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  • 不會獲得或失去獎杯
  • 沒有時間限憲。
  • The number and type of Defensive Buildings do not follow what is available to players and are limited only by the available space. For example, the current final level "Sherbet Towers" has 6 Wizard Towers and dozens of Bombs (only 4 Wizard Towers and 6 Bombs are available at Town Hall at even level 10).
  • Defensive Buildings like the X-Bow and the Inferno Tower are not present in these maps.
  • There are "decoy" buildings which serve no purpose at all (other than counting towards the percentage).
  • Attacking (in the Single Player Campaign) will not remove an active Shield.
  • A battle will not finish in the case of a disconnect. In fact, disconnecting during a battle will prevent a victory even if it had already been achieved and you will lose all spawned troops.
  • The attacks on the Single Player Campaign will not give you loot bonuses, unlike multiplayer battles.

Most people attack while they have a shield and nothing else to upgrade to give them something to do.

Doing the campaign is very well worth it, as the raids are worth 5,860,000 Elixir and 5,704,000 Gold. Furthermore, you get Gems from the achievement "Get Those Goblins", for three-starring every map.

A number of the levels have no Air Defenses, Archer Towers or Wizard Towers. That means you can easily complete them with a single Balloon (or other air troop). Be aware that other missions can still be won with 1 Balloon as well; you just have to destroy all the Wizard Towers, Air Defenses and Archer Towers with other troops/spells first.

Below is a list of all Single Player missions and their rewards, along with brief strategies for completing them:

Payback[ | ]

This map is part of the tutorial. You only need to send in 2 Barbarians to finish, or in the Tutorial you are given 5 Wizards, so use one or two and place them next to the Cannon.

Loot: 500 Gold and 500 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 1 - Payback Template:Clr

Goblin Forest[ | ]

This map is part of the tutorial. Drop in 5 Barbarians at the Archer Tower to complete.

Loot: 500 Gold and 500 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 2 - Goblin Forest Template:Clr

Goblin Outpost[ | ]

Just deploy a few Barbarians through the main door, they will destroy the two cannons.

Loot: 1,000 Gold and 1,500 Elixir.

File:Goblin Outpost Template:Clr

Rocky Fort[ | ]

Deploy 7 Giants through the opening with the two Cannons.

Alternatively, deploy around 10-20 Barbarians through the opening, and use a Giant and a few Archers on the side with the single cannon protected by level 1 Walls.

Loot: 1,000 Gold and 1,500 Elixir.

File:Rocky Fort Template:Clr

Goblin Gauntlet[ | ]

Deploy 3 Giants or a few Barbarians at each Cannon.

Loot: 1,000 Gold and 1,500 Elixir.

Note: There is a structure at the bottom of the map of what seems to be an Army Camp, however this doesn't count towards the percentage.

File:Goblin Gauntlet Template:Clr

Cannonball Run[ | ]

Deploy 5-10 Giants on the upper torces inside the base.

Alternatively, deploy one Giant for each Cannon as meatshields while you deploy Archers to take the Cannons out.

Loot: 1,000 Gold and 1,500 Elixir.

File:Cannonball Run Template:Clr

Two Smoking Barrels[ | ]

Deploy 2-3 Giants on each Cannon. Deploy extra troops if necessary.

Loot: 2,000 Gold and 2,000 Elixir.

File:Two Smoking Barrels Template:Clr

Gold Rush[ | ]

Deploy 5-10 Giants through each opening on the left and right.

Loot: 6,000 Gold and 2,000 Elixir.

File:Gold Rush Template:Clr

Maginot Line[ | ]

Send in a couple of Barbarians to set off the Bombs, then charge for the Cannons.

Loot: 2,000 Gold and 2,000 Elixir.

File:Maginot Line Template:Clr

Rat Valley[ | ]

Drop a single Balloon to wreck the whole base while ignoring the Traps, or drop a few Goblins through the opening to set off the numerous Bombs, then send in a swath of Barbarians to destroy the "cleared" base.

Loot: 3,000 Gold and 6,000 Elixir.

File:Rat Valley Template:Clr

Brute Force[ | ]

Drop one goblin through the opening and deploy 5-10 Giants.  One Balloon (or Minion) will just as easily destroy the base as well.

