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This page is simply here to serve as a guide for my actual strategy guides.


Each Guide I have will be listed here. I normally put my guides in a somewhat complete state and then start updating them from there. Guides that are in the making will be listed as "Under Construction". I am also making images for the links, so some may have and others may not.

Thumbnail Title & Description
Basic Attacks

Want a basic summary for attacking, low THs? Look no further!

Extra References Sometimes, the Wiki can't tell you everything, or the Fandom can't entertain you. Learn to craft your own belt to look for these things.
Attack Terminology

Don't understand what people are saying? Here's a guide!

Picking the CC Learn all the reasoning and ways of picking the right clan castle composition.
Dark Elixir

Learn all about the mysterious substance known as Dark Elixir.

Editing My Guides[]

Have a desire to edit my guide? Find which one it is and then do the necessary steps before editing it:

Contact me for permission - Huge content changes, deletion, suggestions, etc.

Contact me and then edit - Grammar Checks, Useless info deletion, admin stuffs, etc.

Just go ahead - Minor Edits, Typos, Links, Etc