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For example, remember the new Wall Breaker will not be affected by spikes (spiking) unless there is a structure directly behind the wall; this is the only exception in which the Wall Breaker will go for the spike instead of the main wall.

In addition, Wall Breakers have a larger blast radius, so they can penetrate through two layers of walls.

城牆的概念[ | ]

Defense Against the Updated Wall Breaker

In the update the Wall Breakers now target walls that enclose Buildings; this means they ignore and go around free-standing walls. Updated Wall Breakers don't just go to the nearest wall; instead they go to the nearest compartment. Use this to your advantage by channeling them into gaps, where your carefully laid Traps will instantly kill them. This method can also help defend against other Troops, such as Giants. In addition, the more time the Wall Breakers (and other Troops) spend moving and not attacking, the more opportunities your defenses have to kill them.


Base layouts can be divided into two basic commonly used categories: Symmetrical and asymmetrical. Most bases have some amount of symmetry, whether they are partially, bilaterally or quadrilaterally symmetrical; others are bilaterally mirrored. They can be further divided by their basic defensive concept. Here are a few:

  • Single Wall: A single wall surrounding all or most of the buildings. Note: Archer raids work well against single layered walls and very exposed to Wall Breakers. Overall, usually a fairly easy base to destroy.
  • Double Wall: Same as a single wall except it has another layer (separated by at least a single-tile gap) on the outside of it. It prevents Archers from shooting over it and prevents Wall Breakers from penetrating both layers.
    Note: Archers have a three-tile (wall) range.
  • Double- or Multi-Layered Wall: A portion or all of a wall segment with multiple layers. Note: Wall Breakers have splash damage that can break up to triple wall layers as if they were a single layer, so it is recommended not to use them, at least not as part of the outer layer or two where Wall Breakers can typically target them.
  • Inner and Outer Wall: As the name implies, an inner wall protecting the most valuable structures, with an outer wall fully or partially enclosing the inner wall and its associated defenses. It is essential to have your Town Hall at the middle of this type of base rather than outside of your base (this differs from people who are "farmers").
  • The Egg-Shell Defense: Multi-layered walls (usually 3 or more layers thick) in the center of the map with most buildings outside the wall and resources (possibly Town Hall) inside the wall. This concept is generally used for farming villages.
  • Compartmentalizing, Enclosing or Section Defense: This manifests in different ways. The basic concept is to have various compartments of one or more buildings. It helps a lot to have multiple compartments inside your base as each must be breached separately, greatly slowing down attackers and making it difficult for Wall Breakers to reach the inner compartments in order to blow up the walls. One type of wall design isn't very smart to do. It is two walls together without a space in between. It may stop archers but a wall breaker's splash damage will destroy both of the walls.
  • Gaps and spring traps: Leaving a few gaps is OK. you can place spring traps in between them to make troops get flung into the air. leaving too many gaps could result in your base becoming easy to navigate. A few is good, too many is bad.

It is a good idea to have your outer walls upgraded to at least level 7 to slow down your invading enemies. The reason for this is because that is the point at which a single Wall Breaker cannot destroy it, regardless of the Wall Breaker's level.

