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Extra References[]

Having a good set of tools in all cases is good. In this case, your tools are CoC youtubers and other places that you go to. Each one may have a different purpose, but they are all important. 

Scoring System[]

Each reference has its ups and downs, just like tools. In this case, the rating of each reference has 3 stats, and I'll put it in the classic way of Video Games:

ATK: Offensive strategies. This should be guides and also coverage of championships. 

DEF: Defensive strategies. This can and should also be guides, but mainly about bases themselves.

SPD: The laughs. We all need something of Clash of Clans that is actually funny!

I classified each reference under the stats. Additionally, the total of each stat is 8. So, I may need to nerf a stat that shouldn't really be nerfed in order to improve a stat that probably should be.

My "Belt"[]

My "Belt" of references consists of 5 youtube channels, one of which has a website. These are who they are:

Link Judo Sloth Gaming Bisectatron Gaming  Dark Barbarian
Desc My main source of info. He mainly covers attacks and championships, the occasional updates stuff, and the rare-only-seen-once Meme Video, all with incredibly great detail! My secondary source, and definitely a "Clash Of Clans Manual". It covers strategies and defensive (base building) tips and is probably the only one who extensively covers defensive tips. Need a Home Village base? Hate getting 3 starred every attack? Check here, his new bases are tested with many replays and serve very well in protecting your loot and trophies. I 100% recommend them! Also has an attacking guide.
ATK 5 3.5 2
DEF 1 3.5 5
SPD 2 1 1
Link Clash With Time Jaso
Desc Covers oddities and the funny stuff, especially interactions and the "Troops vs all of one defense base" videos. Recently has done reviews and statistics for new upgrades and troops. The Jack-of-all-trades. The only one that really does all 3 well, but he mostly does funny content nowadays. Check his guides and bases though!
ATK 2 8/3
DEF 1 8/3
SPD 5 8/3

Other tools[]

Here are some other places to see for references. This will probably be updated over time:

Link Base of Clans Clash Bashing Carbon Fin Clash With Eric
Desc All things base related. Bash your friends with these strats! Diamond is just fancy carbon. The OneHive Representative.
ATK 0 5 5 4
DEF 8 2 1.5 2
SPD 0 2 1.5 1
The Ultimate Guide
Everything you need in one guide. Everything that exists.
ATK 999 DEF 999 SPD ∞
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