Clash of Clans 中文

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  • 概要
    • 對於對一群踏上它的人造成立即的死亡,同時最多能彈走15個容量的軍隊,例如,它可以彈走15個弓箭手或三個巨人
    • 因為其重盔甲,而無法影響皮卡超人。也無法影響戈倫石人英雄,因為它們超過15個容量。。
    • 如果能有策略地放置,隱形彈簧可以打退一波攻擊,包括巨人-天使的搭配。
    • 彈簧通常無法影響哥布林,但這是因為哥布林的速度太快,所以來不及把他彈走。然而,如果在啟動的時候,哥布林並沒有持續移動(例如他正在攻擊資源建築)那他就會像野蠻人弓箭手一樣被彈走。同樣理由,如果有一大群哥布林時,後面的哥布林會被彈走,因為前面的哥布林先啟動了彈簧。

  • 防禦策略
    • 把它放靠近大本營會很有幫助,因為它可以擊退大量靠近的軍隊
    • A sound strategy for Spring Traps is to place them in an intentionally-designed wall gap. As Troops will generally tend to go through the gap rather than fight their way through the wall, the will be directed right over the trap and be bounced to their death. Remember, however, that Spring Traps are one-time-use and until being re-armed it will leave an undefended gap in the wall after an attacker has triggered it.
      • A modified version of this strategy is to place walls inside your base so that the enemy Troops have to walk over the Spring Trap to attack nearby buildings.
    • You can place them in between Defensive Buildings to take out Giants or place them in between Resource Buildings to take out Goblins.

  • 其他
    • The Spring Trap is the only Trap that can´t be upgraded, besides the Pumpkin Bomb and the Santa Strike, which aren't available anymore.
    • Since the Spring Trap doesn't actually do damage to troops, troops bounced away by them will make neither upon-death skulls nor tombstones.
    • If you look carefully, the Spring Trap's range actually extends out just enough to see the range circle.


重新布置花費 Gold Trigger Radius 傷害類型 目標 攻擊偏好
2,000 0.7 tiles 區域濺射 地面目標 任何


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