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Hello fellow Clasher! I am Winter1203 and this is my 2nd Strategy Guide page. This is about Matchmaking. It is also quite short.

Preferred Bases[]

These are the types of bases you can attack:

You should not attack players with their Town Hall outside (Abandoned Bases are ok).

Suggestions for what TH to attack[]


The same TH. You can attack TH2-3s if you have still a weak army.


TH4s and TH5s if your army is still weak. The same TH's if your army is strong. You can attack max TH6s and TH7s even though it would be less than 3 stars.


Now there is a new resource, Dark Elixir, you can only attack TH7+ players for Dark Elixir. Try to aim for the Town Hall, Clan Castle and the Dark Elixir Storage (Due to the supply of Dark Elixir).


The same as TH7. You can attack lower level players if they have high-level defenses, and higher-level players if they have low-level defenses.


  • High-level players keep their trophy counts low for targeting weaker players, but they get lower loot bonus.