your Builder Base Star Bonus.

Every time you perform an attack, your base is opened up to be attacked by another player - even while you are online! This means for every attack you perform, you will receive that many defenses as well.

Since loot is not stolen from other players during Builder Base battles, this allows you to store loot without having to worry about losing your hard earned Resources for an upgrade after defending from other attacking players.

Attacking another Builder Base is how you will earn Builder Gold, while defending against attacks will earn you Builder Elixir. This means it is not only important to build and upgrade your offensive capabilities, but also creating a strong defense is equally as rewarding! When you receive a defense from an attacking player, any earned Builder Elixir will be placed in an Elixir Cart found on your Builder Base. You will also be notified when a player is attacking you, even while you are still online! Therefore you can watch someone else attack your Builder Base live so you can determine where your Defenses need improvement.

As mentioned under the changes to Bonus Loot & Leagues, you can attack as often as you like - even after you have earned your Builder Base Star Bonus. Since Builder Base battles no longer happen head-to-head, you can perform your next attack as soon as your previous battle is done! No more waiting for your opponent to slowly drip Sneaky Archers!

Trophies are gained and lost by attacking and defending, respectively. You gain Trophies by attacking other Builder Bases. However, you will lost Trophies based on how successfully another player attacks your Builder Base. The net Trophy gain/loss results of your attacks is similar to the Legend League in your Home Village. Trophy changes are determined based on the number of Stars earned as well as the percentage of destruction achieved.

The number of Trophies gained/lost is based on your own Builder Hall's level. For attacking, the number of Trophies gained is dependent on the attacker's BH level while the defender will lose Trophies based on the defender's BH level.

Every Battle Feels Heroic[]

Builder Base battles now feel more tactical and exciting. We want Troops to shine like the heroes they are! One of the most engaging aspects of Builder Base was the ability to reactivate your Battle Machine's ability during combat. We have evolved this feature and have given many of the Builder Base Troops cool new heroic powers you can utilize during your battles. Not only is this new ability system more engaging where every Troop feels like they are the center of the battlefield, each ability brings something unique and powerful to your attacks. Builder Base battles are not just about deploying your Troops and watching the results. You are now actively involved in ongoing battle decisions!

One thing you might notice is that we have reduced the number of Builder Base Troops per Troop slot. This change makes every attack decision more important, more engaging, more tactical, and more exciting. We have also added some UI elements to help you keep track of your Troops on the battlefield. You will also notice a number displayed on the Troop deployment bar as well as a corresponding number next to the Troop on the battlefield. This simple improvement helps you keep track of which Troops is which in the heat of battle - especially when trying to keep track of your Troop's abilities!

New Feature - Troop Abilities[]

As we said above, we want Troops to feel like the heroes of the battlefield and we want to make Builder Base battles feel more immersive. The new Troop ability feature is an exciting new way to put you in control of the battlefield by giving you control over when to activate many of these Troops’ special powers. Some abilities are automatically active when a Troop is deployed, such as Sneaky Archer’s initial invisibility or Boxer Giant’s Power Punch. However, some abilities are similar to the Battle Machine’s ability that requires you to tap the unit to activate its effect.

Many of the Troops in the new Builder Base have received new abilities in this update. Here is a list of the Builder Base Troops and their abilities:

  • Raged Barbarian
    • Passive Ability: Rage - Speed and damage are increased for the first 22 seconds.
  • Sneaky Archer
    • Passive Ability: Cloak - Invisible to defenses for the first 11 seconds.
  • Boxer Giant
    • Passive Ability: Power Punch - The first attack deals extra damage.
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Boxer Block - When activated, Boxer Giant becomes temporarily surrounded by a protective shield that renders him invulnerable.
  • Beta Minion
    • Passive Ability: Power Shot - The first few attacks of Beta Minion shoot faster, have longer range, and deal extra damage.
  • Bomber
    • Cooldown Ability: Bouncing Bomb - When activated, Bomber’s next attack deploys a large explosive that bounces twice and deals very high damage to Walls. This ability can be used multiple times once the cooldown timer has refreshed.
  • Baby Dragon
    • Passive Ability: Tantrum - When no other air units are in close proximity to Baby Dragon, his damage is increased.
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Fiery Sneeze - Baby Dragon will launch a cone shaped attack of fire, dealing damage in front of him.
  • Cannon Cart
    • Mode Switch Ability: Mortar Mode - Cannon Cart can quickly alternate between its mobile shorter range but higher damage mode and a stationary, long-range artillery mode that deals less damage. You can toggle between each mode for greater tactical advantage!
  • Night Witch
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Bat Swarm - This ability summons a swarm of enraged bats that deal extra damage for a few seconds.
  • Drop Ship
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Skeleton Bomb - Drop Ship will drop a bomb directly below its current position, dealing area damage along with extra damage to Walls. Additionally the explosion effect will summon Skeletons that continue attacking as ground Troops.
  • Power P.E.K.K.A (formerly Super P.E.K.K.A)
    • 1-Time Active Ability: Overcharge - You can now manually activate her explosive ability that deals area damage around Power P.E.K.K.A.

