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For the troop, see Wizard.
For a similar defense in the Clan Capital, see Super Wizard Tower.
Wizard Tower16

"The Ultimate Arcane Defense! Tower Wizards cast powerful area effect spells that target both flying and ground troops."

Wizard Tower1
Level 1
Wizard Tower2
Level 2
Wizard Tower3
Level 3
Wizard Tower4
Level 4
Wizard Tower5
Level 5
Wizard Tower6
Level 6
Wizard Tower7
Level 7
Wizard Tower8
Level 8
Wizard Tower9
Level 9
Wizard Tower10
Level 10
Wizard Tower11
Level 11
Wizard Tower12
Level 12
Wizard Tower13
Level 13
Wizard Tower14
Level 14
Wizard Tower15
Level 15
Wizard Tower16
Level 16


  • The Wizard Tower is a defensive building that looks like a spiraling, cone-shaped tower of rock, then later a crystal like rock that has a Wizard on the top of it. It is capable of inflicting powerful splash damage to both ground and air units, though it is limited to a relatively short range.
  • The Wizard Tower, like the Mortar, excels at mowing down entire groups of troops. However, unlike the Mortar, it has a relatively decent damage per second (making it more effective against higher health troops like Giants), and it will target air troops in addition to ground troops. Also unlike the Mortar, the Wizard Tower has no blind spot.
  • Although the arcane blasts from the Wizard Tower do less damage per shot than the Mortar, it makes up for this by having a much higher rate of fire. This makes the Wizard Tower an excellent choice for defending other structures by blasting troops that get too close.
  • The Wizard Tower can target both ground and air troops but can only damage either ground or air with each shot (not both). For example, if a Wizard Tower targets a Giant with some Balloons on top, only the Giant will be damaged, and vice versa.


Defensive Strategy

  • An excellent defensive strategy for the Wizard Tower is to put it near your Town Hall, because of the Wizard Tower's splash damage and a relatively high rate of fire. However, due to its limited range, it is sometimes more desirable to put the Wizard Tower near the inside of your village. 
    • However, in higher town halls, it might be good to put the wizard towers on the outside of the base to clump up troops and damage tankers.
  • Putting your Wizard Tower and Bomb Tower next to your storages is an excellent method of protecting them against hordes of Goblins due to its splash damage and fast attack speed.
  • The Wizard Tower is a very important defense at Town Hall 5 & 6 due to the prevalence of Giant-related attacks at those levels. it also counters balloon spamming very well.
  • Wizard Towers and Mortars are quite complementary, as they can each cover the other's weaknesses.
    • Example of a Wizard Tower-Mortar combination: The Mortar can cover a very large range so attacking units will have reduced health by the time they come into the shorter range of the Wizard Tower, which helps finish them off. In exchange, the Wizard Tower defends the Mortar by destroying units that cannot be attacked by the Mortar (all air units and ground units inside the Mortar's minimum range).
  • Try putting Wizard Towers near Air Defenses, along with Air Bombs to take out Balloons. The Wizard Tower works well against Balloonion (Balloon + Minion). Put it near a Mortar and a storage to protect against various attacks.
    • However, at higher levels and on war bases, this is not recommended since Wizard Towers will get caught on Lava Hounds, allowing supporting Balloons to obliterate your defense. Instead, focus on separating the two for allowing them to attack what they counter. Keep the Air Bombs with the Wizard Towers, and keep the Wizard Tower away from your Air Defense.
  • A single Wizard Tower can obliterate groups of Giants stuck behind a Wall, almost always dealing massive damage altogether because a Wizard Tower's splash radius and the Giant's slow attack combined with medium-low DPS would be another deciding factor.
  • The Wizard Tower can be sniped by the Grand Warden, so Town Hall 11s and above should be wary of this. Placing them near the edge of the placeable area prevents this range advantage from being easily exploited by the Warden, but may leave them to be easily picked off by other units.
  • Wizard Towers, along with multi-targeting Inferno Towers, are one of the best counters to Bat Spells at Town Halls 10 through 12. Leaving too many Wizard Towers close together and/or exposed can open up your base for a Bat-based attack, especially if you decide to set some or all of your Inferno Towers to single-target mode.
    • However, try not to put Wizard Towers next to multi-targeting Inferno Towers, because a single Freeze Spell could freeze both of these defenses, which are vital for defending against Bats.

