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Basic Attacks


Th1-5's attacks are pretty simple. Sure, Th5 is a l i t t l e complex, but lightning spells are kinda obvious. Here are some tips for Town Halls, some specific and some not.

Identifying Traps[]

Traps are quite easily Identified in bases. Avoiding them can be "critical" to a successful attack. There are two types of traps:

Outwards Traps[]

Outer Trap
These traps are probably bombs to kill wall breakers and low HP troops. Identify them by large spaces between trash buildings or spaces between trash buildings and walls.

These can easily be defended by:

  • Placing a giant to tank for whatever you want on the outside.(Only applies for start of an attack)
  • Placing some troops to try and cut off others from reaching the spot
  • Placing a gob to D I E

Inwards Traps[]

These are the more, say, potent traps(Unless an outwards bomb destroys your wall breakers). Some things to note:

  • Double air bombs can easily wreck your balloons if hit by a wizard tower. Always spread your balloons to avoid it.
  • Spring traps can carry 4 giants away, which is 1/3 or even more of your tanks for common Gitacks(Giant Attacks)
  • Perfectly placed inwards bombs can wreck your supporting troops, but because of the size of low level bases, they are not very common.
  • Most of these are always in between 2 defenses. Since they cannot cover all 4 sides, identify the ones that probably have them, and then avoid them.

Destroying the CC[]

Enemy CCs are a pain in the funnel. There are some tips and tricks to deal with it:

  • Simply place one archer outside the range of defenses. Th5 and below have bases way too small to prevent this.
  • Lure the clan castle far away. This will also prevent defenses attacking your troops that are attacking the CC troops.
  • Include a large amount of troops to take care of them. Worst case scenario, you can be attacking troops that are 12 TH levels higher than you. Stop focusing on your own army, as if they have max levels, you probably do too.
  • A distracting giant. When you have wizards, each one dying is way more detrimental than an archer. Place one giant or two to distract the defending troops for a while.

Using the CC[]

There are several known CC comps that are used commonly. Use this to your advantage, either for choosing or actually defending against.

10 Housing Space[]

  • Defense
    • One Baby Dragon
    • One Valkyrie, One minion
    • Two Balloons
    • Two Super Barbarians
  • Offense
    • Two balloons/hogs/giants
    • Two Wizards, Two Archers
    • One Valkyrie, Two Archers
    • Two Super Barbarians

15 Housing Space[]

  • Defense
    • One Baby Dragon, One Balloon
    • One Valkyrie, any ground ranged troops
    • Any combination of 5 housing space troops(Most commonly balloons)
    • Super Archer + Sneaky Goblins/Three Barbarians
  • Offense
    • One Valkyrie, any ground ranged troops.
    • Three Balloons
    • Giants/Hogs
    • Super Archer + Anything