What to Put Inside Your Walls and Why

  1. Splash Damage Defenses. Why? Because this way, when you are being raided, the attacker's troops will constantly be hammered by your Mortars and Wizard Towers. Splash damage defenses have an advantage over than other defenses, such as Cannons, because those can only target one troop at a time, where as Mortars and Wizard Towers can deal damage to multiple troops in a certain area.
  2. Air Defenses. Why? If your Air Defense is unprotected, it allows attackers to easily destroy it with a just a few Giants, and then your primary aerial defenses are gone. This allows the attacker to put down hordes of Balloons, Dragons, Minions and/or Healers without worrying too much about them being destroyed because the Air Defense is really the only defense that works extremely well against air units.
  3. Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir Storages. Why? This is fairly arguable. If you are really trophy pushing, then feel free to put your storages out in the open to gain some quick trophies from a farmer who wants your loot. Also, it can gain you some trophies if you don't really need that specific resource as much. (ex: Elixir) But because these storages hold all (or almost all) of your resources, you'll probably want to keep them well protected. Without your resources, you can't train troops, upgrade buildings or do just about anything else in the game. 
  4. Town HallWhy? This one is arguable whether or not to keep it protected. Basically, always keep your Town Hall inside your walls and protected unless you are a farmer (see next section).
  5. Other Defenses. Why? If you don't keep at least a few of your other defenses inside your walls, you will be defeated relatively easily. It is understandable that one may not have as many walls as are required to do so, but it is best to keep your highest level defenses within walls whenever possible.
  6. Dark Elixir Drills. Why? Because they store your Dark Elixir when you are not online and it would be sad if it were to be lost (75% of Dark Elixir can be stolen from it)
  7. Clan Castle. Why? troops in your clan castle will be able to defend different areas, gives archers and wizards walls to hide behind, and makes it harder for opponents to lure your troops out into the open space where there are no defenses.

What NOT to Put Inside Your Walls and Why

  1. Army Camps, Barracks, Spell Factory and LaboratoryWhy? Because these buildings have no real purpose when you're being raided (other than a percentage to gain Trophies/3 stars) to keep them within your valuable wall space.
  2. Upgrading-Defensive Buildings. When Defensive Buildings are being upgraded, they cannot function or assist in defending your base. Instead, (especially in the core of your base) they may just prove to be detrimental, attracting troops, particularly those that target Defensive Buildings. Switching these with other buildings (I would use Barracks instead of Gold Mines or Elixir Collectors, for reasons on below posts) may distract these defense-targeting troops, such as Golem/Golemites, Hog Riders, Lava Hound/Lava Pups, or Giants! Letting these upgrading-Defensive Buildings occupy the interior of your base does not help you at all. Though many consider this trivial, you have to remember that every little thing counts; It could be the difference between a devastating raid or a successful defense!
  3. Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors (and potentially Dark Elixir Drills, though see previous section). Why? If you normally play every day, there shouldn't be all that many resources in your collectors. Therefore there's not really a need to keep them inside your walls, even if you don't play very often. In addition, Goblins will be attracted to interior Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors, making it easier for the raider to access your inner Gold Storages or Elixir Storages. If you are a hardcore farmer you may want to consider keeping these within your walls, but it is strongly advised to use your walls for more important buildings such as Cannons or other defenses. Perhaps the only time you should consider keeping collectors inside your walls is if you are using a boost on them.
  4. Put your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors at a slight distance from the wall and have either a Mortar or Archer Tower inside the wall. Put a small Bomb at a slight distance from where you put your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. This will distract any opponent that usually deploys an Archer in order to lure your Clan Castle troops towards attacking troops in order to kill them. The key is to have as little areas as possible on your base from which the opponent can lure your Clan Castle troops far enough from your defenses. Experienced attackers will deploy their troops slowly in selective parts of your base.
  5. Builder's Huts. Why? Builder's Huts are basically just a hut your Builder sleeps in when he's not working on something. It has no defensive capability whatsoever, so there's no reason to put it inside your walls. One exception would be to place one temporarily inside your walls to take space of at least 3x3 that you're saving for another building. Another exception is to protect these buildings making a 1 star 50% win more difficult for your opponents.
  6. Decorations. Why? Because they just waste space you could have used for something important, and could actually create a back door for enemies to place troops behind your defenses if the area they are in is at least 3x3 (see paragraph below).
  7. Town Hall (FARMERS ONLY). Why? Because you can get a free 12-hour shield and (usually) lose only 4-11 trophies.