Offensive Strategy

  • For attacking, use some units to distract it (Giants or Barbarians) and destroy it with Archers, Minions, or another ranged troop. Melee troops like Barbarians or Giants can destroy a Wizard Tower by themselves if there are enough of them, but because these troops must attack while physically touching the Wizard Tower (and are therefore grouped up), the Wizard Tower can usually destroy the entire group fairly quickly.
  • When deploying units, be careful to ensure that they won't get into a clump as they come into range of the Wizard Tower (e.g. attacking a Gold Storage that's near a Wizard Tower), because the Wizard Tower will destroy the group very quickly.
  • Using Healers can support groups of Giants or other troops that would otherwise take severe damage from the Wizard Tower. Note, however, that this combination is ineffective if an Inferno Tower is in range or the Wizard Tower is capable of destroying your troops in one shot.
  • Taking out Wizard Towers can be tricky despite their relatively short range. It is often a better tactic to avoid them entirely by attacking a part of the village that isn't covered by them. To quickly destroy a Wizard Tower, deploy a few Giants as a distraction while Archers, Wizards or Minions take out the Wizard Tower. Deploy troops in a circle around it since this will limit its ability to take out multiple troops with splash damage. Dropping 1 Giant and surrounding the Wizard Tower with about 10 housing space of troops will generally be sufficient to destroy it.
  • Wizard Towers that are on the outside of a base can be easily taken out with multiple small troops. At higher Town Hall levels, a single Balloon or Rocket Balloon can be quite effective provided that no Traps or Hidden Teslas emerge.

Upgrade Differences

  • Wizard Towers undergo significant visual changes at all levels except 2 and 13.
    • When initially constructed, the Wizard Tower appears to be solid gray rock in a pyramid-like shape.
    • At level 2, the lower portion of the tower just barely begins to show Elixir-colored pink crystals, much like the level 6 Walls. This can be seen if you look zoom in closely enough but can be easily missed. The shape of the rock also changes slightly.
    • At level 3, the crystals become much more visible.
    • At level 4, some of the gray rock higher up the tower turn into crystals, and begin spiraling around the tower.
    • At level 5, the entire base of the tower is crystalline, with only the top portion of the tower remaining gray rock.
    • The level 6 Wizard Tower has no gray rock left. The entire tower is now constructed of pink crystal, resembling a gigantic level 6 Wall.
    • At level 7, the crystal structures grow prominent upward spikes surrounding the platform, and the entire tower darkens to a dark purple, appearing very much like a giant level 7 Wall.
    • At level 8, the podium on which the Wizard stands becomes far wider and more jagged. The spikes melt into the tower and it has stone pillars on each side, making eight stone pillars in all. It also has embers floating around the base, indicating a lava source beneath. The embers and the lava source may also be referred to as the Town Hall is at least level 10, its Town Hall level requirement. It is also slightly darker.
    • At level 9, the stone pillars turn and join into quartz and extend throughout the perimeter of the top of the Wizard Tower.
    • At level 10, a new white stone platform is erected at the top, replacing the purple crystal summit. More pillar structures have been put in place beneath to fortify and support the new platform.
    • At level 11, the platform appears to be marble white with purple and golden outlines; the small gaps in the platform have been filled with purple as well. The main pillar structures turn to metal with golden decorations and golden top; and the internal structure (that was once white) turns pink-purple.
    • At level 12, the tiling changes to a slightly cracked blue stone. The gold on all 4 supporting pillars is gone, along with the circular wall at the top as well. The ring that shows at the base of where the main pillar is visible is now darker, octagonal, and at the edge of the foundation below it. The shards at the bottom now have no gaps between them, and in between the supporting pillars is a purple slab with a V/U shaped hole in it. Along the hole, there is gold trim.
    • At level 13, the spot where the supporting pillars meet with the octagonal ring are reinforced with gold, and the purple slab is now shorter along with the trim becomes a plating extending further into the hole.
    • At level 14, the blue stone on the tower's top is changed to bright green, with the gray stone pillars becoming slightly brighter, gaining a golden top, becoming slightly thicker and reinforced just below the top. The purple meander pattern is replaced by a stripe-like slab around the sides of the tower, with the base of the pillars now getting a different golden trim.
    • At Level 15, the green stone on the tower's top change into black stone with light blue cracks in between each of the stone tiles. The gold supporting pillars turn purplish-black and become sharper, with thin gold edges. The overall body of the tower also changes, with the base crystals becoming slightly brighter, and the tower having grey supports, along with gold stripes, grey reinforcements, and a glowing blue core.
    • At level 16, the pillars are replaced with tree roots, with two small tree branches both with two leaves. the crystals at the bottom become purple brown. the platform in which the wizard stands on is now white with gold and red wooden frames.
  • The Wizard atop the tower also changes with the tower's level. He himself shoots the projectile that is fired by the Wizards of the level he resembles. For example, level 1 Wizard Tower housing a level 1 or 2 Wizard would fire fireballs, while level 5 Wizard Tower that has a level 5 Wizard would purple lightning bolts, and a Level 9 Wizard Tower with a level 7 Wizard would fire purple bolts.
    • When first placed, the Tower Wizard appears as a level 1 (or 2) Wizard.
    • At level 3, the Wizard atop the tower changes in appearance to that of a level 3 (or 4) Wizard.
    • At level 5, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 5 Wizard.
    • At level 7, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 6 Wizard.
    • At level 9, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 7 Wizard.
    • At level 11, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 8 Wizard.
    • At level 13, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 9 Wizard.
    • At level 14, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 10 Wizard.
    • At level 15, the Wizard changes its appearance to that of a level 11 Wizard.


