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There are many resources online where you can get information and communicate with others about Clash of Clans. 

Feel free to add a comment with additional websites where people are talking about the game.

Official Websites


Supercell's Official Clash of Clans Forum
This is the official forum hosted by Supercell, the company that created Clash of Clans. There are plenty of sub-forums to explore and post in.


Clash of Clans Website
This website is also run by Supercell. Here you will find blog posts, info about troops, spells, etc. Many of the pages do refer to the Wiki here on the bottom of their pages.


Clash of Clans on Facebook
Supercell maintains a Facebook page for Clash of Clans. This is where they announce contests, new features, and upcoming updates.


Clash of Clans on Twitter
Clash of Clans is also on Twitter! If you are on Twitter then feel free to follow their page.


Clash of Clans on Reddit
This is the subreddit dedicated to Clash of Clans. Go and join the discussions there.


Clash of Clans on YouTube
Clash of Clans also hosts a YouTube channel which posts funny commercials, advertisements, and announcements. Check out their videos.

Other Websites


Clash of Stats
A useful website that allows you to view all clan stats, player stats, and much more. Type in the player/clan tag, and go from there.


Pixel Crux
A collection of tools to help you stay ahead in Clash of Clans. Track your progress, determine how to best use your gems, plan your attacks, and more.


Blueprint CoC
Blueprint CoC provides multiple FREE Bases that you can use! Improve your layout today and log into Fandom to receive a special discount code! See for more.