Other Wall Info
Obstacles (trees, bushes, stones, etc.) cannot be used as walls or barriers! Troops can be placed directly on top of them, in front of them, or behind them! The same goes for Decorations (flags, torches, etc.) and Traps (Bombs, Spring Traps, etc.) and even Hidden Teslas. None of these (with the exception of Hidden Teslas, which are hidden buildings) actually have hit points like your buildings do either. Neither do they count as building space when you're under attack (even the Hidden Teslas, until they are revealed). For example, if you have a large area of at least 3x3 with only decorations or traps within that area, enemy troops can be placed directly into the area where those Decorations, Traps or Obstacles are during an attack on your village.

Advice[ | ]

  • Wall Breakers now have a bigger splash damage, so it is not recommended to use Double Walls anymore, since they will break both lines of Walls with one blast.
  • If you find some buildings not necessary to protect, leave them outside as 'buffers'. Most enemy troops will target those buildings, even while your defenses attack them.
  • It is a bad idea to put your storages together. If the enemy gets to that compartment, it's all over. Put them together at your own risk. For the same reason, do not bunch Gold Mines or Elixir Collectors together. Wizard Towers can work very well placed next to storages as they can easily dispose of large groups of Goblins within a few seconds.
  • It is advisable to protect collectors when at work or sleep and keep them out when you play frequently.
  • Upgrade wall intersections (where walls meet perpendicular to each other) first. Why? Because it connects two compartments of the base. So when the attacker breaks that wall, they can have a chance of destroying two buildings in those two compartments without the need to break another wall in order to reach that compartment.
  • Mortars do best in the center of your base. However, do not put Mortars directly next to each other, as two well-placed Lightning Spells will destroy them both. They also cannot shoot at close range, so it is NOT recommended to place them on the edges of your village, where they can be destroyed before they have a chance to shoot.
  • At higher levels, Air Defenses also do best in the center of your base, but at lower levels (where there is not as much room, and fewer attackers will be using air troops) they are not as important as Mortars. It still helps to have them inside the Walls, however, so try to place them in one of the inner compartments if possible.
  • Cover as many buildings as possible with a defense. This includes other defensive buildings as well.
  • Space out defenses so they are neither too close nor too spread out. Defenses that are too close together cannot adequately protect the entirety of your village (there will be large areas that are completely defenseless). Defenses that are too spread out cannot adequately protect each other and will be easily overwhelmed.
  • Town Hall placement:
    • If Trophies are not a concern, put the Town Hall in corner of the map unprotected by walls. Though it is not a guarantee, this strategy enables enemies to attack you and beat you easily. The idea is to get a twelve-hour shield while only losing a few Trophies, and to keep the attacking force away from your resources or weaken them. This will also attract lower level players who only want Trophies; these players will be unable to penetrate your defenses and your resources should be relatively safe (though they will take more Trophies).
      However, if you like to give opponents a challenge to get to your Town Hall, put it close to some of your outer walls. This will likely put it in range of several of your defenses. You may also consider placing several Traps and/or Hidden Teslas around it for a nasty surprise.
    • If you are interested in Trophies, however, it is a different matter. You will (usually) only lose the battle if your Town Hall has been destroyed. A quick way to gain Trophies through village defense is to place all of your collectors (gold and elixir) and storages around the edges of the map, outside of your defenses, and position your Town Hall in the center in a heavily guarded area. This allows for extra defenses on your Town Hall, thus improving your chance of gaining Trophies.
  • Make use of the space inside the walls, but don't have a huge square with all of the stuff inside because as soon as your enemy breaks the outer wall he has unfettered access to everything inside.
  • Empty your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors regularly, as attackers can take 50% of what is in your Gold Mines/Elixir Collectors and 75% for Dark Elixir. Not only will this mean that less loot will be stolen, it may cause the attacker to skip your village entirely.
  • Place Wizard Towers within a range of each other, making it easier to kill large groups more quickly as both towers will target them.
  • If you are trying to keep your resources, put Wizard Towers near your storages because they are very effective at killing Goblins.
  • Putting Wizard Towers next to or near Mortars is a bad idea because 2 carefully aimed level 3+ lighting spells can take out both of them together.
  • Use non-defensive buildings (Army Camps, Barracks, Spell Factory, Laboratory, Builder's Huts, etc.) to extend the boundaries of where troops cannot be deployed.
  • Place Bombs in clusters in places where Tier 1 troops are deployed, as several regular Bombs can take out Goblins or Archers with relative ease.
  • Put the Spring Trap in a place where you think Giants are most likely to walk through because one Spring Trap can take out 3 Giants at a time.
  • Keep your Clan Castle towards the middle of your village, so the troops inside can't be lured out easily.
  • While placing or re-locating the Hidden Tesla be careful as troops may spawn in that area if there is a big enough gap.  
  • Try to make your base as symmetrical as possible as the walls will split the troops and prevent a horde being focused on a single wall.
    • The above tactic can be hard to maintain as you gain more buildings and can become detrimental to your defensive design if not thoughtfully designed.
  • If you are upgrading your cannons, look at the below tips:
    • Look at your base. Find "strong" and "weak" points in your wall.
    • Let's say you have a cannon covering both the weak and strong points.
    • If you want to upgrade your cannon, do the strong point first, because it isn't just protected by your cannon. If you do the weak point first (this is especially bad at high levels), well, do you really want a place that is not protected by anything for some time to be attacked by raiders?
    • Then put your upgraded cannon in the weak place, strengthening the weak point. The strong point doesn't need a stronger cannon as badly.
    • When Upgrading Defenses:
    • If you have any defenses that are not being upgraded, switch them with the upgraded
    • Move your traps temporarily around that(those) defense(s)

