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Villager info


  • Villagers are the dress-clad women that wander aimlessly around the village, jumping over Walls (sometimes going through them) and interacting with obstacles and buildings. They will sometimes enter the Town Hall or Builder Hall, and leave again, clap at random buildings/obstacles, or even call others to come out.
  • When a player reaches Town Hall level 4, they can repair the broken boat which brings three Villagers to the Builder Base, though more than three appear to wander about in the Builder Base.
  • A Villager has speech bubbles in the tutorials. In these tutorials, she guides you with what to do and teach you how to build buildings and attack.
  • After the player enters a Clan, the Leader or a Co-Leader begins a Clan War, and the player clicks on the Clan War button, a Villager wearing a Viking helmet will give you a tutorial on Clan Wars.
    • The same will also happen when a Leader or Co-Leader signs in to the Clan War Leagues.


  • The Villagers will run and hide inside of the Town Hall if the village is under attack. This is true even if the Town Hall is destroyed.
    • If the Town Hall is destroyed before a Villager gets there, they will just despawn near its wreck.
    • This is not true during Versus Battles in the Builder Base, where they are absent entirely during a battle, supposedly all having slept inside the Builder Hall.
  • They will walk around the village randomly, aiming for obstacles and occasionally buildings and defenses.
  • They will 'approve' of structures by placing their hands on their hips and nod, or by clapping their hands next to it.
  • They will randomly enter/exit the Town Hall. When a Villager exits the Town Hall, they appear to be doing something with their hands. They will then wander off somewhere else.
  • This can cause the Hidden Tesla's location to be given away.
  • After the Villagers have roamed around the village for a while, they will go back to the Town Hall. This means that they treat it as an Army Camp, so if it is moved around while the Villagers are walking back, the Villagers will chase it all the way.
  • In the Builder Base, after wandering about for some time, a Villager goes off to sleep on any random spot or sometimes on the entrance of the Builder Hall.
  • If the Builder Hall is displaced from its position while a Villager is sleeping on its entrance, the Villager, in the sleeping posture, will somehow move to the Builder Hall's location.
  • On a War Village, a Villager might clap where an obstacle is in your regular village.


The tutorial

When playing the game for the first time

  • Welcome Chief! We sure have been waiting for you. -
  • This is your new village, isn't it lovely! Life here would be perfect if it wasn't for....
  • OH NO, GOBLINS! Quick, let's set up a Cannon to defend the village! - After the Goblin King's arrival
  • Place the Cannon in the center of the village. We must protect the Town Hall! (The player must place their cannon to protect their village)
  • Chief, you can spend some green gems to speed things up!
  • Phew, that was a close call. Thanks Chief!" (After the goblins are successfully defeated)
  • We built the village on a Ley Line. That means the Cannon will magically repair itself over time.
  • The Wizards from Ivory Tower are here to help us! Let's take out the goblin camp! (The Wizards arrive at the player's village)
  • Wow, nice going! Now we need to get this village into fighting shape. (After victory over the first attack the goblins level)
  • Hiring a second builder will let you start two constructions simultaneously. (The player must purchase another builder)
  • Elixir is used to train Troops and construct Buildings.
  • You can pump Elixir from the underground. Let's try it! (The player must construct an Elixir Collector)
  • The collector can only store a small amount of Elixir.
  • Let's build an Elixir Storage so we can stockpile the stuff! (The player must construct an Elixir Storage)
  • Build a Gold Storage so we can stockpile gold! (The player must construct a Gold Storage)
  • Chief, we need an army to fight those goblins! Let's build a Barracks. (After the Goblin King's arrival, again)
  • Now let's train some troops! (The player must train several Barbarians)
  • Well done. Now let's kick some green butt!
  • That was a great battle! How shall you be known in our history? (The player can name themselves whatever they like)
  • With the Gold we took from the goblins, we can afford to upgrade the Town Hall. (The player must upgrade the Town Hall)
  • Good job! We can now build new buildings from the shop thanks to the Town Hall upgrade. (After that, the player can click both the Builder icon info and the challenge.)