Surviving Troops[]

When you complete the first stage during a Builder Base battle, any surviving Troops and Hero Machines will progress to the second stage and return to your Troop deployment bar where they can be used in the next attack.

Any Troops that you did not deploy during Stage 1 can be swapped out for another Troop choice before you begin your Stage 2 attack.

Your Healing Hut will recover some HP for damaged Troops to help them out for your second Stage battle. Additionally, depending on how many Reinforcement Camps you have, you will be aided by additional Reinforcements. Reinforcements are extra Troop slots you will gain access to when you reach the second stage. These Reinforcements can be incredibly helpful in increasing your attack power during the next stage of the battle.

Troop Level Changes[]

We want players to be able to jump into the new multiplayer attacks as quickly as possible. We understand at higher BH levels, upgrading a newly unlocked Troop from level 1 can be a deterrent to experimenting with new tactics until that Troop has been properly upgraded.

Therefore, Troops will be automatically upgraded to their minimum level when they are unlocked in the Barracks. The following list is what levels Troops will be at when they are unlocked. If you have already leveled your Troops beyond the minimum, do not worry! We will not reset their upgrade progress.

  • Raged Barbarian: Level 1
  • Sneaky Archer: Level 1
  • Boxer Giant: Level 3
  • Beta Minion: Level 3
  • Bomber: Level 5
  • Baby Dragon: Level 5
  • Cannon Cart: Level 7
  • Night Witch: Level 9
  • Dropship: Level 11
  • Power P.E.K.K.A: Level 13
  • Hog Glider: Level 15

New Troop: Electrofire Wizard[]

Electrofire Wizard unlocks at Builder Hall 10 and brings the heat and the lightning to the battlefield, but he is a proverbial glass cannon. He has low hit points but deals high damage and as a master of both Inferno and Electro Magics, he is able to switch between two different modes of attack.

  • Inferno Mode - This mode will allow Electrofire Wizard to shoot a single searing beam that gradually increases in damage over time.
  • Electro Mode - This mode will allow Electrofire Wizard to shoot a slow-charging Lightning attack that will bounce to multiple targets.

Electrofire Wizard always deploys with Inferno Mode as the default attack. You can switch between each mode by tapping on his image on the Troop Bar.

New Hero Machine - Battle Copter[]

Even after the update, Master Builder remains the only Hero for your Builder Base. But we have given him some new upgraded options!

Battle Copter[]
  • Unlocks at BH8
  • Air Hero Machine
  • Slow movement speed with long range medium DPS and HP.
  • Battle Copter’s activated ability allows it to quickly charge forward at its target in a dive attack and drops a large bomb, dealing tremendous damage.

Hero Machines are a class of constructs Master Builder rides into battle. Previously, the only interaction you had with your Battle Machine was to wait until his ability was fully charged while you furiously tapped the screen until the ability was available again.

Now Hero Machines will have 3 levels of charging you can activate. The higher the level of charge, the more potent its effect. Therefore it becomes a tactical decision to activate your Hero Machine’s ability at level 1 or risk letting it charge to level 3 for a more devastating effect.

You may only deploy one Hero Machine per Stage. However, once you make it to the second stage you can either continue using the same Hero Machine with the same remaining HP from the conclusion of Stage 1 or you can swap out for your alternate Hero Machine and deploy it with full hit points.

Battle Machine - Unlocked at Builder Hall Level 5, Battle Machine gets an upgrade to his ability in this update. When his Electric Hammer ability is activated he will recover hit points as well as deal increased damage. At charge level 2 and above, his Electric Hammer ability will chain lightning dealing damage to multiple targets!

New Defense - X-Bow[]

X-Bow can be unlocked once you upgrade to Builder Hall 10. This new Defense is similar to X-Bow in your Home Village. X-Bow can be switched between 2 modes. One mode allows for targeting only ground Troops. The alternate mode allows you to only target air Troops.

New Building - O.T.T.O’s Outpost[]

With O.T.T.O taking up permanent residence in your Builder Base, we figured he has worked hard enough over the years to deserve his own commode. An Outpost is the main Building of the second stage. Like destroying a Builder Hall, destroying an Outpost will earn you 1 Star for your attack. You will still need to reach 50% destruction for the next Star and 100% destruction for the final Star.