Loot: 4,000 Gold and 10,000 Elixir.

File:Brute Force Template:Clr

Gobbotown[ | ]

Deploy 8 level 2+ Giants and 2 level 2+ Wall Breakers next to a Cannon. A single Balloon will easily destroy the entire base as well.

Loot: 12,000 Gold and 3,000 Elixir.

File:Gobbotown Template:Clr

M is for Mortar[ | ]

Strategy: There are no Air Defenses, Archer Towers or Wizard Towers, so you may easily drop a Balloon or two and destroy the base. Another strategy is to bomb the front of the base with a cannon, then drop a barbarian/goblin to set off the Spring Trap. Then, use a few Giants to distract the Mortars and Cannons and deploy a few goblins and barbarians/archers to destroy the rest of the base.

Loot: 8,000 Gold and 8,000 Elixir.

File:M is for Mortar Template:Clr

Megablaster[ | ]

Deploy 1 or more Archers at the top to take care of the Air Defense and drop (a) Balloon(s) to take care of the rest of the Defenses.

Loot: 8,000 Gold and 8,000 Elixir.

File:Megablaster Template:Clr

Immovable Object[ | ]

Send in about 25 Archers (preferably level 2 or higher) at the southeast entrance to take out the Air Defense, then 1 Balloon to take out the rest. Note that there are Spring Traps to the side entrance to the Cannons.

Loot: 10,000 Gold and 10,000 Elixir.

File:Immovable Object Template:Clr

Fort Knobs[ | ]

Use barbarians on the air defenses, then drop one Balloon to destroy the entire base.  Drop more Balloons if you want to speed up the process.

Another strategy is to use a single Archer to take out the Air Defenses and a single Balloon to destroy the remainder of the base. Care must be taken to place the Archer so the Cannons can't reach her. Also note that this will take a long time, but you will actually make a profit as a result of the few units used.

Loot: 15,000 Gold and 15,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 16 - Fort Knobs-1 Template:Clr

Watchtower[ | ]

Place about 15-25 Archers to take out the Archer Tower, a single Balloon will handle the rest (you can place a Giant to shield the Archers if necessary).

Loot: 10,000 Gold and 12,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 17 - Watchtower Template:Clr

Fool's Gold[ | ]

Swarm many Balloons or dozens of Archers on the left and right side at the Air Defense / Archer Tower.

6+6 Level 2 Balloons is not enough (confirmed), 8+8 Level 2 Balloons was enough though 7+7 may work if the Balloons target the Air Defence and then the Archer Tower (confirmed).

Loot: 20,000 Gold and 6,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 18 - Fools Gold Template:Clr

Thoroughfare[ | ]

Send in 15 Barbarians to each of the Archer Towers, and then 20 Archers to take out the 2 Air Defenses. Clear the rest with a Balloon.

Loot: 15,000 Gold and 15,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 19 - Thoroughfare Template:Clr

Bouncy Castle[ | ]

Drop few Wall Breakers and then 50 level 3 Barbarians at the upper right Cannon. Once the Archer Towers destroyed, clean the rest with a Balloon.

Loot: 17,000 Gold and 17,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 20 - Bouncy Castle Template:Clr

Fikova[ | ]

Loot: 20,000 Gold and 20,000 Elixir.

Drop several giants at the air defenses, and then sweep up with one balloon. You could support the giants by dropping a lightning spell (it won't do much but it's something).

Note: 15 Level 2 Giants (7 on one side of air def, 8 on the other) wasn't enough to knock out the air defenses before being destroyed. Tested several times. Added archers as extra dmg but they target houses.

File:Clash of Clans Level 21 - Fikova Template:Clr

Gobbo Campus[ | ]

Loot: 25,000 Gold and 25,000 Elixir.

Drop a few giants at the bottom, then send in archers well behind the giants, then repeat for the next section. Drop a few barbarians at the archer towers and finish up with a balloon.