Click on the Builder info

  • Here you can find suggestions for what to build or upgrade next!

Click on the challenge icon

  • I've set up some challenges for you to tackle.
  • Completing each challenge earns you points.
  • Sometimes you'll also unlock new challenges too.
  • Earn enough points, and you'll win rewards. (Click rewards)
  • Here you can see how many points you need for each reward.
  • These will help our village get stronger and stronger!
  • Good luck Chief! You've got this!

Visiting the Builder Base

  • Chief, our boat and crew are ready to set sail!
  • Don't worry about getting lost. We'll remember the way back!
  • Land Ho! What is this strange place? (After arriving in the Builder Base)
  • We're in luck, Chief! We can fix up those old buildings for shelter! (The player must repair the Builder Hall)
  • Phew! Let's settle here for tonight. It's our home away from home!
  • Whoa! Where did you come from?! (Meeting the Master Builder)
  • Using troops? Chief, your skills might come in handy here! (The player must go into a Versus Battle)
  • Oh no, they're attacking us too?! - After the player's opponent simultaneously attack a player's base
  • Chief, you did the best attack! We got loot as a prize! - After winning from a battle
  • Chief, seems there is plenty to do here. Let's be sure to look after our village too!

Clan War tutorial

  • You've finally arrived, Chief! Welcome to the War Zone!
  • Our enemies are hungry for war, but our clan is here and ready to fight!
  • Look, Chief, over there! I've spotted the enemy clan!
  • Oh my, the enemy War Bases are everywhere!
  • Attacks are limited out here, so we'll need our clan to fight them all.
  • Take a look around, Chief, then let's check back on our War Bases.
  • On preparation day we donate troops to make our defenses stronger.
  • On battle day we attack! Trophies and shields don't count here, only victory!
  • Tap the info button to learn more. Then clan is counting on you, Chief!

Clan War Leagues tutorial

  • We made it, Chief! We made it to the War Leagues!
  • Here we can finally show that we are one of the greatest clans!
  • Let's great prepared. I can tell you a thing or two to help us get ready!
  • First, we will be fighting one battle after another.
  • At the bottom, you can tap buttons to move between wars!
  • Make sure you donate troops for the next day in advance, Chief!
  • To win a day, we need to collect more stars than the opponent.
  • Each clan members can do just one attack, so let's make them count!
  • Let's look at the big picture. Tap on the button below.
  • Here you can see how we are doing against the other clans. (Click the Group section)
  • The Clan that has collected most stars overall wins the entire league.
  • If we win, we can climb to higher and higher leagues.
  • Tap the info button for more information. I think we are ready! - (Click the info button)
  • Oh, one important thing! We earn League Medals from stars and wins.
  • We can use them to buy some very powerful items.
  • When you're ready, go use them in the shop!

Town Hall 7

  • Hey Chief! I felt that you're ready for something new.
  • From now on, there will be new challenges and rewards available every month!
  • There are also new rewards called perks. Let's take a look! (Click on perks)
  • The Season Bank magically fills up as you get loot from regular battles.
  • At the end of each month, all of it will be deposited to your storages!
  • The other perks help with building, research, training and donation costs.
  • Get the Gold Pass and earn all of the perks along with other great rewards!

Town Hall 12

  • Your Town Hall now fires back at attackers!
  • You can upgrade the weapon to make it more powerful.

Town Hall 14

Defensive Builders

  • Hey Chief, the Builders say they want to do more in battles.
  • Upgrade their huts to see how they can help!


  • Hey Chief! Let me offer you a tour of the Pet House! (After the Pet House has finished being built)
  • Pets are powerful companions that fight alongside your heroes in battle.
  • You can upgrade them to make them even more powerful.
  • Let's pair up the first one, L.A.S.S.I, with one of your Heroes! (The player can choose which hero the L.A.S.S.I will be paired with)
  • Excellent choice! Each pet is unique and there's many great combinations.
  • Feel free to experiment to see what works best!