  • Unlocks at BH6
  • Can be upgraded to level 10 at BH10
  • Signature Ability - When O.T.T.O’s Outpost is destroyed, a swarm of Zappies will emerge and continue attacking any enemies nearby.

New Building - Reinforcement Camp[]

Reinforcement Camps are similar to Army Camps in that they expand your available Troops during your attack with extra Troops slots. However, Reinforcement Slots are only usable once you complete the first stage of your attack. You can pre-select what reinforcement Troops you want to use before you begin your attack, just as you would select Troops for your normal Builder Base Army. Additionally, once you reach Stage 2, you are able to swap your current Reinforcement Troops out for any other Builder Base Troops you have unlocked. Just be mindful that once you begin your second stage attack, your Reinforcements can no longer be changed. Each Reinforcement Camp gives you one Reinforcement slot per Camp.

  • First Reinforcement Camp - Unlocks at BH6 and is already automatically accessible.
  • Second Reinforcement Camp - Unlocks at BH9

New Building - Healing Hut[]

You would never expect amazing culinary creations to come from something called Healing Hut, but then again, they do say mom’s chicken soup is good at healing what ails you. Healing Hut is a unique kind of building that helps heal your surviving Builder Base Troops after you complete Stage 1 and before starting your Stage 2 battle. The higher the level of your Healing Hut, the more your surviving Builder Base Troops are healed. The soup is just that good.

  • Unlocks at BH6

Additional Changes[]

  • Giant Cannon range increased from 9.0 to 9.5 tiles.
  • Builder Base Trap triggering logic has been improved. Minimum spring weight to trigger Mines and Mega Mines has been increased to 2 and 3 respectively. This means they won’t be triggered by a single Skeleton in close proximity.
  • Bomber’s AI has been improved to avoid targeting Wall segments that don’t have 2 adjacent Wall pieces.
  • Single Army Camp Troops like Boxer Giant use precise targeting logic to select their next target.
  • Chief’s Journey is now available in Builder Base.
  • Push Traps can now push jumping units (Hog Riders).
  • Guard Post is now considered a non-Defense for purposes of targeting.
  • Many Builder Base Defense ranges have been reduced to accommodate the smaller map size.
  • Gem costs for skipping timers in Builder Base have been changed to match those in Home Village.
  • Builder Base Friendly Challenges have been changed to no longer require dueling.
  • Minor tweaks to graphics of low level Cannons, Mortars and Wizard Towers

Bug fixes[]

  • Allow stashing of shoveled obstacles also outside the layout editor.
  • Added spacing between every three numbers in some buttons which display large resource costs.
  • Fix bugs from self and area highlight of Spell Towers and Builder’s Huts when moving them.
  • Hide … button for Super Troop info screens if they don’t have secondary units when viewing it from edit friendly army screen.
  • Fix bug which would prevent clearing of training queue when done from the war map.
  • Fix crash when getting a new unplaced building while having other unplaced buildings.
  • Fix incorrect calculation of remaining possible wall upgrades for wall upgrade tasks.
  • Fix reverse order of the numbers in the list of raid attacks in raid results screen.
  • Fix crash when trying to view contents of empty CC in challenge levels.
  • Fix defensive Healers healing buildings.
  • Fix ranged ground troops sometimes getting stuck when trying to target defensive Lava Pups which have flown outside the game area.
  • Allow usage of Research Potions while Laboratory is upgrading (both via the magic item button and magic item storage).
  • Display duration of remaining research boost also when Laboratory is upgrading.
  • Fix a rare bug where players who used the long-removed “Sell building” feature to sell their Barracks, could end up stuck in the reengagement battle with no possible troops and no way to win. Now they will receive Barbarian reinforcements.
  • Builder Base Air Bombs will no longer follow targets indefinitely, they will explode if they haven’t reached target in 10 seconds.

AI changes[]

  • Adjust Healer AI to more consistently target damaged units when both damaged and undamaged units are near each other.
  • Make Grand Warden recalculate his group when redeploying recalled Grand Warden.
  • Prevent Battle Rams from getting stuck if they happened to target a wall piece which didn’t have any free space around it.
  • Increase “warden weight” of Electro Titans so that Grand Warden is more likely to follow them.
  • Fix Hidden Teslas sometimes not being triggered by heroes which were using the Phoenix pet.

Version v15.86.26 January 23, 2023[]

  • Decrease Skeleton count of Graveyard Spell from 23/27/31/35 to 21/25/29/32.
  • Increase Recall Spell capacity by 11 for all levels.
  • Increase Long Shot ability rocket count for offensive Super Minions from 5 to 6.

Bug fixes[]

  • Fix bug where ground Clan Castle would be triggered by Phoenix egg when following Air Warden.
  • Fix bug where the Rabbit Lantern would turn into Glowy Lantern when removing it.