Base Types[ | ]

There are many different types of bases that you can make in Clash of Clans and it is vital that you make a well designed base for the job that you want it to do.[1] There are therefore a few fundamental rules that you must follow in order to achieve a good design. 

Hybrid Bases

  • Most common type of base.
  • Aim: To protect both trophies and resources.
  • Air Defenses and Mortars need to be well spread but they are normally also fairly centralised as well.
  • Everything in middle.
  • Consider what to protect the most.
  • You can have an interchangeable layout so you can swap storages with defences so that different things are more heavily protected. 
  • Another thing you may wish to do is placing wizard towers around storages and within range of each other. This way you can destroy hordes and goblins easily. 
  • It is also recommended that you have your clan castle and barbarian king as central as possible so they can cover your entire base. Prioritise the positioning of these defences over cannons or archer towers which can be placed on the outskirts of your base. 
  • Most Hybrid bases are segmented by walls so that each compartment isn’t very big. This is a good idea so that the enemy doesn’t steal all resources and destroy town hall all at once. So spread out your valuables so they can’t steal it all at once. However make sure they are still well protected. If you are a higher enough level make sure your storages aren’t in the outermost part of your base. Make any attacker have to go through at least two walls to get to a storage. 

Farming Bases

  • Aim: To protect your resources
  • This is so you can upgrade your defenses. Many people purposely drop their trophy level in order to avoid being attacked by higher level players and losing too many resources. However there are still plenty of people who are capable of destroying a higher level base but with a low trophy count so you need to ensure your bases defense is tight. 
  • You have a main compartment in the middle of the base with your clan castle and dark elixir storage. Having your clan castle central, with many troops inside, will provide maximum protection of your base. Also, dark elixir is very precious so placing this in the middle of the base will be vital as it will be well protected there. 
  • I would then distribute your storage evenly around your main compartment so you don’t lose all your resources at once. Make sure each of them is well protected by two or three well placed defensive buildings. Many people on this website have talked about triangulation of defensive buildings and I believe that it is a very important aspect of your base. It is the idea that your defenses are distributed to ensure maximum coverage of your entire base. Triangulation is particularly important for mortars and air defenses as they can wreak havoc with the attacker’s army. 
  • Also make sure you put as many collectors inside your walled base as possible as collectors can be an easy source of resources for an attacker if they are not emptied regularly. 
  • Segmentation is not as important in farming bases as there tend to be larger compartments that contain storages and several defensive buildings; however it is still wise to use it when you can. I would recommend a layout like a 3 ring defence.
  • Firstly in your first ring or main compartment place your clan castle and most prized storage and a couple of defences e.g. Mortar and air defence. In the main second ring split it up so you have roughly four compartments with a storage each but with several defences e.g. Gold and elixir storages + wizard towers and mortars (xbow if you are TH9+). And in your third ring place collectors and other defensive buildings like cannons and archer towers. See my farming bases for a visual example. 
  • Your town hall should be on the outside to lure enemy attackers to attack this and not your resources. You can place traps around it as you may defeat small archer raids this way but that isn’t too likely. You will lose trophies when farming.
