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For more attack stratergies, see Yingda’s Strategy Guide.
" Hey there, you're on <Yingda's Guide On How To Fix Your Rushed Base>! In this guide, I will show you how to de rush your base so you can have a great village! "


  • Always start with a good farming Army, if your Army is maxed, skip to the thrid paragraph.
  • When you have a good farming Army, go start on looting villages!
  • After you have your storages full, now start upgrading!(next paragraph)


  • First, max out your Army Camps.
  • Heroes are very important too! Hero upgrades are costly but with the attack stratergy below, the net average of Dark Elxir is 100,000.

Resource Buildings

  • Yay, now your armies whatnots are maxed! You can get a lot of loot during Raids!
  • Collectors that comes first: Dark Elixir Drills, Elixir Collectors, And Gold Mines.
  • By now, your resources are now close to zero, but I know, it's hard to be maxed, never fear! I'm here to help you through all the troubles!
  • Raid more villages for more rescources, since your storages are empty. If you just bought a pack, skip this step.
  • When your storages are fill agian, I know, it's annoying, but getting to max is a hard work!
  • If your storages are not maxed, follow this.
  • Stroages that comes first: Dark Elixir Storage, Elixir Storages, Gold Storages.
  • Clan Castle is important too, since (don't ask why did i put it with the resources category, because it cotains the Treasury, which you collect from star bounses and Clan Wars


Farming Strategies

(Make sure you cauculate the traning price of troops you are traning, and be sure allways to make a profit!)

1.Barch(Barbarian and Archers)

  • Delpoy Barbarians first to tank for Archers, when Barbarian and Archer are taking a lot of damage, place Heal Spells to heal them. Then place a couple of Lighting Spells for support.

2.Mass Baby Dragons(spells you can do Lighting and Freeze Spells, either is okay)

  • Spread out Baby Dragons around the base(at least 3 tiles apart), if the Baby Dragons are taking lots of damage, use Lighting Spells to destroy or use Freeze Spells to freeze the defenese.


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