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This spell is not available currently.
Yellow Card info
"Bad sportsmanship deserves punishment and spoiling your attack is rude. Temporarily suspend the targeted Defense or Hero. They can’t attack or be attacked while suspended."


  • The Yellow Card is a temporary spell introduced in May 2024, for the Clash with Haaland event. It is unlocked upon collecting 3,000 Res Football.
  • When deployed, the Yellow Card targets a nearby defensive building or a defending Hero and temporarily removes the target from play. Non-defensive buildings and other defending troops (such as Clan Castle troops) cannot be targeted by the spell.
  • Entities removed by a Yellow Card cannot attack for 15 seconds, but also cannot be targeted, similar to if they were put under a Overgrowth Spell. However, they can still be damaged by damaging Spells, as well as through indirect damage (e.g. through splash damage or chain lightning).
    • If a building with death effects is destroyed while under the effects of a Yellow Card, it will play its death effect as normal.
  • The Town Hall and Builder's Huts can be targeted only if they are weaponised and their weapon can potentially activate during the battle (i.e. not being upgraded); the former can be targeted even if the weapon is not yet active. Hidden Teslas cannot be targeted if they are not yet revealed.
  • Unlike most other temporary units, the Yellow Card has only one level.



Duration Time Target Radius Range Housing Space Housing Space Spell Factory Level Required Spell Factory
15 seconds ? 1 1
Brewing Time of Yellow Cards
Spell Factory available Spell Factory upgrading
3m 6m



  • In association football, a yellow card does not suspend the player for any length of time; they are able to continue play as normal. However, a player receiving two yellow cards in the same game results in them receiving a red card, and they are ejected from the game.
    • Yellow cards do invoke suspension periods in other sports, such as in field hockey, and their use in Clash of Clans may be based off of this.
    • If a particular target (in Clash of Clans) is hit by two or more Yellow Card spells, the second Yellow Card (and any subsequent Yellow Cards thereafter) will turn into a red card when hitting the target. However, this does not permanently remove the target from battle.
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