Town Hall Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Number Available 0 0 0 0 1 2 2 3
Town Hall Level 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Number Available 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5
Size Size
Damage per Second
Damage per Shot
Build Time
Experience Gained
Town Hall Level Required
Town Hall
1 11 14.3 620 120,000 3h 103 5
2 13 16.9 650 220,000 3h 103 5
3 16 20.8 680 400,000 8h 169 6
4 20 26 730 540,000 12h 207 7
5 24 31.2 840 700,000 18h 254 8
6 32 41.6 960 1,000,000 1d 293 8
7 40 52 1,200 2,000,000 1d 12h 360 9
8 45 58.5 1,440 2,200,000 2d 415 10
9 50 65 1,600 2,800,000 2d 12h 464 10
10 62 80.6 1,900 4,000,000 3d 509 11
11 70 91 2,120 5,000,000 4d 587 12
12 78 101.4 2,240 8,000,000 4d 12h 623 13
13 84 109.2 2,500 9,000,000 5d 657 13
14 90 117 2,800 11,000,000 6d 720 14
15 95 123.5 3,000 15,500,000 7d 6h 791 15
16 102 132.6 3,150 20,200,000 14d 12h 1,119 16
Range Attack Speed Damage Type Unit Type Targeted
7 1.3s Splash - 1 tile Ground & Air

Icon Descriptions

Icon InfoTapping this icon displays information about the Wizard Tower, such as Level, Damage Per Second, Hitpoints, Range, Damage Type and Targets.
Icon UpgradeTapping this icon begins upgrading the Wizard Tower to the next level, if you have enough resources and a free Builder (or B.O.B). When the Wizard Tower is at maximum level, this icon is not shown.
Icon HoBTapping this icon instantly upgrades the Wizard Tower to the next level, at the cost of one Hammer of Building if you have one. When the Wizard Tower is at maximum level, or if the Town Hall requirements for the next level are not met, this icon is not shown.
Icon FinishNowTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of the displayed number of Gems.
Icon FinishNowBoBTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of one Book of Building. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Book of Building.
Icon FinishNowBoETapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, instantly finishes that upgrade at the cost of one Book of Everything. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Book of Everything but do not have a Book of Building.
Icon BuilderPotionTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, boosts all your Builders for 1 hour by a factor of ten, at the cost of one Builder Potion. This icon is only shown if you have at least one Builder Potion.
Icon CancelTapping this icon, which is displayed only while an upgrade is in progress, cancels the current upgrade and refunds half of the upgrade cost.