The above strategy didn't work with all level 2 units, so it took some testing to find one that did. 1 Wall Breaker at the bottom, suggest aiming for the bottom left cannon first. Then deploy 11 Archers at each tower, 10 is not enough. After all Archers are deployed, send all your giants (should have 9 if you are TH 4, like me) to the bottom cannon. Then watch as you come close to losing but eventually win :)

File:Clash of Clans - Level 22 Gobbo Campus Template:Clr

Danny Boy[ | ]

1 Goblin in each will clear all of the Traps out of the bottle-necks.

Drop a few barbarians at the archer towers, then deploy several giants at the air defense, supported by a few archers. Throw a balloon at them to finish up.

The Barbarian strat didn't work for me. Dropped about 11 Archers per Archer tower then about 10 Giants for the Air Defenses, finishing with a Balloon.

Alternate strategy: Deploy 2 Giants at each Archer Tower, then deploy 1 Wizard (unlockable at TH5) at each of the archer towers excluding the top one. Instead, deploy some more giants, send in a Wall Breaker, and spell the Air Defense. Clear the rest with a Balloon.

Loot: 30,000 Gold and 30,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 23 - Danny Boy Template:Clr

Ommahha Beech[ | ]

Drop some barbarians down below at the archer towers, then drop archers at the air defenses. Finish with a balloon.

Alternative: 26 Giants at the Archer Towers on bottom and 1 Balloon.

Also, you can use the Giant-Healer combo from the bottom of the base, after destroying the Air Defenses.

Loot: 35,000 Gold and 35,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 24 - Ommahha Beech Template:Clr

Walls of Steel[ | ]

There are many traps at the two side entrances to the fort. Place an archer or barbarian to activate these. Next, use giants to destroy the archer towers. Then place 1 or two balloons because there is nothing to shoot them down.

Alternative: Deploy 4 level 2 Balloons at each archer tower. This number reduces to 3 with level 3 Balloons.

Loot: 40,000 Gold and 40,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 25 - Walls of Steel Template:Clr

Sicilian Defence[ | ]

Loot: 45,000 Gold and 45,000 Elixir.

Drop barbarians at the archer towers up top, then drop a few at the bottom, then storm the archer tower, then one balloon will take care.

Alternative: Make 26 giants. Drop about 14 at the bottom Archer Tower and the rest at the top Archer Towers, finishing with 1 Balloon.

Alternative 2: Strafe the top archer towers with archers, then deploy 3~4 Balloons (same as above) at the tower on the bottom. NEVER use ground troops to destroy the Town Hall.

File:Clash of Clans Level 26 - Sicilian Defense Template:Clr

Obsidian Tower[ | ]

Loot: 20,000 Gold and 80,000 Elixir.

Archers. Have at least 100 archers. Start at the top with about 20, then the bottom with about the same. Keep reinforcing until you work your way in to the wizards.

Another strategy is to use 2 or 3 lightning spells (depending on level) on the wizard towers, and then swarm barbarians and archers. However, this is not very cost effective but is useful if you need to dump spells.

Alternative 2: Deploy some well-placed archers at each Air Defense until they are down. (you can do this without having Archer Towers shoot at you.) Then, strafe the remaining defenses with balloons. Lightning Spell the Wizard Towers if necessary.

File:Clash of Clans Level 27 - Obsidian Tower Template:Clr

Arrow Head[ | ]

Send in Barbarians to each of the 4 Archer Towers, and then Archers to take out the Air Defense. Clear the rest with a Balloon.

If your Archers aren't high enough level to take down the two central storages (the Archers will go for them first) then the Air Defense before they're killed, use two Wall Breakers (per side) to get into the storages near the center and then drop 15-20 Goblins to get them out of the way. This means your Archers will go straight for the Air Defense. The two Hidden Teslas that pop up from between the storages can be dealt with using two Giants to distract defenses and drop a few groups of Archers to clean up the Hidden Teslas.

Lvl 2 Goblins do 3x the damage of lvl 2 Archers, when attacking resources and at lvl 2 the Cannon will 1-shot them both.

Alternative: Train 20 LV3~4 Giants and rush them at the teslas. Use a healing spell on the double wall layer behind the teslas, then follow up with a Wall Breaker. Deploy a Healer once the Air Defense is down and send in as many barbarians as your Army Camps can hold at the top.

