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Hello there clasher!I am Winter1203 again and this is my 3rd Strategy Guide.It showcases the tips I know in this game for new players.

Tips in Upgrading the Town Hall[]

  • Do not rush.If you want to be a TH12 like the top players,do not rush.It may affect the matchmaking and looting.It may also cause other players teasing on you for being rushed.
  • Max out your village.After you upgrade your Town Hall,upgrade your buildings immediately.Its also faster if you max out the village half of it.
  • Be patient.If you were stuck in your Town Hall level for a year,be patient when maxing out.For example,I was a TH6 for 2 months and was still patient when maxing out my village.

Tips in Attacking[]

  • Scatter your troops.It is advised to scatter your troops in attacking because Splash Damage buildings,like the Wizard Tower and Mortar.If not,a large group of Troops may die.
  • Find the perfect base.When finding the base,it should be perfect.A perfect base should have many loot,no CC Troops,etc.
  • Think first when making a new army.If you are planning to make a new army,Think first about the troops and spells to place in your new army.
  • Do not use all troop armies.Do not use all troop armies.For example,an all PEKKA/Golem Army might be really strong,but will cost a waste of Elixir/Dark Elixir.Also,all Wizards would easily die.

Tips when in a Clan[]

  • Follow the rules.If you belong in a clan,follow the rules.Breaking the rules may let you get kicked out from the clan.
  • Contribute In the clan wars.When you are included in the clan war,contribute it.Not contributing may get you kicked in the clan.
  • Always donate.If you are a high level player in a clan,always donate.It will make you an essential part of the clan.