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Attack Terminology[]

Attack terminology is a fancy way to say "CoC slang", just like how tactical auxiliary forward-mounted attack units is a fancy way for "Koopa Paratroopas". (Paper Mario Color Splash reference)



Each defense has it's own abbreviation or shorter version, mostly:

Cannon - None, sadly

Archer Tower - AT

Mortar - None, sadly

Air Defense - AD

Wizard Tower - Wiz Tower

Air Sweeper - Sweeper

Hidden Tesla - Tesla

Bomb Tower - BT

Crossbow - X-bow - Bow

Inferno Tower - Inferno, IT

Eagle Artillery - Eagle, EA

Giga Inferno/ Giga Tesla - TH

Scattershot - Scatter

Clan Castle (Although not a defense, the abbreviation is probably the most common one out of them all) - CC

Technical Terms[]

There are more technical terms players use when identifying a base:

Value - self-explanatory.

Island - A defense(Most likely the inferno tower, x-bow, or scattershot) surrounded by two or sometimes three spaces and then a layer of wall in all directions

Bait (Defense) A defense that seems like extra value, but actually proves tough to get and requires more investment than the defense gives back.

Backend - A defense or sometimes the Clan Castle that would be attacked at the end of an attack. They usually prove troublesome if powerful and not accounted for since by then the attacker probably only has something like a freeze to destroy it.

Trash - Non-defenses that are placed on the outside. They serve no purpose other than distracting.

Core - The center of a base. Probably contains the most important defenses, although bases designed to defend against mass-lightning attacks either have multiple or no core(s).

Farm - A group of one defense(Most likely a Tesla or X-Bow) close together, with some traps nearby. X-Bow farms can do severe damage nowhere near danger and Tesla farms can easily wreck most troops and heroes if partially damaged from the rest of the base.

Troll Tesla - Only for lower THs, but a Tesla in the corner, as it is hidden and unlikely to be triggered unless 51% of the base has been destroyed. Recommended using only one.


Attack "segments"[]

There are some terms for certain pieces of an army used. You can also add one in if you think it is pretty common, but I will edit it to my terms.

QW/Queen Walk/Walk/QC/Queen Charge/Charge - Sending the Queen along with 4 or 5 healers, a rage or two, and some wall breaking troops to get certain areas of the base.(You can use Mighty Yak once you have unlocked it)

KS/Kill Squad - Sending in Golems, Wizards, your heroes, and other DPS troops like Bowlers to get a chunk of the base.

Sui Hero/Hero Dive/Sui - Sending in one or more Heroes with not much support(Up to an Ice Golem and maybe a Super Wall Breaker, but it depends) to get value, but then die.

Electrone - Sending a Battle Blimp that has an Electro Dragon and Balloons along with a Clone and a Rage to destroy a part of the base(And probably clan castle troops)

GoHo(Blimp) - Sending a battle blimp along with your main army(Preferably Lavaloon) and then when it gets to the town hall, A Lava Hound comes out while Sneaky Goblins destroy it.

Zap - seven lightnings and one EQ, mostly, to destroy important defenses and the Clan Castle, which prevents the CC troops from. coming out.

Yeti Blimp - Sending a Battle Blimp with some Yetis and just a rage. It's like a smaller electrone with a different purpose.

Distracting Giant/Ice Golem - A giant or ice golem meant to tank for a small time. Useful for bat attacks to save a freeze.

Bat Wave - One of the two ways to deploy bats in a bat attack. It is simply to place all of your bat spells at an edge and let them stack up. It also allows you to let some bats die from some splash, although not too much.

Bat Bomb - The other way to deploy bats. Simply place all the bat spells at one place and then freeze the splash when they start to stack up. You may want to start it where there is only one splash.

CC Valk - While not really an attack "Segment", since most clan castle combinations start with a horde of goblins and archers, you can send one Valkyrie in to mow them down quickly and save time for the more powerful troop that comes after.


There are parts of an attack that aren't part of the troops, spells, and sieges. Here are what they are:

Pathing - A, well, path that troops should follow, probably throughout the base.

Funnel - A clear path into the base.

Cleanup - Getting the last few trash buildings and defenses destroyed to prevent a time fail.

Adaptation - Adapting to things that weren't supposed to happen. Traps and hidden teslas are notorious for requiring this.

Swag - To three-star a base with leftover troops. For example, to three-star a base with three leftover Hog Riders: "I swagged that base with three Hogs."

Whole names[]

Attacks have names too. They are commonly named like this:

Parts of names - The name is made up of parts of each of the main troop's names. EXAMPLES: Barch - Barbarians + Archers. GiWiLoon - Giants + Wizards + Balloons. GoVaHo - Golems + Valkyries + Hogs. YetiBoBat - Yetis + Bowlers + Bat Spells. This is also a evolution of attacks from Th2 - Th13, anyway.

Smash - The name is basically sending the named troop into the base with Healers and bowlers and destroying it from there. EXAMPLES: Pekka Smash, Yeti Smash, Super Witch Smash, and Super Giant Smash.

Other - Some attacks have names not that are either completely different or having things that are not smash after. EXAMPLES: Witch Slap(Witches + Healers down the side, Golems, Witches, Heroes in middle). The Falcon(QW + Valkyries) Frozen Witch(Witch Slap but with many Freeze Spells).