Loot: 60,000 Gold and 60,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 28 - Arrow Head Template:Clr

Red Carpet[ | ]

Loot: 70,000 Gold and 70,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 29 - Red Carpet Template:ClrDeploy at least 35-45 Barbarians at the top to take out the archer towers and air defense.Put at least 5 giant each by the wizard towers as a meat shield then place a few wizards to take out the wizard towers.Finish up with a ballon

Alternative: Strafe 3 Lightning Spells to destroy the Mortars, then deploy 200 LV4 Barbarians (maybe a BK too) at the opening. I (clashofclans210577) did 100% in a few seconds with a ton of surviving barbs!

Natural Defense[ | ]

Use Wall Breakers on the wall where the Air Defense is located. Then deploy Barbarians to take it out and leave the rest of the job for a Balloon. Alternatively, just deploy Archers in the trees (yes, you can!) to take out the Air Defense, then deploy a single Balloon to mop-up, as above.

Alternative 2: Deploy a single Wall Breaker at the Air Def. Place a single Giant, then a Wizard behind him to fight the Air Defense. Once it is down, clear the rest with a balloon or minion.

Note: There is a Gold Storage surrounded by golden walls near the middle of the map. It is protected by 4 Hidden Teslas

Loot: 150,000 Gold and 2,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 30 - Natural Defense Template:Clr

Steel Gauntlet[ | ]

Deploy a few Giants next to the bottom Mortar (you can spawn in there) to take it out. Drop a Giant as a meat shield near the top mortar while a few spread out Archers take it out. As both mortars go down swarm Barbarians and Archers near the Archer Towers and they should be able to overwhelm the remaining defenses.

Alternative: Balloon Rush the gap in the red area near the bottom of the base. Use Rage Spells or support minions and archers.

Loot: 80,000 Gold and 80,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 31 - Steel Gauntlet Template:Clr

Queen's Gambit[ | ]

Deploy a few Barbarians or a Giant to set off the bombs in front. Then use a Giant as a meat shield for the Mortar while Archers take out the Mortar. Once the Mortar goes down swarm the Archer Towers in the front with Barbarians and/or Archers and the remaining defenses will not be able to stop the troops.

Alternative: Set off the bombs with a Giant, then deploy 33 Giants as close to the Archer Towers as possible (lv4). It worked for me (clashofclans210577).

Loot: 90,000 Gold and 90,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 32 - Queen's Gambit Template:Clr

Full Frontal[ | ]

Deploy Giants as a meatshield while Wall Breakers break the junctions at the top of the base. Deploy more Giants through the three openings created by the Wall Breakers, and as the bottom Mortars focus on the Giants deploy Archers in a semicircle around the Mortars to destroy them. After that drop any clean-up troops to speed up the destruction of the base if necessary.

Alternative: Strafe 10 Wall Breakers at the top with 200 barbs.

Loot: 50,000 Gold and 140,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 33 - Full Frontal Template:Clr

Chimp in Armor[ | ]

Deploy 10-15 Giants followed up by Wall Breakers on the right side, near the Level 4 Walls. Let them destroy the Air Defense, then deploy a Healer or two. As the Giants work through the base deploy about 6-10 Balloons to clear out the other Air Defense and other remaining anti-air towers. Afterwards simply use any necessary clean up troops if you want to speed up the destruction, as the lack of anti-air defenses afterwards mean that any surviving Balloons will not be able to be stopped.

Alternative: Plop 3 Lightning Spells at the right Air Defense, then deploy a few Balloons to defeat the other one. Use minions or dragons to take care of the rest.

Loot: 150,000 Gold and 50,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 34 - Chimp in Armor Template:Clr

Faulty Towers[ | ]

Defense: 3 x Level 8 Cannon, 2 x Level 6 Archer Tower, 1 x Level 5 Mortar, 1 x Level 3 Air Defense, 3 x Level 2 Wizard Tower.

Use a Giant-Healer combo from the right side where the Air Defense is located. Drop a Healing Spell whenever necessary.

Alternative: Triple Lightning Spell the area near the Air Defense and remove the anti-air towers. Play Balloonions from the left side (minions are not necessary).

Loot: 110,000 Gold and 110,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 35 - Faulty Towers Template:Clr

Point Man[ | ]

Place a few barbarians to clear the bombs around the wizard tower. Then surround it with a wave of barbarians and a wave of archers. Next destroy both mortars at the same time with wall breakers and barbarians. Take down the rest of the single target defenses with barbarians and archers. To play safe and ensure success, you may also use a Giant-Healer combo from the top where the Air Defense is located.

