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Dark Elixir


Yes! Finally, I reached TH7 fair and square even though I left literally everything at level one including my storages and thus I had to wait several seasons just to start upgrading my TH and also needing to spend thousands of dollars to just manage unlocking the new buildings!

Anyway, what's new? My Gold and Elixir storage capacity have increased, an- What? Is that... a new elixir bar? why is the icon black?

What is Dark Elixir?

Dark Elixir is a mystical new substance that is unlocked at TH7 and is treated like gold and elixir, but more valuable. Here's a good representation:

Elixir : Gold : Dark Elixir

100 : 100 : 1

This is also why dark elixir is so much harder to procure and keep. It is also why one gem is much less Dark Elixir than it is Gold or Elixir.

Dark Elixir is commonly abbreviated as "DE". However, if you say "DE" in the same sentence as Elixir, I recommend either converting DE to Dark Elixir or Elixir to E.

Due to being a completely new resource, Dark Elixir is completely independent from elixir and cannot be generated with it. It is kept separately in the mystical Dark Elixir Storage... A cubular version of the ordinary Elixir storage. All of your Dark Elixir is kept in either the Town Hall or the Dark Elixir Storage.

What is Dark Elixir used for?[]

Dark Elixir is similar to elixir, but used for its counterparts. However, one of the most important parts of your army is unlocked, upgraded, and used with Dark Elixir.


On unlock of Dark Elixir you also gain access to the Dark Barracks. Here you gain access to troops that are semi independently trained from normal troops. What do I mean?

Spells and Troops are completely independently trained. They share separate queues and upgrading one does not affect the other. Spells and Dark Spells(Unlocked at th8) are semi-independently trained from one another. The share the same queue but upgrading one does not affect training speeds of the other. In other words, they are made in different buildings, so upgrading one doesn't affect how spells from the other train.

With Dark Elixir you unlock said semi-independently trained troops. These troops are different from normal troops, like the Valkyrie, with a splash component or the Hog Rider, with the ability to jump over walls.

Dark Elixir troops are not the most important part. The most important part are Heroes. With a sizable fee of some Dark Elixir, you get to place one down. A hero is immortal, meaning you only need to train it once. If it "dies" in battle or takes damage, it needs a certain amount of time before it can be used again. A hero also comes with an ability, a once-per battle use that boosts their hero and does other effects. For example, the Royal Champion(Unlocked at Th13) heals a large amount of health and deals massive damage to 4 defenses. The Barbarian King(Unlocked at th7) heals a small amount of health, boosts his damage and speed for a while, and summons some barbarians to help. The summoned barbarians are also boosted for the same amount of time.

The real stinger about heroes is that for each TH they need several upgrades. Each upgrade takes a huge amount of DE (The max town hall 7 king upgrade takes 80% or so of your max storage capacity for a th7) and constantly increases, along with taking quite the amount of time, although not as much as laboratory upgrades. Heroes can be insanely powerful if maxed out, being the tankiest or dealing the most damage compared to other troops, which is why DE is incredibly important.

Obtaining DE[]

Actually Coming Soon...