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Air Bomb info

等级 1 & 2 等级 3 & 4

  • 概要
    • 当飞行单位到它附近时就会爆炸,大致上是防空版本的隐形炸弹,虽然触发半轻以及爆炸半轻都更强。
    • 非常有效地对抗大量空中目标,而且能够对气球兵做出显著的伤害 (尤其是3级或以下的气球兵)。可是对高血量的目标作用不大,例如飞龙。
    • 陷阱一旦被触发后,必须使用金钱来重新设置,以便防御下一次的攻击。

  • 防御策略
    • Like the Seeking Air Mine, placing an Air Bomb next to the Air Defense can turn out pretty deadly. After a Ground Troop destroys the Air Defense, the enemy might deploy all of his or her powerful Air Units at once, and the Air Bomb might be able to take down one or two, or if you are lucky, most or all of them.

  • Offensive Strategy
    • If you want your aerial troops to be safe from Air Bombs, have the weakest aerial troops available while raiding and deploy them in the specific area where an Air Bomb may be. This will trick the Air Bombs into attacking them, letting your other aerial troops become safer.

  • Upgrade Differences
    • The Air Bomb goes through significant visual changes at Level 3.
      • When initially constructed, the Air Bomb is a barrel under a trap door with two red balloons attached to it. The balloons have white skulls painted on them.
      • At level 3 the Air Bomb has spikes on its surface and can be seen more easily within its compartment, and the compartment opens up slightly.

  • Trivia
    • It is possible for a Minion to outrun an Air Bomb if one is set off while the Minion is moving to another target. The bomb would then be led astray and eventually blow up on its own.
    • The BombSpring TrapGiant Bomb, Seeking Air Mine and the Air Bomb produce the same sound when tapped or selected.


等级 伤害 花费 Gold 重新设置花费 Gold 建造时间 获得经验 XP 大本营等级要求
1 100 4,000 400 N/A 0 5
2 120 20,000 600 4 小时 120 5
3 144 200,000 800 12 小时 207 7
4 173 1,500,000 1,000 1 天 293 9
触发半径 伤害半径 伤害类型 目标 攻击偏好
5 格 3 格 区域溅射 空中目标 任何


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