Alternative: Deploy 2 Giants at the Air Defense, then place a single Wizard behind. Once the Air Defense is destroyed, deploy 3 Balloons at each remaining anti-air defense.

Loot: 120,000 Gold and 120,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 36 - Point Man Template:Clr

Triple A[ | ]

Drop a few Giants as distractions for the Mortars, then destroy the Mortars with Archers. Swarm the rest of the base with Barbarians and Archers.

Alternative: Use 2 Dragons, 5 Balloons and a Rage Spell to clear the Air Defenses. At the same time, use 3 Balloons or Minions (more is needed) to take care of the Archer Towers.

Loot: 130,000 Gold and 130,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 37 - Triple A Template:Clr

Goblin Picnic[ | ]

Use a Giant-Healer combo from the top-right side of the base.

Loot: 2,000 Gold and 270,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 38 - Goblin Picnic Template:Clr

Bait 'n Switch[ | ]

Swarm many Balloons near the Air Defenses, then as both Air Defenses go down there won't be anything to stop them.

Alternative: Use one Dragon per Air Defense, then use 3 Balloons per Air Defense to support. Use Minions as needed.

Loot: 140,000 Gold and 140,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 39 - Bait 'n Switch Template:Clr

Collateral Damage[ | ]

Use spread-out Archers to take out the Air Defense, and then use about three or four Balloons (depends on level of your Balloons) to take out the Wizard Tower, followed by using another 4-6 Balloons to take out the Archer Tower. The surviving Balloons will then help you to clean up the rest of the base.

Alternative: Deploy 25+ Minions at the Air Defense and Enrage them. Deploy 3 Balloons at each remaining anti-air tower.

Loot: 150,000 Gold and 150,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 40 - Collateral Damage Template:Clr

Choose Wisely[ | ]

Swarm barbarians with some WBs at both mortars, then use barbarians and archers at the lone archer towers on the outskirts. Deploy all (most) of your rest barbs at the wizard towers with a healing spell (alternatively you can use giants at the WT).

Alternative: Deploy 2 Giants followed by 1 Wizard at each corner defense. Then send Hogs with Healing Spells.

Loot: 150,000 Gold and 150,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 41 - Choose Wisely Template:Clr

Mega Evil[ | ]

Loot: 150,000 Gold and 150,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 42 - Mega Evil Template:Clr

Crystal Crust[ | ]

Spawn giants with some archers at the bottom and some archers. Immediately place a few wall breakers after both archer towers are down. When the giants reaches the wizard towers, decide if you need any healing spells depending on the level of giants. (Barbarians proved to work as well, though one healing spell must be used)

Loot: 200,000 Gold and 200,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 43 - Crystal Crust Template:Clr

Cold as Ice[ | ]

Use barbarian and spreaded archers to take down the top wizard towers. Next, spawn barbarians in the bottom hole in the base to take care of both mortars. Use the remaining barbarians and archers to clear the rest single target defenses.

Alternatively you can use archers to destroy both air defenses after destroying the wizard towers and deploy one balloon.

Loot: 250,000 Gold and 250,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 44 - Cold As Ice Template:Clr

Jump Around[ | ]

Barbarian rush at both air defenses (avoid the spring traps!) and then place giants/ barbarians at the archer towers. Then, place one balloon.

Loot: 300,000 Gold and 300,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Level 45 - Jump Around Template:Clr

Kitchen Sink[ | ]

Place (many) giants at the air defenses and then deploy wall breakers. Place 2 healers (probably 1) to heal up the giants. It should be easy for the remaining troops to achieve 3-stars.

Alternative: Deploy 5 Giants, a Barb King and two Wizards (in order) at the Air Defenses. Then deploy 26 Minions spread out to distract the Archer Towers, followed immediately by one Balloon per tower. (you will need lv4 balloons) Then deploy one Dragon at each remaining Archer Tower. Fill remaining camps with Balloons and sweep the Teslas on the right.

Loot: 400,000 Gold and 400,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Kitchen Sink v2 with TH7 troops-2 Updated: Works after March 2013 update.