  • If you want to win a lot of defenses with farming, then here are some tips;
  • 1) Don't place your town hall in a corner; this will insure that you lose every defense, instead place it by your outside walls, because the attacker might not be able to find it.
  • 2) Have your highest level defenses in range of the town hall; make sure they can shoot archers/wizards too. Have a max possible level archer tower, cannon, and mortar. If they can shoot barbarians and archers, then they will be killed very quickly.
  • 3) Have high level gold mines and collectors outside your walls; despite about what they say about this, if you are a frequent player, then this wont be a very big problem; The attacker might see that you have a lot of available loot and attack your mines and collectors rather then your town hall; this is a good trick if you have level 9-11 gold and elixir storages, because they will usually look nearly empty; Then the attacker will realize that there wasn't very much and the remaining troops will be unable to destroy the town hall.
  • 4) Make sure you have no shield when you get off for the night; attackers will be more likely to raid before a lot of resources accumulate and you wont lose as much.
  • 5) Have a trophy range of 600-750 because you will be more likely to attacked by small numbers of lvl 2-4 barbarians and archers and will be more likely to win the defense. Note: you will have to drop trophies frequently, because if you win a lot of defenses like me, then you could wake up and have 850-950 trophies. To save Elixir, Barbarian King dropping is the best way.
  • If you use these strategies like me, then you could win the unbreakable achievement faster than the average clasher. Note: sometimes you will be raided by a player with lots of high level troops, but don't worry about losing a lot of gold, elixir, and dark elixir because these attacks happen only because you are in silver 3 instead of bronze 1.

Defensive Bases

  • Aim: Protect Trophies
  • The town hall is normally situated in a main compartment with the clan castle air defense, mortars and if you are a higher level x-bow and inferno tower. This means that whatever level you are you need to have a centralised town hall that is heavily protected. 
  • There are also normally a few walled layers between the tow hall and the edge of the base. This may have defensive buildings inside or it maybe one space between walls to make attacking troops destroy another wall layer. Either of these methods is an effective way of slowing down potential attackers. 
  • You also need to make sure that you don’t expose too much of your base as well as you can lose trophies at the one star stage of over 50% damage to your base. So you need to make sure that enough buildings are walled around but there are enough layers of walls to protect your town hall. It is a tricky compromise. 
  • However you can lure attacking armies by placing your storages outside your walls. This will of course lead to major resource loss but you can be clever in you placement you can cause significant damage to their army whilst they take your resources. You need to make a slight open inlet into you base where the storages are placed. You can then surround these with defences so when the army is lured, you can almost wipe them out and keep overall base damage percentage low. They might not always target that bit so you will need to ensure that the rest of your base is still sufficiently protected. 
  1. Conclusion

Whatever base layout you choose to make always look back afterwards and think how you would defeat your own base. Ask yourself how you can improve it. And remember that there is no such thing as the perfect base you just need to prioritise what you want. Also try out each base type and see which works best for you. 

Layouts in Videos[ | ]

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