Returning after 90 days or more

  • Not a step closer!
  • I know a disguised goblin when I see one...
  • We're done with our resources being stolen by everyone.
  • You won't get anything without a fight!! (The player must attack their own village)
  • Whoa... You're pretty strong for a goblin. (After the player successfully raids their own base)
  • Uhh... You're not a goblin?
  • C.. CHIEF?! Is it REALLY you?
  • Sorry for mistaking you for a goblin, Chief.
  • A lot has happened since you left. Let's go meet everyone! (The player must tap on whatever the things need to be tapped)

Tap one of the Barracks

  • The troops are really excited to have you back!
  • I bet training will be really fast for a while!
  • You should train an army right away, Chief!

-Tap one of the Builder Huts-

  • Builder built some things while you were away.
  • Please sign your approval here... and here... and here... (The results will show on what buildings were upgraded)
  • Builder also had plans for what we could be doing next.
  • Check his list if you need ideas! (Tap the info button on the Builder's icon)

Tap on the Laboratory (with some units being upgraded)

  • Lots of noise coming from the Laboratory...
  • I think the Wizards finished some research for you. (The results will show what troops were upgraded)
  • See if we have resources to start something right away.

Tap on the Laboratory (with every unit maxed)

  • The Laboratory has been quiet because everything has been researched.
  • We'll need to upgrade it before we can do more.

Tap on the Laboratory (only one last unit not upgraded)

  • The Laboratory has been bustling with activity.
  • I heard the Wizards just finished up the last available research project!
  • We'll need to upgrade the Laboratory to unlock more options!

-Tap on the Loot Cart-

  • Earlier visitors dropped these when they were... running away.
  • Let's collect them and start some upgrades! - The player must collect their loot cart



Return home button side by side comparison

Comparison between these “return home” buttons. Take note at the Villager’s heads and the slight differences in font

Hidden tesla detected

A villager clapping on an empty space, which seems to be a Hidden Tesla

  • The “Return home” button featured in an App Store or Google Play photo shows the Villager’s head in her normal position. In game, her head is flipped. The font on the “return home” text is slightly different, resembling Clash Royale's.
  • They have green dresses, yellow belts, pouches, red hair, and are barefoot. They also appear to have a blue cape that they drag behind them. In the achievements section they appear to have brown-red hair, however, in your village, they appear to have pink hair. They are also quite skinny in size.
    • In the 2020 summer update, the Villagers got a graphical change, with the new appearance looking less like clay and also having five fingers in total like in modern Clash of Clans instead of four.
  • In the game files, the Villager is labeled as "tutor".
  • Villagers often clap next to buildings and obstacles to worship them.
    • You can use the Villagers clapping to identify the location of the Hidden Tesla, as the villagers will 'approve' nothing (which is really a Hidden Tesla).
  • A Villager guides you through the tutorial.
  • The Villager that guides you in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues wears a viking helmet. The same thing applies if you’re inactive for 90 days or more.
  • The Villager also tells you when your village is attacked.
  • Under normal circumstances, the Villager has the same movement speed as a Barbarian. However, while running to the Town Hall during a raid, they move as fast as a Builder.
  • There is a glitch that if you move a Walls underneath a sleeping Villager in Builder Base, they will start jumping while sleeping.
  • When a player has been inactive for 90 days or more, the Villagers will automatically upgrade the player's base. They will mistake the player for an invading Goblin, a reference to the tutorial, and will have you reclaim your base once you return to the game.
    • During this specific attack, you will get reinforcement troops added into the troop selection once every 10 seconds. The reinforcement troops are always troops or spells that are included in the army you are using.
    • The automatic upgrade is done with half the amount of resources (capped at one year) that would normally have been earned from the resource collectors. New buildings cannot be placed, and the Town Hall is not subject to this.
      • However, upgrades inside the Laboratory can be automatically done.
  • In Clash-A-Rama, Villagers are shown to have a grudge against Goblins.
  • During Christmas updates, Villagers are shown wearing a Santa Claus hat.
  • Villagers appear at 9th Clashiversary Scenery.