Pre-March 2013 NOTE: 5 Hidden Teslas have been added outside the northeast wall (March 2013 update). Template:Clr

Rolling Terror[ | ]

Loot: 500,000 Gold and 500,000 Elixir.

Use 80 Archers to take out the Teslas at the bottom. Then deploy 6 Dragons at the bottom (level 1 is ok, try aiming for the Air Defenses and bring more in the Clan Castle if you can.) Immediately throw in a Level 3 Rage Spell (cover both Air Defenses and the Town Hall), and you will 3-star the base with many surviving Dragons.

Updated: Works after March 2013 update, with TH7 troops.

File:Clash of Clans Rolling Terror v3 with TH7 troops-1

New! Post March 2013 update, cheapest troop composition.

File:Clash of Clans, level 47 Rolling Terror (NEW!) Template:Clr

Megamansion[ | ]

Loot: 600,000 Gold and 600,000 Elixir.

After March update:

2 dragons (1 in clan castle)

1 healing spell

27 giants

37 archers

4 WB (only 2 needed)

File:Clash of Clans Megamansion v2 with TH7 troops after March update Template:Clr

Even cheaper setup with level 5 troops and spells:

5WB (only 2 needed)

2 healing spells (only 1 used in this video)

17 giant

105 archers

P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse[ | ]

Loot: 700,000 Gold and 700,000 Elixir.

Updated map:

File:Tutorial - How to beat Level 49 "P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse" (UPDATED LEVEL MAP) Template:Clr With TH7 troops, after March update:

File:Clash of Clans P.E.K.K.A'S Playhouse v2 with TH7 troops-0 Template:Clr

Sherbet Towers[ | ]

Drop Archers to get the Elixir Storages at the top left and right, then place several Wall Breakers at the top center, left and middle. Swarm 10 Giants or 2 P.E.K.K.As through each hole. A Barbarian King and several Healing Spells will serve as useful backup to the Giants/P.E.K.K.As. Once the majority of Air Defenses are gone, drop one or two Dragons to clean up the rest.

Loot: 800,000 Gold and 800,000 Elixir.

File:Clash of Clans Sherbet Towers v2 with TH7 troops after March update Template:Clr

Available Loot Table[ | ]

Base Name Gold Elixir
Payback 500 500
Goblin Forest 500 500
Goblin Outpost 1,000 1,500
Rocky Fort 1,000 1,500
Goblin Gauntlet 1,000 1,500
Cannonball Run 1,000 1,500
Two Smoking Barrels 2,000 2,000
Gold Rush 6,000 2,000
Maginot Line 2,000 2,000
Rat Valley 3,000 6,000
Brute Force 4,000 10,000
Gobbotown 12,000 3,000
M is for Mortar 8,000 8,000
Megablaster 8,000 8,000
Immovable Object 10,000 10,000
Fort Knobs 15,000 15,000
Watchtower 10,000 12,000
Fool's Gold 20,000 6,000
Thoroughfare 15,000 15,000
Bouncy Castle 17,000 17,000
Fivoka 20,000 20,000
Gobbo Campus 25,000 25,000
Danny Boy 30,000 30,000
Ommahha Beech 35,000 35,000
Walls of Steel 40,000 40,000
Silician Defense 45,000 45,000
Obsidian Tower 20,000 80,000
Arrow Head 60,000 60,000
Red Carpet 70,000 70,000
Natural Defense 150,000 2,000
Steel Gauntlet 80,000 80,000
Queen's Gambit 90,000 90,000
Full Frontal 50,000 140,000
Chimp in Armor 150,000 50,000
Faulty Towers 110,000 110,000
Point Man 120,000 120,000
Triple A 130,000 130,000
Goblin Picnic 2,000 270,000
Bait 'n Switch 140,000 140,000
Collateral Damage 150,000 150,000
Choose Wisely 150,000 150,000
Mega Evil 150,000 150,000
Crystal Crust 200,000 200,000
Cold as Ice 250,000 250,000
Jump Around 300,000 300,000
Kitchen Sink 400,000 400,000
Rolling Terror 500,000 500,000
Megamansion 600,000 600,000
P.E.K.K.A.'s Playhouse 700,000 700,000
Sherbet Towers 800,000 800,000
Total 5,704,000 5,860,000