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Hello there! I'm Winter1203, and I'm going to show you defensive and offensive strategies in the Clan Castle. We will have a few sections.

Clan Castle Guessing[]

This is the strategy I always use. You will just guess if the Clan Castle has troops. This how to do it properly:

With Troops:

  1. A lack of tombstones can suggest the player is active and requests often. This likely indicates the presence of Clan Castle troops.
  2. Sometimes really strong troops survive in a battle.

Clan Castle Troops will never die or release when a Lightning Spell strikes the Clan Castle.

Without Troops:

  1. An abundance of tombstones can suggest that the player is inactive and does not request often.
  2. A clanless player most likely has no donated troops. (Note: A player can still house troops donated by their former clan).
  3. Abandoned bases have a very low chance of containing Clan Castle troops.

Clan Castle Suggestions[]

This is what you can donate in your own Town Hall Level. My personal Clan Castle troops are Wizards and Archers (just to let you know).

Town Hall 3-4[]

  1. You can house 2 Balloons in a Level 1 Clan Castle. These can be deadly on offense due to the lack of aerial defenses at that Town Hall Level. However, beware that Balloons on defense cannot attack air units!
  2. One Baby Dragon can be housed inside a Level 1 Clan Castle. These can demolish low level bases due to their powerful Rage ability.

Town Hall 5[]

  1. You can fit 1 Ice Golem into a Level 2 Clan Castle. Not only do they have amazing health, their death freeze can be infinitely useful on defense.
  2. Three Hog Riders can fit into a Level 2 Clan Castle. With a great amount of damage, they are very valuable on both offense and defense.

Town Hall 6[]

  1. Dragons are a powerful tool in both attacking and defending which can be stored in a Level 3 Clan Castle. Their huge health combined with their high damage output means they can tear through attacking armies with ease.
  2. Three Wizards combined with 3 Archers can act like extra defenses due to their large firepower.