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Archer Queen info

The Queen Charge, one of the most powerful parts of any Clash of Clans attack for Town Hall 9 and above.

The Queen is best suited for charges and walks because of her high damage output and being a ranged hero, which lets her shoot over walls and target airborne units. With healers keeping her alive, she can take out a good chunk of a base all on her own.

Now with such a powerful thing, must come difficulty. You guessed it, Queen Charge is hard to master. But holy Jesus if you master this, your attacks will consistently be better.


Raging the Healers

For those people who don't know and just clicked on this page because your so bored and want to look at random stuff, here's what a Queen Charge is. A Queen Charge is the process of placing your Archer Queen with 4-6 Healers to make sure your Queen doesn't die. The Queen is as the name suggests, is trying to charge into the base to take out priority defenses for your certain attack strategy. For example, if I was using a Lavaloon attack, my priorities would be Multi Inferno Towers, Wizard Towers, air X-Bows, the enemy Queen, the enemy CC and CC troops and finally the Eagle Artillery. (Town Hall also applies to Town Hall 12 and 13 due to the Giga Tesla and the Giga Inferno)

Queen Walk

This obviously, makes your attack easier as you can take out important buildings and create a funnel at the same time. Rage, Jump and Freeze Spells are also helpful when paired with Queen Charges.

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Pros of Queen Charge:[]

  • Can easily create a funnel or take out priority buildings
  • The Archer Queen is a Hero, so your only housing space taken up is the Healers.
  • You can start your attack whilst your Queen Charge is still up and running as the Queen can assist your troops
Archer Queen 3D KO

A knocked out Archer Queen

Cons of a Queen Charge:[]

  • If your Queen dies, you're done for.
  • Sometimes you can use up all your spells on the Queen, leaving no spells for your main push.
Wall Breaker info

Tips and Tricks[]

  1. If you rage the Queen when she's about to die, your priority is to rage the Healers, not the Queen.
  2. When breaching multiple layers of a base, use Wall-breakers to breach the outer walls then use Jump Spells to guide the Queen into the core of the base.
  3. When breaking your Queen into the base: remember that Wall-Breakers target defenses that are enclosed by walls, not the walls themselves. So if there is an empty compartment with only destroyed defenses. Your Wall-Breakers won't go for it.

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