Clash of Clans 中文

簡介[ | ]



  • 有一些建築物如 海盗旗帜, the Mighty Statue工人小屋, that can only be purchased with Gems.
  • Gems also can be used to buy other Resources such as GoldElixir or Dark Elixir in varying amounts.
  • They can be used to instantly finish the Troop training queues in Barracks and Dark Barracks.
  • Gems can also be used to instantly complete the construction or upgrade of Buildings, or Troop upgrades in the Laboratory.
  • Players can also speed up the production of Barracks or resource collectors such as Gold MinesElixir Collectors and Dark Elixir Collectors for a period of time using Gems.

Additional information on Gems can be found on the Resources page.

購買寶石[ | ]


Pile of Gems 500 $5.49 $4.99 £2.99 €4.49 ¥30.00 $65.00 $38.00
Bag of Gems 1,200 $10.49 $9.99 £6.99 €8.99 ¥68.00 $129.00 $78.00
Sack of Gems 2,500 $20.99 $19.99 £13.99 €17.99 ¥128.00 $259.00 $158.00
Box of Gems 6,500 $51.99 $49.99 £34.99 €44.99 ¥328.00 $649.00 $398.00
Chest of Gems 14,000 $109.99 $99.99 £69.99 €89.99 ¥648.00 $1,299.00 $788.00

獲得寶石[ | ]

Gems can be earned in the game by completing Achievements or clearing Obstacles. When trees, rocks, bushes, etc. are removed, 

players receive a small amount of xp (level points) and sometimes earn between 1 - 3 Gems. When you complete challenges in the Achievements menu, for example, 'clear 50 obstacles', players are rewarded with Gems. When players reach 1250 Trophies, they receive 450 Gems. This is the most Gems you will be able to gain through achievements, so use them wisely.

Another way to earn Gems is to clear Obstacles, which are a never-ending (albeit slow) source of Gems.

A further (although limited availabilty) way to earn Gems is to be one in the Top 10 players of the Top 3 Clans. At the end of each two-week period, the Top 3 Clans earn 20,000 Gems for 1st, 10,000 Gems for 2nd and 6,000 Gems for 3rd; these totals are divided equally amongst the Top 10 players of the respective Clans.

計算器[ | ]

用寶石購買金錢和聖水[ | ]

用寶石購買闇黑重油[ | ]

用寶石加速[ | ]

Template:Time to Gems

用金錢購買寶石[ | ]

Template:Gems to Cash

Trivia[ | ]

  • Clash of Clans is free to play, but contains a premium currency (in this case Gems) available for purchase that gives players in-game advantages. These type of games are called 'Freemium' games.
  • As players buy larger amounts of Gems, the cost per Gem decreases.
  • Many (if not most) high-level players buy large quantities of Gems; Jorge Yao, the current top player in the world, has stated in interviews that he has spent over $2,500 buying Gems.