Patch Type Description
August 2, 2012 The Wizard Tower was present in the original release of the game with only 6 levels and two of them to unlock.Wizard Tower1 pre May-15-2023Wizard Tower2 pre May-15-2023Wizard Tower3 pre May-15-2023Wizard Tower4 pre May-15-2023Wizard Tower5 pre May-15-2023Wizard Tower6
August 30 2012 Update The Wizard Tower's attack got a new visual effect.
September 19 2012 Update
  • Added the third Wizard Tower unlocked at Town Hall 8.
  • Improved visual effects.
October 27 2012 Update
  • Added the level 7 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower7
  • Gave the Wizard atop the tower an upgrade differences at higher levels.
April 17 2013 Update
  • Added the fourth Wizard Tower available at Town Hall 9.
  • Made it so that Wizard Towers don't restart their attack cycle if their would-be target is destroyed, instead they switch targets.
August 27 2013 Update Added the level 8 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower8
November 6 2013 Update Reduced upgrade time for most Wizard Tower levels.Time
December 11 2014 Update Reduced HP of levels 2-6 and 8 Wizard Tower.
April 30 2015 Update Gave the Wizard Tower an update:
  • It allowed its range to be visible even when under construction.
  • Wizard Towers now initially point away from the Town Hall in combat.
July 1 2015 Update Increased HP of levels 4-8 Wizard Tower.
December 10 2015 Update
  • Added the level 9 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower9
  • Added the fifth Wizard Tower available at Town Hall 11.
March 21 2016 Update Increased hitpoints of levels 5-9 Wizard Tower and greatly increased at later levels.
October 12 2016 Update
  • Reduced upgrade cost of levels 7 and 8 Wizard Tower
    • Level 7 from 5,360,000 to 4,500,000.Gold
    • Level 8 from 6,480,000 to 6,000,000.Gold
December 19 2016 Update
  • Added the level 10 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower10
  • Moved level 9 Wizard Tower to Town Hall 10.
  • Reduced upgrade costs of level 4-9 Wizard Tower.Gold
  • Reduced upgrade times of level 7-9 Wizard Tower.Time
March 5 2018 Update Decreased the damage of level 9 Wizard Tower from 56 to 54.Damage
June 11 2018 Update
  • Added the level 11 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower11
  • The Wizard atop the level 7 Wizard Tower now has level 6 design instead of level 5. This was suggested by a user on Reddit on October 6, 2016.
June 26 2018 Balance Changes Decreased upgrade times of level 1-10 Wizard Tower.Time
April 2 2019 Update
  • Reduced upgrade times of level 1-9 Wizard Tower.Time
  • Reduced upgrade costs of level 7-9 Wizard Tower.Gold
December 9 2019 Update Added the level 12 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower12
June 22 2020 Update Added the level 13 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower13
April 12 2021 Update
Wizard Tower14
  • Reduced upgrade times of levels 3-10 Wizard Tower (except for level 9).Time
  • Reduced upgrade costs of levels 3-10 Wizard Tower (except for level 9).Gold
  • The level 14 Wizard Tower appeared in the official Jungle Warden trailer for the May 2021 season, added as an easter egg by Supercell. This level was added into the June 15 2021 update.
June 15 2021 Update Added the level 14 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower14
December 9, 2021 Update Reduced upgrade costs of levels 1-13 Wizard Tower (except for level 7).
October 10, 2022 Update Added the level 15 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower15
May 15, 2023 Update Changed the texture of Wizard Towers levels 1-5.
Wizard Tower1Wizard Tower2Wizard Tower3Wizard Tower4Wizard Tower5
December 12, 2023 Update
  • Added the level 16 Wizard Tower.Wizard Tower16
  • Reduced upgrade costs and times of level 2-15 Wizard Towers.
June 3, 2024 Balance Changes
  • Reduced the hitpoints of level 9-14 Wizard Towers:
    • Level 9: 1,680 -> 1,600 Hitpoints
    • Level 10: 2,000 -> 1,900 Hitpoints
    • Level 11: 2,240 -> 2,120 Hitpoints
    • Level 12: 2,480 -> 2,240 Hitpoints
    • Level 13: 2,700 -> 2,500 Hitpoints
    • Level 14: 2,900 -> 2,800 Hitpoints


  • You don't need to unlock or train a Wizard in order to construct a Wizard Tower. The level of your army's Wizards, if you have them, do not affect the appearance or abilities of the Wizard atop the tower.
  • When you begin an upgrade on a Wizard Tower, the Wizard on the top will disappear after a few minutes and will not reappear until the tower has finished upgrading.
  • The Wizard Tower, Walls, Cannon, Archer Tower, Mortar, and Air Defense are the oldest defenses in the game.
  • While you are moving the Wizard Tower, the Wizard on the top disappears. This also happens when viewing the info screen.
  • At levels 1-4, Wizard Towers' fire have a somewhat slow travel time, meaning that it is possible for all troops to avoid the fire.
  • The Wizard Tower will not hold a Wizard when its health is being regenerated by the Ley Lines upon logging in following an enemy attack.
  • Strangely, normal Wizards have a powerful attack, the while those atop the Wizard Towers have a much weaker one. They make up for this by having much greater hitpoints and a larger splash damage area than the Wizard troop.
  • Both the level 13 Wizard Tower and the level 9 Bomb Tower have the same exact damage per second, being 84.
  • Only one Wizard will ever appear atop a Wizard Tower, unlike the Archer Tower, which can have up to three Archers.
  • The Wizard Tower and the Scattershot are the only defenses not to have a navy blue spike on it at a Town Hall 13 level. The Air Sweeper does not have a Town Hall 13 level at all, so it does not count.
  • The Wizard and the Wizard Tower are both first unlockable in Town Hall Level 5.
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